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A total eclipse is one of the most spectacular sights you can ever see! It looks like the end of the world may be at hand. There is a black hole in the sky where the sun should be. Pink flames of solar prominences and long silver streamers of the sun's corona stretch across the sky. It gets cold, and animals do strange things. People scream and shout and cheer, and remember the experience their whole life. But total eclipses are important scientifically as well. They let us see parts of the sun’s atmosphere that are otherwise invisible. A total eclipse presented the first chance to test Einstein’s prediction that matter can bend space – like near a black hole. The best total eclipse in the United States in 40 years happens August 21st, 2017. This course has two primary goals: 1) to get you excited for the total solar eclipse coming in August 2017 and prepare you and your community to safely view it 2) to provide an inviting overview of the science of the sun and the physics of light If you are most interested in preparing for the eclipse, you can hop right into Week 5! If you want the full course experience, and to get some fun scientific context for what you'll be seeing on August 21st, start with Week 1 and move through the course week by week! [Note: if you start with Week 1, you can skip through some of the repeated material once you get to Week 5.] Overall this course will prepare you to... * Safely view the total or partial solar eclipse * Help others watch safely and even make money by leading a “neighborhood watch” of the eclipse * Review fundamental sun science, including the physics of light, how astronomers study the sun, how it formed, how we know what’s inside it, and where the energy that supports life on earth is generated...

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Jul 24, 2017

I learned a lot and wished I'd known how interested I am in physics. Looking forward to August 21, 2017. Thanks Dr. Doug for your teaching!


Jul 03, 2017

Excellent Course structure. This course is suitable for all the college going students and for all branches. Thus a universal course.

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The Sun and the Total Eclipse of August 2017의 26개 리뷰 중 1~25

교육 기관: Laura L

Jan 01, 2019

I took this after the eclipse, but the sun is fascinating at any time. I never gave thought to how complex its systems are, but I will think about how remarkable it is every day for the rest of my life. At least, on the sunny days.

교육 기관: JOHN Q

May 10, 2017

great and timely course!

교육 기관: Charbel

Aug 19, 2017

This course is amazing and that's not all! Its quality is super and the lecturer is clear and understandable!

Thank you for the time you spent providing people with free education it's so valuable and i appreciate it!

교육 기관: daniel e

Nov 10, 2017

I enjoyed this course so much, and watched the eclipse the best I could that day.

교육 기관: Radhika R K

Nov 02, 2017

Good Knowledgeable course for all the students. This course has increased my knowledge about the solar system and earth.

교육 기관: Matthias S

Aug 24, 2017

Dr. Duncan's course was stellar. It gave a comprehensive overview about the science behind a solar eclipse and the inner and outer workings of the Sun. I was able to use the knowledge gained to hold a presentation about solar eclipses at the local school in Spray, Oregon, in the path of totality and it was very well received.

교육 기관: Jane B

Jul 24, 2017

I learned a lot and wished I'd known how interested I am in physics. Looking forward to August 21, 2017. Thanks Dr. Doug for your teaching!

교육 기관: Pablo P

Aug 23, 2017

Awesome experience. Great information. Highly recommended. :)

교육 기관: sumanth r y

Sep 06, 2017

Excellent Course

교육 기관: Christina G K

Oct 02, 2017


교육 기관: Jorfel A O M

Aug 18, 2017

Infinitamente agradecido con el docente, mis compañeros y por sobretodo la comunidad de Coursera, por brindarme la oportunidad de formarme como profesional y contribuir a superarme, apoyándome incluso con la situación económica que atraviesa mi país, realmente les deseo lo mejor y me comprometo a traer personas a que aprendan con esta plataforma única en la red.

교육 기관: Angelina W

Aug 22, 2017

Extremely informative. Course not only explained the Aug. 2017 eclipse, including extensive safety tips and viewing options, but also went into detail about solar studies. The offering of this course was very well-timed. ;)

교육 기관: Sajith P V

Jun 29, 2017

I really enjoyed doing the assignment on determination of sun spots. I will be repeating that experiment multiple times (and also using my own data once the monsoon season is over) to improve my analytical and observational skills. Thanks a lot for this course.

교육 기관: Ravindranath. B K

Jul 03, 2017

Excellent Course structure. This course is suitable for all the college going students and for all branches. Thus a universal course.

교육 기관: zhen c

Aug 24, 2017

Interesting course.

교육 기관: Milton G V

Sep 11, 2017

Great preparation course. Totally enjoyable.

교육 기관: Dale G

Sep 04, 2017

Excellent information for a brief overview of the eclipse and the science behind it!

교육 기관: Joy S

Apr 04, 2017

If you are interested in viewing the eclipse you need this class. It has excellent, very concise information about the eclipse and the sun. NOTE: Weeks 2 - 4 are about the sun. Weeks 1 and 5 concern the eclipse.

교육 기관: Roland U

Aug 23, 2017

This course shows how beautifull a Total Eclipse of the Sun is. Douglas Duncan is so enthusiastic to tell about the Sun. He shows you different lessons with beautifull websites that you probably didn't see earlier. It is not a difficult course, so anyone can follow this course. After this course you probably will be interested in more courses on Astrophysics, Astrobiology, Planetary, and Earth Sciences.

교육 기관: Mingqian X

Aug 23, 2017

Great course, came just in time. Nice tutorial for this wonderful event! I like it!

교육 기관: Bernie N

Dec 25, 2017

This is one of the best courses of the many courses I have taken on Coursera.

Dr Duncan is excellent. Down to earth (so to speak) descriptions of quantum phenomena that explain common, everyday solar event. Graphics are terrific. The material is arranged in straight forward manner with excellent instruction by Dr Duncan.

Cannot think of a better way to learn this subject matter.

Thank You!

교육 기관: narendra p

Sep 18, 2017

It was short, sweet, very timely matched with solar eclipse.

교육 기관: Eugenia S

Sep 09, 2017

The peer review process was confusing when there were no submissions to review. Would like to have more communication about what to do in this instance.

교육 기관: Niranjan

Aug 17, 2017

Very nice and insightful

교육 기관: Louis J F J

May 27, 2017