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Learn about diverse and integrated markets for primary energy, and the essential considerations driving business leaders and policy makers in development of global energy resources....

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Sep 13, 2016

It was great learning experience. I loved the way Prof. explained, very simple langauge and explained with proper graphs and images. Inclusion of external videos was very helpful. I highly recommend.


May 28, 2020

Very nice course with challenging assessments. I learnt what I came here for. The slides are very explicit and a precious tool to fully understand teh core concepts.

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Fundamentals of Global Energy Business의 103개 리뷰 중 26~50

교육 기관: Arturo P

Aug 24, 2015

Excelent! Simple to understand energy bussiness economic, finaltial and technical issues, even if you aren´t related to this areas. And assessments are realy made to ensure our learning

교육 기관: Yassine S

May 28, 2020

Very nice course with challenging assessments. I learnt what I came here for. The slides are very explicit and a precious tool to fully understand teh core concepts.

교육 기관: Nishikant C

Oct 23, 2017

Excellent course. Well structured and good assignments that emphasize practical business skills.

Would love to see another course with more finance involved

교육 기관: Juan C L M

Nov 23, 2016

This course is a great opportunity to get a very complete overview of the very basic facts behind energy business worldwide. Highly recommended!

교육 기관: Wellington M

May 17, 2020

I recommend this course to anyone who wishes to engage on a career change or broaden their Energy investment analysis knowledge...

교육 기관: kisharn t

Dec 16, 2016

Great introduction to the world of energy business. Provides the basic tools one needs to further analyse energy firms and markets.

교육 기관: Tom S

Feb 12, 2018

Lots of great information. The 2 case studies really help me understand how best to use the tools presented.

교육 기관: Javier A Z M

Nov 24, 2017

I have enjoyed this course. it is simple to understand and the lections of Michel are just brilliant. thanks

교육 기관: Walter S J

Dec 27, 2018

This course is great! I learned many interesting things during the course and became a better professional.

교육 기관: PRAVEEN R

Mar 15, 2018

Excellent course with good and relevant study material.

Explanation of topic through video is excellent.

교육 기관: Enrique A

Jun 20, 2017

I liked it a lot! good presentations, good material, good pace, overall excellent! Highly recommended!

교육 기관: Baptiste B

Mar 12, 2018

Really comprehensive and helps understand complexe issues based on simplified and basics notions.

교육 기관: Christopher L N

Dec 12, 2016

please there are need to evaluate energy production in financial statement analytical

교육 기관: Alvaro H

Aug 20, 2015

Excellent course:

My only (minor) disapointment is that the slides are not available

교육 기관: César A P

Mar 09, 2018

Beautiful and interesting Course, great information, simple and easy to learn.

교육 기관: Ayushi M

Sep 04, 2018

It was an excellent course which covers all the aspects. Thank you coursera.

교육 기관: Tomislav P

Dec 12, 2016

Great course for someone who is not an engineer, like me. All in one course.

교육 기관: Nutifafa F

Aug 10, 2020

This has been a good course on energy. I will recommend it to my colleagues

교육 기관: 郭逸飞

Jun 11, 2018

Thanks very much for your presentation and the opportunities you provided!

교육 기관: Pritam M

Aug 05, 2020

Very good course !! .... Gained brief overall idea about energy business.

교육 기관: Austin N

Dec 30, 2018

Very good course. Great content and easy to assimilate lecture notes.

교육 기관: Richard H

May 28, 2016

Important course for anyone...essential for energy professionals.

교육 기관: Ishwar G

Aug 08, 2015

Very smooth, easy and gives a good insight in energy business.

교육 기관: Ussawin T

Sep 27, 2019

Very good course for everyone who interest in Energy sector.

교육 기관: Zlata S

Aug 21, 2015

Super! It gave me a lot of useful information. I enjoy it!