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Dog Emotion and Cognition will introduce you to the exciting new study of dog psychology, what the latest discoveries tell us about how dogs think and feel about us, and how we can use this new knowledge to further strengthen our relationship with our best friends....

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2020년 12월 13일

I learned valuable information about dogs. I can better understand the thought processes of my own dogs. I really like that the lecture slides were provided after the lectures, so I could review them.


2019년 8월 3일

Great course with a lot of new information, not just about dogs but even domestication of other species, including humans. The predictability of aggression in humans would be an interesting next topic

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교육 기관: Ewald H

2020년 7월 5일

Absolutely brilliant! I've always loved dogs and certainly enjoy their companionship, but this course really helped me gain insight into how my dog thinks. With this knowledge, I can devise new games that will keep us both entertained and help us bond even more.

교육 기관: Philip b

2020년 11월 25일

Dr Hare has a well deserved reputation in the field. This course is a “must have” for anyone serious about understanding our closest allies in the animal kingdom. Understanding dogs helps teach us how we must protect all our fellow species on our amazing planet.

교육 기관: Helen J

2020년 2월 28일

This course revealed to me that science is very interlinked as the course covered topics of animal behaviour, genetics, evolution and psychology. It also showed that discoveries are found when scientists are brave enough to test a hypothesis that could be false.

교육 기관: CJ P

2015년 8월 13일

Great course. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about the evolution of our relationship with dogs--a unique relationship to be sure. Good opportunity to input into citizen scientist data base if interested, and willing to submit a fee.

교육 기관: David G

2020년 8월 19일

Professor Hare did an outstanding job of sharing his research about dog emotion and cognition. I was especially impressed how his ecological cognition principles can be applied to understanding human evolution and behavior as well. Thanks for a great class!

교육 기관: Bethany B

2016년 5월 12일

This is an extremely interesting course that delves deeper than just dog cognition by connecting the evolution and domestication of dogs with that of humans and apes. I thoroughly enjoy this course and will be looking for other courses conducted by Dr. Hare.

교육 기관: Wendy M

2016년 11월 28일

It was a very informative course, it went into great detail and allowed you to try experiments/games with your dog to see their own cognitive abilities. I really enjoyed this course and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about their dogs.

교육 기관: Chiara

2018년 2월 28일

This was such an insightful course and I would recommend it to anyone interested in animal cognition. Dr. Hare is not only a great scientist, he is also a very down to earth and charismatic individual who makes this course a lot of fun and easy to follow.

교육 기관: Angelina W

2015년 9월 23일

Brief, but informative. This is a great course for general dog lovers, owners, and scientists. It's surprising how short the course is, though. The videos are quite brief, but there are many every week, so the coursework looks longer than it really is.

교육 기관: walter j m

2015년 11월 2일

great course if you're a dog lover, dog trainer, dog walker, or just someone who's interested in the interface between canine human relationships. My only qualm is that some of the questions may have been written better, but all in all a capturing class!

교육 기관: Ingrid G

2020년 8월 6일

Absolutely loved it, opened my eyes about the Genius of Dogs, which I intuitively already suspected :). Brian's approach is educational and fun, and very easy to follow. I can highly recommend this gem to anyone wanting to understand their dogs better.

교육 기관: Deepti R

2017년 11월 30일

Am enjoying this course and it has taught me to look at my dogs with a very different perspective. I think I love them more now because I can see them as individuals, instead of descendants of wolves or their breeds or a fixed kind of 'doggy' behavior.

교육 기관: T C

2019년 7월 25일

Great summaries of topics in videos. Great independant study option including certificate and possibilities to improve. Would be great if a few videos of the actual promoted platform/ research would be more visbile in a few demo videos of partcipants.

교육 기관: Charlene T K G

2021년 9월 18일

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was informative, educational and gave me a good understanding of how dogs evolved and how intelligent they are. Makes me treasure my pooch so much more and excited to try out Dognition with her! Thanks Dr Hare : )

교육 기관: Jennifer w

2018년 5월 27일

This course was definitely even more interesting than I thought it would be. As someone who is majoring in animal behavior I'm thinking of working for this program. I think studying dog emotion and cognition even more in depth would be so rewarding.

교육 기관: Jamie E

2018년 3월 3일

Loved the course. Great for review of the basics and how the world of cognition in dogs started. Learning the behind scenes of Dr.Hares research was very interesting. I think this course is a great tool for both pet parents and canine professionals.

교육 기관: Lisa C

2017년 4월 15일

This was a great introduction to the subject of cognition! Dr. Hare is engaging and the material was interesting. I learned a lot about the newest member of our family as well as more about chimps and humans. Dogs are truly fascinating creatures.

교육 기관: cris p

2021년 11월 1일

I learned so much about dogs and how they process information also how we as humans need to treat them better and know that we are the greatest predators but not the most intelligent when it comes to empathy and sometimes common sense. Thank you!

교육 기관: Nat M

2021년 1월 19일

Excellent background into the development of dogs intelligence. I really enjoyed learning about research studies of interaction with bonobos and wolves, and dogs. Learned a lot, and it certainly made me think about how I teach tricks to my corgi.

교육 기관: Tanya K H

2020년 2월 23일

This was a very informative class, and presented in an manner that was very progressive and logical manner. It was easy to follow along and the examples provided not only demonstrated the ideas being presented, but were also quite interesting.

교육 기관: Ruchi M

2020년 5월 18일

Excellent Course to understand my dog behavior. It is Hare who made it so simple to understand this, so instructor of the course is too good. Thank you for offering such innovative course. In India we do not have such courses. so learnt a lot.

교육 기관: Anaíse N d A

2017년 9월 2일

The course content is simply amazing. I own a small pet sitting business, and it certainly gave me a lot of input on how to understand my dog clients better. I recommend this course to every single pet business owner and to dog owners as well.

교육 기관: Teresa T

2016년 5월 24일

PAAAAWWWWSOME!!! Must study for doggie lovers. Helps me debunk so many myths and undrestand my own dog much better. Highly recommend course participant to read the book (an easy and very pleasant read) and play in cognition! Oxytocin FTW!!! :D

교육 기관: Paul L R

2018년 3월 25일

Excellent course that was very informative and taught by a professor named Brian Hare who presented the subject in a way that grabbed your attention and made learning this subject interesting and valuable to ones knowledge of canine behavior.

교육 기관: Kaelan B

2020년 7월 8일

Extremely interesting and rewarding to learn, especially as a dog professional! Dog owner or not, it's a great course to take because it also reveals information on cognition in general, and we as humans can learn a lot about ourselves too.