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Optimizing Diversity on Teams, 펜실베이니아 대학교

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About this Course

By drawing on social science perspectives, this course enables you to learn what diversity is, and how to use it to maximize team performance, innovation and creativity. You also learn how to draw out the collective wisdom of diverse teams, handle conflict and establish common ground rules through real-world cases and peer-to-peer discussions. In addition, you discover how to overcome common biases faced in diverse teams. Systems of power, reward and rhetoric are discussed to help you create prosperous teams where differences flourish....
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6개의 리뷰

대학: Mirtile Regina Santos Maia Dantas

Mar 01, 2019

The course evaluation method is not the best. you are stuck waiting for other students to review your material, you should be a teacher or just continue with the application of tests and grades.

대학: Beldina Owalla

May 03, 2018

Interesting course with various examples of how to build diverse and inclusive teams.

대학: Simona

Aug 17, 2017

Superior course material.

대학: Daniele Matteucci

May 01, 2017

it helped me to remember the importance of diversity. Many times we tend to prefer teams with less diversity just because it is easier to manage. This course is a good reminder of what should be done

대학: Bertrand Kuentzler

Mar 07, 2017

I did not enjoy this one. I find it too politically charged as it emphasized the "visual diversity" (religion, ethnicity) over the "second-order diversity" (diversity of professional profiles and personalities) which should be the focus of a management course.

대학: Pat Comer

Mar 02, 2017

The overall information in this course was very informative and in some aspects rewarding as refreshers as where the mindset is with some population standards. from a technical perspective I am not sure the system is working at 100%.