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We make thousands of decisions every day. Do I cross the road now, or wait for the oncoming truck to pass? Should I eat fries or a salad for lunch? How much should I tip the cab driver? We usually make these decisions with almost no thought, using what psychologists call “heuristics” – rules of thumb that enable us to navigate our lives. Without these mental shortcuts, we would be paralyzed by the multitude of daily choices. But in certain circumstances, these shortcuts lead to predictable errors – predictable, that is, if we know what to watch out for. Did you know, for example, that we are naturally biased towards selling investments that are doing well for us, but holding on to those that are doing poorly? Or that we often select sub-optimal insurance payment plans, and routinely purchase insurance that we don’t even need? And why do so many of us fail to enroll in our employer’s corporate retirement plans, even when the employer offers to match our contributions? Behavioral finance is the study of these and dozens of other financial decision-making errors that can be avoided, if we are familiar with the biases that cause them. In this course, we examine these predictable errors, and discover where we are most susceptible to them. This course is intended to guide participants towards better financial choices. Learn how to improve your spending, saving, and investing decisions for the future....

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2020년 2월 25일

Good course! There is just one thing I would improve here - an explanation of the mistakes after the tests are done. This improvement should increase the student`s understanding of specific topics.


2018년 5월 2일

This course was a very good sum up of Daniel Kahneman's thinking fast and slow. Definitely recommend to everyone who would like to know more about our flaws or would like to refresh your knowledge.

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교육 기관: Bhargav P

2020년 4월 16일

Difficult but very valuable

교육 기관: Andreas K

2018년 7월 10일

An interesting subject area

교육 기관: Kwan W P

2022년 4월 12일

Quiz is not really helpful

교육 기관: Pin H

2019년 10월 10일

worth the time to learn

교육 기관: Yilin L

2016년 12월 27일


교육 기관: Ahmed S A

2019년 8월 22일

great course and inte

교육 기관: yuki b

2021년 9월 3일

It was ​interesting

교육 기관: Derek S

2018년 7월 14일

needs quiz answers

교육 기관: Nuno B

2021년 2월 2일

Short and sweet.

교육 기관: Ashwin K T

2018년 4월 20일

Great content

교육 기관: Prarabdha B

2021년 8월 24일

​good course

교육 기관: Mian F U

2021년 8월 23일

Q​uick intro

교육 기관: Sharad K

2017년 5월 25일

Great Class!

교육 기관: Anuj N

2020년 4월 19일

Very Useful

교육 기관: Marek S

2021년 1월 29일

Very short

교육 기관: Hamed E

2020년 11월 8일

thank you

교육 기관: Deleted A

2017년 10월 7일

Very good

교육 기관: 명재영

2018년 7월 10일


교육 기관: Sumit K

2022년 2월 14일


교육 기관: Kian E

2021년 8월 15일

교육 기관: Elizabeth T

2016년 12월 23일

I very much enjoyed the information contained in the course - however I did find that it was difficult to apply some of the very nuanced biases to the financial problems posed in the quiz when many of the biases were used in examples outside of the stock market in the course readings leading up to the quiz. I really wish there were more examples for each bias (and more from the world of finance) because some biases were really hard to distinguish from one another. On one hand I did like that I wasn't spoon fed the information for the quizes but on the other I don't feel as though I was fully equipped to answer some of the quiz questions due to the way the information had been presented.

The information built on itself so I found myself going back to week 1 information and week 2 information in week three.

교육 기관: Puneet G

2020년 4월 16일

The course gives you a nice introduction into the world of behavioural finance but fails to take it any further. There isn't a lot of in-depth theory about the various biases that have been mentioned which sometimes makes it difficult to completely grasp them. Also, the first-week quiz had answer explanations with it, which is IMO very useful; the second and third-week quizzes fail to provide any such help. Because of this and lack of participation in the discussion forums, it becomes very difficult to understand some questions. Overall, I had some fun while doing this course, behavioural finance is a field in which I wanted to dive in for a long time, and this course actually gave me a good start. So for everyone who's looking to learn something about it, I would suggest you give it a chance.

교육 기관: Kaushal V

2020년 2월 1일

The concepts presented in the course were all exciting, interesting and helpful. The faculty seemed knowledgable on the subject. And this inspired confidence in me as I began. However, I found that the video material was underwhelming in that it did not do justice to the depth of the reading material provided. The reading material left me with questions, which I hoped would be clarified in the videos, but that did not happen. I often saw myself referring to YouTube to seek explanations. I often struggled to find reliable definitions of the terminology used in the course. And that did not help when I was doing the quiz. Many concepts from the quiz were simply left out from the course (e.g. Stages in a bubble). I had to do exhaustive googling in order to answer the questions in the quiz.

교육 기관: Marcel M d A P

2020년 4월 28일

A comprehensive list of biases in the content was selected. The professors are very good at explaining the content in the video lessons. However, there were just too few of them and too much to read on our own. Also the written material explain biases and effects in a bit of a complicated manner. At the end of the reading, usually I didn't know what was theory, what was a bias and what was an"effect" or a fallacy. When a bias relates to another bias, sometimes a famous one not originated in the behavioral finance theory, then it get even more confusing. Even with those issues, I liked the course and would love to have personal classes with the professors some day. Duke university seems to be really top notch.

교육 기관: Juan C

2018년 7월 1일

This course gives you a basic understanding of the main financial biases. Everything is shown mostly through examples which, in general, are very interesting. However, in my opinion, the course is very disorganized. Instead of devoting a single section to one topic, topics are spread through several several pdf's. This makes it very difficult to review one topic, as you have no other choice but to glance through all the pdf's to view the material on a single topic. Also, the videos are kind of irrelevant as they simply and very briefly summarize parts of the pdf's that you have already seen without providing any additional content or value.