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The aim of this online course is to convey fundamental information about elements of the Russian economic policy that have had influenced significantly on the today’s tendencies in the economic system in Russia. Basics of economics is a prerequisite in order to find out the main principles. So this is not just a story about Russia’s economy. Besides major goal of the course is to teach some outlines of economics as a science. Thus, the course will reveal common principles and instructions based on an analysis of features in the Russian economic history. This HSE course will introduce you into basic details of the post-Soviet economy and the place of transition in the elaboration of fundamentals of the modern Russian economy. So starting from the insights of the common problems of market reforms in Russia you will learn the economic peculiarities of today’s Russia as well. Understanding the features of the Russian economy will show the base of the most important changes in the economic history, modern situation and rank of Russian Federation in the world economy. Thus the lecturer will offer tools for analyzing the Russian economy in order to understand the business environment in Russia and to get remotely the skills required for working and investing in Russia. Nowadays, various economic indicators have a certain impact on our every day’s life - for example, rates of exchange, level of inflation and other factors determine how our income is distributed between saving and investing. In order to reach these aspects, it is necessary to understand main laws of economic theory. The course consists of short video lectures, 4 to 23 minutes long. Each week there will be a 15-question graded test. Do you have technical problems? Write to us:

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2017년 3월 25일

This is one of the best courses which you can approach to understanding Russian economics, particularly its contemporary challenges and also a bridge to know the transition era!

2020년 4월 12일

Very interesting course. It touches on all the important aspects of the situation and even gives us some insight and specific information that you would not easily find online.

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Understanding Russian Economy. Problems of Transition의 44개 리뷰 중 1~25

교육 기관: Arran K

2017년 9월 1일

i would recommend this course to anybody who is remotely interested in economics, specifically the challenges that countries face as as they move from a planned to a market economy. This course highlights the challenges that Russia has, and is, facing - and also the deep rooted societal barriers that prevent further reform. Vladimir Zuev explains everything in an accessible yet analytical way. The course runs in a chronological order, to develop a narrative and highlight the consequential nature of reform (or lack of) in Russia. If you take this course, you will not be bombarded with statistics, but rather explained the reason behind them.

교육 기관: Alice Z

2018년 10월 9일

Overall excellent. One suggestion is to not assume learners outside of Russia know or can easily find what is thought "known or easily available". A link to the "state year books" would be helpful - not in all countries available even on line. Also terms specific to Russia would be helpful.

Still, excellant to be asked to think, to ponder, to ideate. WSell done.


교육 기관: Javad K

2017년 3월 26일

This is one of the best courses which you can approach to understanding Russian economics, particularly its contemporary challenges and also a bridge to know the transition era!

교육 기관: Dorka T

2019년 6월 26일

Thought-provoking and well built-up course. The way Professor Zuev speaks is clear, understandable and very enjoyable. Definitely 5/5!

교육 기관: JOHN Q

2017년 5월 31일


교육 기관: Shirley s

2019년 10월 13일


Muy claro y permite extrapolar

교육 기관: Aruzhan M

2020년 7월 8일

I enjoyed this course by Dr. Zuev very much, as the Professor has offered interesting historical and current insights into the challenges that the Russian economy has faced. The course materials and lectures were highly comprehensive and clear, however, more interactivity could also be added in the future to improve the course.

교육 기관: Anastasiia E

2020년 7월 3일

This is an interesting subject but the course itself isn't made very well. The slides are not clear and the text is full of unnecessary "bla-bla-bla". Also language of the lectures is very "Russian" English, sometimes it is hard to listen though being Russian I can decipher speaker's mistakes.

I think that for educative purposes this course should better represent various points of view. However the lecturer knows what he is talking about and it may be quite useful to listen to his thoughts. I wouldn't just apply the word "study" to this course. It is something different, like an interview with an analyst on TV. For educative purposes this course lacks some features.

