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Paleontology: Early Vertebrate Evolution is a four-lesson course teaching a comprehensive overview of the origin of vertebrates. Students will explore the diversity of Palaeozoic lineages within a phylogenetic and evolutionary framework. This course examines the evolution of major vertebrate novelties including the origin of fins, jaws, and tetrapod limbs. Students also explore key Canadian fossil localities, including the Burgess Shale (British Columbia), Miguasha (Quebec), and Man On The Hill (Northwest Territories). Watch a preview of the course here:

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Jun 21, 2016

WOW, I learned a lot form this and it was fairly educational but not overwhelming or difficult. This instructor really gets the points across without being to easy or hard. A very good class.


Mar 03, 2018

Celebrate your inner fish as you swim along with this awesome course charting our earliest ancestors. Very well constructed and delivered once again by the team at the University of Alberta.

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교육 기관: Ali A A

Aug 09, 2019

I learned a lot from this course and i would like to thank all of those in charge of this program.

교육 기관: Margaret

Aug 07, 2017

So well done, very interesting and informative. I learned so much and was hooked the entire time.

교육 기관: Jesús G c V

May 29, 2019

excelente propuesta para aprender un poco mas... o todo de nuestra evolución,excelentes maestros

교육 기관: Ahmed S

Jan 22, 2018

v.good course i love it but it slightly Expensive for certificate thanks university of alberta

교육 기관: Luis J H C

May 08, 2017

I did enjoy this course as well as I've learned more about the transition from water to earth.

교육 기관: Aviral S

Aug 09, 2020

It was an amazing experience and I look forward to do other MOOCS by University of Alberta.

교육 기관: Robert D S

Oct 09, 2019

Very interesting in the extreme and very difficult in the questions part of the lessons.

교육 기관: Marcela K

May 17, 2017

Great, loved it, so much was quite new to me. Eye opening. Wide! Many thanks to you all.

교육 기관: Kendra M

Apr 06, 2017

Very in-depth, an excellent starting course for paleontology and prehistory education.

교육 기관: 房庚雨

May 20, 2017

Perfect lectures. thank you!

There is something wrong with the timeline of subtitles.

교육 기관: Archie G

Aug 30, 2017

This is a great course that teaches you about how early vertebrates evolved onto l

교육 기관: Jason W

Jun 27, 2016

Awesome course, pulls no punches in delivering a top-notch educational experience!

교육 기관: Emil

Aug 06, 2020

Very nice course. I think I like it so much because of the topic - Paleontology.

교육 기관: Ameer H S

Jan 30, 2020

One of the best course out there. Its hard to believe that it was a free course.

교육 기관: Mia P

Jan 24, 2020

really well covered and informed course, the pace is nice and easy to work with.

교육 기관: Fernando R E

Jul 14, 2016

Very light and comprehensive content. The geology part is pretty well explained!

교육 기관: Elena M

May 25, 2016

Very interesting and well presented! Wish I lived closer to Alberta, Canada!!

교육 기관: Christian Z

Jul 10, 2016

The topic is interesting and I enjoy the enthusiastic presenters.


교육 기관: Pat B

Aug 08, 2020

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Looking forward to auditing more of the same.

교육 기관: James M

May 27, 2018

Excellent course! A goldmine in helping to understand Vertebrate evolution

교육 기관: Suzan H

Apr 18, 2016

Scott Persons really presents this course to make it interesting. Very nice.

교육 기관: Helen M

Jul 21, 2020

UAlberta Paleontology courses are excellent, accessible and well-presented.

교육 기관: Jason H

Oct 11, 2018

Very informative and easy to follow lectures. I can't wait to learn more!

교육 기관: Chris B

Apr 01, 2016

Typical of UofA MOOC's, very high quality. Excellent content. Well paced.

교육 기관: Charles B

Jan 20, 2017

very impressed with quantity and quantity of information made available