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Our Earth’s Future is about the science of climate change and how to talk about it. You will learn from scientists in the fields of climatology, oceanography, Earth science, and anthropology who study how climate change is affecting people, populations, and ways of life. Explore the multiple lines of evidence for the human-induced climate change that is happening today, and consider what that means for the future of our planet. At the end of this course you will be able to understand key scientific principles, identify and address misconceptions, and contribute confidently to conversations about climate change....

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2020년 8월 29일

Really enjoyed this and learned new terminology, plus difficulties of prediction, use of risk assessments for varying aspects of climate change. Interesting papers to read and additional resources.


2016년 5월 23일

Lectures are interesting and understandable. It brought the role the ocean plays into sharp focus and told me things I had not heard before. Now if our politicians would just take the class!

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교육 기관: Tania R Á

2019년 5월 30일

I was not aware of how the Earth is working, there are a lot things that you assume that might being wrong. This course is magnificient, i really enjoyed and learned of all the videos and lectures. It´s our duty to be informed and changed the way we are living, strong policies. I hope we seize the opportunity of a slightly better future

교육 기관: Chester R F

2019년 11월 15일

This is an excellent course not just for gaining a better understanding of climate change but how to interpret data related to climate change. I feel it broaden the scope of my understanding giving me more confidence in discussing and defending the science against the current political misinformation and skepticism in our society.

교육 기관: Robert C C

2018년 1월 27일

Great course! I enjoyed the course, completed it 10/9/17 but I am shocked that on 1/26/18 i discovered that certificate missing from my list of accomplishments. Coursera support told me that AMNH does not now offer this course with certificate, and so my earned certificate does not now show. I don't get it.

교육 기관: Agustin G

2018년 7월 9일

Great choice if you want to understand the challenges we are facing towards the future. Great to get a clear idea about global warming and how does science approaches to different possible scenarios. Undestanding were we stand and possible furure outcomes to enrich the debate on startegies toward the future.

교육 기관: Sourav P

2019년 7월 5일

Essential learning for this age. Nothing too complicated. But for action, there must first be convincing the sceptics. Convincing can come only by knowing the science.

교육 기관: Miguel S G

2018년 6월 20일

An awesome course that explains step by step the basics of how climate works, and then focuses on how it is going to affect us humans in the present and in the future.

교육 기관: JOHN Q

2018년 2월 20일

Fun and educational course. Great review for myself and family. Thanks to those who worked to put this course on. Dr Quincy

교육 기관: Satwik D

2020년 5월 31일

An eye-opener; a course that unfolds the truth in both, an exciting as well as scary way! This course tells us that we don't really know the things we think we know. This course is here to clear your misconceptions and enable you to talk about climate effectively, accurately and confidently.

교육 기관: Robin A

2020년 7월 14일

Although the material is interesting, it is really dated. It would be an excellent course if you updated it!

교육 기관: Markus W

2016년 2월 16일

Nice, but very basic.

교육 기관: xavier d l r s

2020년 6월 7일

Course is not actualized, is using very old references.

교육 기관: Junying W

2018년 5월 9일

It makes me rethink the future of the earth, the ocean and our life. Now I know why is the water so cold in the west coast pacific ocean in San Francisco? Last year, Huston, Taxes was flooded, the wild fire of Sonoma and San Rafael, California lasted several days, amount of people was impacted in Bay area. Our hometown are much warmer more in the past when I was a kid. All these things give us an alert and thoughts to protect my environment, thereby keeping lots of beautiful oceans still exists forever, allowing our children and grandchild still survive and no worry the food and security, and leaving the animals, birds , plants and all living a safety and security home to stay.

교육 기관: Darren G

2015년 10월 23일

Our Earth's Future provides a very helpful introduction to climate science, and addresses issues of climate change in a highly accessible and well presented series of lectures and readings. The course helped to quiet the inner-war of current controversy relative to climate change, by clarifying the issues, and providing explanations to help settle, for me, the inner-debate. This is great course and the quality of instruction is, in my experience, impeccable. Thank you for providing this education to life-long learners who might be seeking to better inform themselves relative to climate change and the issues of controversy relative to global warming.