교육 기관: Luz C H A

2021년 5월 2일

El curso cumple con los objetivos señalados. El profesor a cargo pretende dar una visión general y plantear todos los temas observándolos desde diferentes aristas, de modo que se evita una visión totalizadora de situación y busca que sean los alumnos quienes se formen una opinión propia, siempre con base en hechos y datos. Personalmente me hubiera gustado que se ahondara más en ciertos detalles, específicamente en los primeros años, pues aún me es difícil dimensionar el cambio de un mundo socialista a uno capitalista, sin embargo en general me pareció un curso completo, con preguntas de evaluación adecuadas y con una buena distribución de los temas, siendo coherente y entendible.

교육 기관: Cynthia R

2018년 7월 20일

This was a very interesting course and I learned a lot in it. I am interested in Russia and its transition and found this course answered many questions. It has given me a greater appreciation for the difficulties encountered by the State, the people and why Russia has not yet integrated into the outside world in a competitive way as I would have thought that it should have by now. The quizzes were all good and forced me to hone in on those things that were important in each module. Thank you.

교육 기관: Max Z

2021년 9월 9일

P​rovided the whole picture and understanding of realities and processes, causes and consequences, challenges and paradox. You can get completely a feel of why and how everything was working by the time of this course was created. interesting and engaging, different from most courses as it gives you a chance to seflexplore the topic, made your own conclusions and develop your thinking. i appretiate the professor's work done.

교육 기관: Alexis P

2017년 2월 25일

A very well structured course. It was a real occasion to develop and increase my personal historical and economical skills. Not only about Russia but also compare to other countries. The internal informations about Russia were really precise and it was easy to understand that researches behind were really strong.

Thank you.

교육 기관: Ibrahim N

2017년 11월 30일

It was a very interesting course about Russian economy from prof. Vladimir Zuev. As a researcher whose topic is directly related to the Russian economy, I shaped some kind of framework for post-socialist countries which will be very useful for my future work.

교육 기관: Catarina C M

2020년 8월 13일

Excellent quality of teaching! I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was informative, full of insights and well-fundamented perspectives that will help me in life as a world-citizen and, hopefully, as someone who would like to start a business in Russia.

교육 기관: Kamarul Z M Z

2017년 11월 7일

A very good course in understanding the Russian economy, how it developed into what it is now, the challenges and hurdles that it faces and also would give the learners and insight to what to be expected in the future for the Russian economy.

교육 기관: Paige B

2018년 6월 13일

Very well designed and interesting course. Professor Zuev presents facts and statistics without bias and encourages students to think for themselves. A great supplement for people interested in international relations and politics.

교육 기관: Louis P

2017년 2월 25일

Thanks for this very innovative approach to understand Russian economy from an historical point of view. If you're interested in International Relations and Geopolitics of Russia this course is definitely well-made for you !

교육 기관: Miljan S

2020년 10월 25일

The professor has thoroughly explained the current circumstances of the Russian Economy, with an adequate retrospective of its past. I have learned so much, and enjoyed at the same time. I wish you all the best, professor!

교육 기관: Pavel P

2020년 4월 13일

Very interesting course. It touches on all the important aspects of the situation and even gives us some insight and specific information that you would not easily find online.

교육 기관: Evgeny T

2017년 10월 25일

An interesting approach like it was expected. I liked both the content and the way it was presented. Thank you. I'm looking forward for the second part!

교육 기관: Risards J

2017년 11월 7일

Очень интересный курс, затрагивающий все экономические, социальные и политические аспекты перехода с плановый на рыночную экономику. Спасибо!!!

교육 기관: Julia F

2017년 8월 30일

Very detailed and clearly explained and presented course that gives better understanding of the current economic situation in Russia.

교육 기관: Анастасия А К

2017년 7월 25일

Очень довольна прослушанными лекциями: ввод в курс дела и фокусирование на основных проблемах российской экономики.

교육 기관: Dina

2021년 7월 21일

The best course I've taken! I didn't know economics could be so fascinating! Great instructor, loved every minute.

교육 기관: Soren G

2017년 12월 2일

Highly insightful lextures. I learned a lot and it was fun too. Thank you professor Zuev for the course.