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Learn foundational programming concepts (e.g., functions, for loops, conditional statements) and how to solve problems like a programmer. In addition, learn basic web development as you build web pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. By the end of the course, will create a web page where others can upload their images and apply image filters that you create. After completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Think critically about how to solve a problem using programming; 2. Write JavaScript programs using functions, for loops, and conditional statements; 3. Use HTML to construct a web page with paragraphs, divs, images, links, and lists; 4. Add styles to a web page with CSS IDs and classes; and 5. Make a web page interactive with JavaScript commands like alert, onClick, onChange, adding input features like an image canvas, button, and slider....

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2020년 1월 12일

A very helpful code which allows you to learn the simple of JavaScript HTML and CSS. Very helpful in building websites and an excellent course for beginners or even people who have never coded before.

2015년 10월 5일

This is the first course I am taking in The valuable instructors of Duke University designed and created a masterpiece for learners. Thank you so much guys. Greets from Istanbul, Turkey.

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Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML and CSS의 2,798개 리뷰 중 326~350

교육 기관: Shayan A B

2016년 2월 1일

It was a great course nicely taught by the teachers. Javascript couldnt have been interesting if steganography hadnt been taught. It really stole the show. Great job (Y)

교육 기관: Ganesh A M

2020년 5월 27일

All content is excellant but only change background theme to dark while delivering lecture/ of slides for reducing eye strain,otherwise it was great learning exprience.

교육 기관: Akanksha M

2017년 5월 17일

What I like most about the course is the sequential way in which it was placed. It moved step by step to the best of understanding for a beginner like me. Thank You all

교육 기관: KRISHNA P K

2020년 7월 8일

All the sessions conducted were really helpful to execute during the tasks. I would definitely recommend people to opt for this course without giving a second thought.

교육 기관: ASMA B

2020년 2월 5일

thanks for your effort i get lot of information in html css also javascript , basing on your lessons and documentations . i am very happy with this course thanks again

교육 기관: tayyaba m

2019년 12월 9일

loved loved loved the course! Thumbs up to coursera and Duke university team. I would like to thank my teachers and coursera team for helping me earn this certificate.

교육 기관: Christopher R

2017년 2월 1일

I think this is a great introduction to object oriented programming that Java uses. I have some background in Java already and can see the parallels this course brings

교육 기관: Wei C

2015년 9월 30일

Great! Relatively intense but really beginner-friendly! You can make it in 2-3 days!

Look forward to the next course in this series.

Thanks! Drew, Robert,Susan and Owen!

교육 기관: Paul S M V

2018년 4월 15일

There is a lot of information but the try it! exercises are great to obtain a better understanding and clarifying questions in order to obtain the knowledge expected.

교육 기관: Joao G P d C

2019년 4월 7일

Thank you Coursera and Duke University for giving me this opportunity of learn more about programming, I'm very happy with this course and the chance you gave to me.

교육 기관: Bu X

2015년 10월 12일

The professors are erudite and give amazing lecture. They explain the hard subject in an easy-to-understand way.Besides, they cover more knowledge in a limited time.

교육 기관: Carlos S Z R

2020년 9월 26일

Gracias por brindarnos este conocimiento, aprendí demasiadas cosas que antes no tenía idea de como desarrollarlas, es un curso muy bueno para iniciar con las bases!

교육 기관: Rasa J

2020년 9월 20일

It's great course for those who starts his first steps to code in HTML, JavaScript and CSS. The Course gives knowledge of background of these programming languages.

교육 기관: W.G D D

2020년 5월 15일

Actually this course was very well organised l and it is very interesting to learn.Thank you very much coursera for offer me a financial aid to complete this course

교육 기관: Александр Ё

2019년 7월 18일

Преподаватели отличные. Хорошо и доходчиво объясняют материал.

Есть что посмотреть и почитать. Правда субтитры только на английском, так что без знания языка никуда.

교육 기관: susmitha

2020년 7월 26일

This course is very useful to all learning students.before I am fear about to write the program and now i am very and to interested to write the program .

Thank you

교육 기관: KUMBAM S S H

2020년 6월 28일

The course was quite interesting and made me to gain the knowledge in designing website .All the topics were explained in an interactive manner by the instructors.

교육 기관: L

2020년 10월 10일

This is my first time to create website. To be honest, I did not like write code at begin. But now, I really enjoy the class and want to make a beautiful website.

교육 기관: Alka S

2020년 9월 29일

It was a great and informative journey with the Duke Professors. Got to learn the technical aspects of the programming with quite interesting approach.Thank you.

교육 기관: Fidele Y I

2020년 6월 11일

This program is helpful and needed for all beginner programmers!

For me, this program helps me to think like programmer and put me on another level!

Thank You Duke!

교육 기관: Kamran M

2019년 2월 9일

Learned new things and completely new concept of teaching...Also it took 12 days to complete this course, i did not expect tasks will take 1-1.5 hours each day...

교육 기관: Steven B

2017년 9월 8일

The instructors are very knowledgeable and break down everything into its fundamentals, which is perfect for beginners who need more time to acquire new concepts.

교육 기관: Mostafa M

2017년 2월 5일

This was an engaging course prepared by an amazing group of instructors. I learned so much from it and I would recommend it to beginners in web development field.

교육 기관: Pradeep Y

2021년 10월 15일

hi I am happy because your course is good and I have gaining for more knowlege, html and CSS ,JavaScript is good course .It is gaining for more knowlegable skill

교육 기관: S K D

2020년 5월 3일

Very good explanation from all the mentor's had gave hands on experience on building page from motivating students to build on their own using concepts.

Thank you