교육 기관: Heather H

2017년 6월 30일

Very interesting and educating course. I learned so much! I had a lot of fun watching the lectures and reading the papers every week. This is an excellent course for learning about climate change and the future of our Earth. Extremely insightful; Our Earth's Future touches on many aspects of climate change and the environment that I learned about in my AP Environmental class, so it was an excellent review as well as adding on to my knowledge of the topic. I suggest this course for anyone who is not only interested in science, but also in the Earth and climate and possible scenarios for the future.

교육 기관: Tanya A D

2015년 10월 9일

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and it inspires me to do more to help the our Earth's future. I hope to be able to spread the word of science to others so that they can begin to make a difference. Great videos and explanations of some things I wasn't aware of til now. Maybe adding a what if scenario and how we could fix the issue or help would be a great assignment to add, covering everything we had gone over. But overall, thank you for a well informed course with so many links of information.[I have many of them saved in my bookmarks :-) ]

교육 기관: Sara C V

2017년 8월 31일

As a lower school homeroom teacher and middle school science teacher it was fantastic having the opportunity to go a little deeper into the climate change issue in a flexible way that I can fit into my routine. Also, the fact the I could have access to such a fine selection of researchers even so far away from NY is remarkable. Thank you for providing good quality with the perfect amount of flexibility that aloud us to have a quick spy into the science behind this important subject.


2020년 4월 30일

I'm really blessed with this course. my previous concept about climate was totally wrong , now I'm enlightened with the great course offered by AMNH, lots of prayers for them and I think I should be an entrepreneur for raising awareness in my Bangladesh. I see nothing from our government side as one of the most possibly affected area for global warming. btw thank you all for this opportunity

교육 기관: Renuka S L

2017년 8월 7일

A big thanks to Ms. Debra Tillinger and Coursera for this wonderful course. This is my first ever course on Climate Change, and I fall in love with the subject and want to study the subject more and want to search some effective remedies for climate change. In this 5 week course you have covered so much things and it's a perfect course for a learner to take over view of the subject.

교육 기관: O J W

2016년 5월 23일

Lectures are interesting and understandable. It brought the role the ocean plays into sharp focus and told me things I had not heard before. Now if our politicians would just take the class!

교육 기관: Richard K M

2017년 5월 4일

Course Review

I thought this was an excellent course, and I quite enjoyed it. Dr Tillinger has crafted an engaging, compelling, and useful course of study regarding climate change science and several important associative issues.

Only a few negatives detract from a five star review:

· As I’ve mentioned previously regarding the several online courses I’ve taken thus far, the video transcripts—though a valuable tool in regard to those presentations—need an additional pass by an attentive copy editor with a good critical ear for science. The transcripts would be so much better when cleaned up and polished. [You should hire me to do this for you by the way.]

· I was disappointed somewhat in the lack of response to several observations I made to several of the listed sources regarding error messages and non-working links. Time to update.

· I was also disappointed in the lack of conversation in the discussion forums. From what I could glean, most posts were from previous iterations of this course. I know you don’t control those numbers, but still . . .

You folks at Coursera have a good thing going, and I’m so pleased I (quite by accident) found you. I look forward to my next course.

교육 기관: Thomas A P

2020년 9월 12일

I confirmed a lot of things that I have already suspected and learned a lot more. I was surprised that, with the large number of students, I was apparently the only one who submitted comments and, furthermore, received no responses. I thought that discussion among students was an important dynamic. I will take related courses and hope for more discussion. I never got feedback from the leader or any of the other faculty/presenters for my comments. I was anticipating and hoping for responses from both students and lecturers.

교육 기관: Gretchen E B

2016년 9월 13일

kinda boring

교육 기관: Turlea O

2016년 6월 3일

There is too much talk about climate change.

교육 기관: Gordon C

2020년 10월 12일

Course provided an excellent introduction to climate. One suggested improvement: some of the links are dated and no longer work. For example, the links to resources on the EPA website listed in the supplemental materials are no longer valid, and some others are also no longer valid. In addition, the class appears to have been created about 6 years ago, and I think it would be beneficial to update it to include more recent observations and events. Although the reasoning was still valid, the events didn't seem as relevant as they could have been with the newer events.

교육 기관: Sage B

2021년 9월 28일

T​his course has a fair amount of science in it, and the quizes are more challenging than in some others, but I would definitely recommend giving it a go. It's not the easiest course, but it still is quite accessible, and definitely will teach nearly anyone some things. I'd say give week one a try; the lectures are very interesting, and if you like it you can keep going. This is the best course I've found in terms of understanding the science and evidence of climate change.