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This course is intended for the Bachelor and Master's students, who like practical programming and making IoTs applications! In this course, we will talk about two components of a cyber-physical system, namely hardware and operating systems. After completing this course, you will have knowledge of both hardware components and operating systems. You are able to plan and use embedded operating systems in resource-constraint devices for Internet-of-Things (cyber-physical system) applications. In addition, you can use Cooja simulation for designing and simulating wireless sensor network applications. The course offers 4 modules, each with a graded quiz in the end and finally, one peer-reviewed programming assignment. In case you have no experience with C programming, please check a practical course like: The course is actually quite fun at the end when you play around with Cooja simulation for IoTs applications. So you can create and simulate your own design for sensor network applications. A lot of features and examples of Contiki and Cooja can be explored via assignments. There are some optional assignments of wireless sensor network applications for students who want to explore more about embedded OS in IoTs applications. - Marco Ramirez /University of Turku - Igor Tcarenko/ University of Turku - Nguyen Gia Tuan /University of Turku Check out our whole curriculum:

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2017년 5월 24일

Initially it seemed easy and what I already knew... but the week 3 and 4 had alot of new and interesting stuff. It was great eventually... Especially the OS part and some practicals

2021년 6월 28일

Excelente curso en lo que refiere a las competencias objetivo.Seria bueno una guia mas detallada para las actividades especialmente las ultimas

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Embedded Hardware and Operating Systems의 127개 리뷰 중 101~125

교육 기관: Abdallah A A E

2016년 9월 23일

Good introduction to embedded systems development with "OS". but it needs to include better & more code examples

교육 기관: chaabani h

2020년 5월 31일

this course is little bit out of date , now when looking for new board I find that RIOT os is leading

교육 기관: Julian L

2019년 11월 4일

It's good, but I like to install it into a real microcontroller and application.

교육 기관: MUNEER K

2017년 1월 25일


교육 기관: itamar e

2018년 11월 19일

very informative, not enough practices

교육 기관: Raju S

2017년 9월 22일

Very good course, well structured

교육 기관: 1NH19CS175.Soumyadip R

2021년 6월 19일

It was really good

교육 기관: KOLUSU R Y

2019년 4월 9일


교육 기관: Neelesh V

2021년 5월 12일

Very nice

교육 기관: Syed S u H S

2018년 8월 11일


교육 기관: Pradeep S

2020년 4월 26일


교육 기관: SHRUTI S

2021년 5월 14일


교육 기관: Anu S

2020년 3월 22일

This is a good course to follow to get an overall idea about embedded OS and to learn the difference between them. Assignments are not that good because there are a lot of errors in those questions. Contiki and TinyOS installation guide is not updated and some commands are not valid with recent ISO images.

교육 기관: Michalis P

2019년 10월 9일

The video lectures are good with valuable information, and the course gives you a broad introduction to embedded systems and embedded operating systems. Although quizzes and assignments are low quality and don't help you with your understanding (that's why I give 3/5).

교육 기관: Rajas B

2020년 8월 11일

The Course was good not great it has many things but week 4 seemed like it was rushed and some of the links are outdated and need to be updated with proper guidelines . For the basics part it was good but last 2 weeks just seemed too rushed

교육 기관: Wayne S

2018년 5월 5일

It gives a brief introduction to everything. But sometimes it is hard to understand because the lectures are without any figures or charts.

교육 기관: Alan C

2019년 7월 13일

It is a good course, but I think lacks something worth to make it great. There were times when I was very bored about how the e

교육 기관: Marlon M P d O

2018년 9월 14일

The pronunciation of the professor was terrible.

The last activity wasn't coherent with what the course offered

교육 기관: Adrian V

2020년 7월 1일

It is good but the assignments are almost not related with the material. I mean in complexity and content.

교육 기관: Chintan L

2019년 12월 31일

best experience to learn something new in technology

교육 기관: Jeffrey R S

2018년 1월 23일

The last assignment (example) wasn't so clear.

교육 기관: Andreas B

2020년 4월 28일

Ich möchte den Kurs beenden

교육 기관: Alberto R

2021년 7월 19일

All the weeks have very interesting information, but the activities do not have all the information to do, in my case I had a lot of problems with the installation I could not do the activity.

교육 기관: Khlebushchev L

2021년 11월 7일

I had to leave the specialization because it was impossible to complete the assignment in the third week of the first course. The task contains an instruction that does not work (the TinyOS instruction needs to be updated). The discussion forum looks abandoned (no replies to topics for more than six months). Even the first question of the first week contains the wrong answer. The course needs fixes.

교육 기관: Andrew W

2021년 9월 3일

Do not waste your time and money with this course, the honors assignment has no link to upload your work, other assignments are lacking clear instruction and the course is riddled with errors which the instructors refuse to even acknowledge. The forums are mostly dead and peer reviews are suspect at best. Avoid at all costs!