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Successfully marketing brands today requires a well-balanced blend of art and science. This course introduces students to the science of web analytics while casting a keen eye toward the artful use of numbers found in the digital space. The goal is to provide the foundation needed to apply data analytics to real-world challenges marketers confront daily. Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Practice is the second in a two-part series of complementary courses and focuses on the skills and practical abilities analysts need to be successful in today's digital business world. You will be able to: - Identify the web analytic tool right for your specific needs - Understand valid and reliable ways to collect, analyze, and visualize data from the web - Utilize data in decision making for agencies, organizations, or clients This course is part of Gies College of Business’ suite of online programs, including the iMBA and iMSM. Learn more about admission into these programs and explore how your Coursera work can be leveraged if accepted into a degree program at

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2020년 8월 7일

Thoroughly enjoyable "journey" for this course. The syllabus was great, very well structured, thus easy to follow. Each module, including honors, can easily be completed in a day if you have the time.

2020년 8월 31일

thoroughly enjoyed the course. A big thanks to Instructor Kevin hartman for this perfectly organized course. Materials were on point and easy to understand. Got entirely new observations on analytics.

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Digital Marketing Analytics in Practice의 647개 리뷰 중 626~647

교육 기관: roberto m a

2021년 1월 24일


교육 기관: Evgeny B

2015년 10월 6일

When going through the Theory course, I often wondered why the assignments are so abstract and theoretical, and I thought that maybe when we come to practice, we will be able to do something with our hands. No way! While reinforcing the theoretical background (mostly repeating same postulates from the Theory course), this course contributes very little to its name (practice). Only the last module on presenting goes a little further than making you ponder on abstract themes. This is surprising - there are lots of practical tools discussed in the course, and you have no opportunity to get hands on at least one of them (except Google Trends) and evaluate it, at least for primitive purposes. Why does the teacher not take the example of the brilliant Aric Rindfeisch's course Marketing in the Digital World with really well-crafted practical assignments?

교육 기관: William R W

2015년 8월 9일

I appreciate this course and the instructor's time, but so far I haven't really learned anything.

The structure of every lesson is:

"1. Here are the 5 things we're going to cover. 2. Name (not explain) those 5 things. 3. Here are the 5 things we covered"

I think there's a lot of potential for this course in the long run. I would advise having a professor from Illinois who is not in the business school take this course and get their feedback. I believe the instructor is very smart and experienced in this area, so this is definitely a course that could grow into a Coursera essential.

교육 기관: Melissa R

2020년 8월 13일

This course is really similar to the previous one and my opinion for both: disappointed and boring. Pr Kevin Hartman may be a talented Google Analyst, he's not a very good teacher - his speech sounds boring, and he doesn't give any additional information compared to what is written. Only theory, no deep study case. Still some good concept to learn but it's repetitive. Finally, compared to other classes, this course is not updated ... And I assume that tools have changed a lot for the past 5 years.

교육 기관: Stephan H

2016년 9월 15일

Again the content and presentation is great.

But the web site is getting really annoying, especially in the assignment area. The editor is faulty and on the submission on visualization you cannot use visualizations(!) to make your point due to technical limitations (can't paste charts or screenshots).Sometimes verification does not work.

Support is sometimes very good, sometimes useless, depends with whom you chat.

교육 기관: Tharma P

2020년 4월 26일

Another subpar course, similar like the previous course thought by the instructor. I am only not giving it a 1-star because there were some new concept for marketing beginners like me, but the concepts were not explained beyond simple definitions and there were no proper case studies to apply the concept. The material was largely a repetition of the previous theory course.

교육 기관: Kirill S

2020년 5월 1일

I think this course was supposed to lead us through a data analysis journey. Instead it highlighted several parts of it with a random level of details. Very impractical and even worse, confusing. Some of external links were very good though, there are real things I expected to be mentioned in lectures.

교육 기관: Konstantina P

2018년 7월 17일

Course was well structured but was too basic and theoretical for what I wanted to get out of it. I would expect it to have more practical examples in the quiz part so that I could practice for e.g. in data visualization, chart/graph creations and in data manipulation

교육 기관: Laurene S

2017년 5월 9일

I didn't find the course and the exercises practical enough. I find this teacher gives very little content per video, and repeat himself a lot unnecessarily with his introduction and conclusion that are the same. I did not find the course or material very engaging.

교육 기관: Samuel E

2018년 5월 22일

This course, did not provide a level of critical thinking that other classes have provided. The assignments were too easy and did not do a good enough at preparing a student for real world digital analysis.

교육 기관: Rainer B S

2016년 3월 8일

Very basic course without much in depth explanations or insightful matter.

I hope this course is worth the money i paid, I'm starting to regret paying for this.

교육 기관: Destinee G B

2020년 4월 22일

Material provided was not the most engaging and lacked hands on application, so after course comprehension and information retention is not there.

교육 기관: Divya A

2019년 1월 20일

too basic. Relevant for someone who has no background of analytics at all.

교육 기관: Danilo J d C J

2016년 8월 7일

For a practice course I found that was full of theory

교육 기관: Ankit K

2017년 2월 10일

Its theoretical.No practical project to do

교육 기관: Mohamed E H

2020년 7월 18일

Outdated materials, readings and articles

교육 기관: Mayank S

2020년 7월 22일

I found it a bit disappointing

교육 기관: P S K

2016년 12월 7일

Not that helpful for me

교육 기관: Rishab H

2017년 4월 26일

expected so much more!

교육 기관: Siddharth S

2021년 5월 7일

Mostly theory, no interest to pursue this course except for the certificate. Need to add more case studies

교육 기관: sruthy s

2021년 6월 14일

no certificate after completing the course

교육 기관: Tianci Z

2021년 2월 1일

Very poorly designed course.