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What, exactly, does it mean to be a leader in complex organizational structure and drive corporate development in the era of digitalization? This course will boost your managerial skills to significantly new level, providing a framework for coordination different enterprise aspects. Why it is important? Imagine how complicated global corporations are and how knotted might be relations between stakeholders. Enterprise Architecture course will give you a powerful tool based on a world-wide standard to create, implement and evolve you own management style. This course is advisable for different specialists, who associate their career with EA concepts, such as: IT-solutions architecture, business engineering, information and communications technology, design thinking and innovation, business process management and corporate project management. As an example, you might be working on the following positions (to make sure that this course is convenient for you): IT experts (CIOs, IT managers, CTOs) and Systems Analysts, creating and developing corporate information systems. Senior-level business managers (CEOs, COOs, CFOs), directing enterprise development and implementing Business and IT strategy. Middle-level business managers, managing programs of projects. Operational business managers, leading business processes optimization. Requirements: – Experience in business-IT alignment tasks and activities – Basic understanding of IT industry (types of projects, corporate information systems, contracting aspects) – Knowledge of the English language At the end of the Course, you will be able to: Communicate with various stakeholders and lead corporate development of company, taking into account business and technological aspects of different industries. Acquire and use skills of modeling enterprise from different viewpoints and identifying bottlenecks to implement business and IT strategy. The course was developed by Graduate School of Business and Management of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University with the support of GET Information Technology GmbH, Germany....

최상위 리뷰

2020년 6월 12일

It was a good course I would like to see more practical exercises, but it helped to see what I need to improve and what I know well enough.

2021년 6월 17일

A nice introduction to Enterprise Architecture and a walkthrough of Archimate. Final exam a bit bonkers though.

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엔터프라이즈 아키텍처의 82개 리뷰 중 51~75

교육 기관: Obaid A

2021년 6월 26일

The course is a very well organized. The material is relevant and adequate to understand the basics of the EA. The exercises are well designed to capture student's knowledge of the material. Would be great to add a few hands-on design exercises, though. Also, the material in this course is complex. The instructor need more explanation

교육 기관: Niels B

2021년 6월 7일

Good content, touches all the important aspects of enterprise architecture. But the English could use some improvements. Especially the tests are sometimes difficult to understand.

교육 기관: Namrta G

2021년 8월 29일

In this Course, all videos and content are very beneficial of our life. Provides a stronger technology infrastructure at the central technology core.

교육 기관: Marco A R S

2021년 4월 6일

It needs more practical and graphical examples and less oral lectures from the teacher. Good for beginners in the EA subject. Regards.

교육 기관: Grace A

2020년 12월 11일

Excellent intro - not a comprehensive course, sufficient to grow EA understanding

Only downside was the english translation

교육 기관: Savitha S

2021년 8월 31일

This course provided me the glimpse of the enterpirse architecture and course content is easy to follow.

교육 기관: Mas'ud A S

2020년 6월 6일

Great course to leverage our knowledge about Enterprise Architecture, especially using TOGAF.

교육 기관: Kleider S V G

2021년 8월 4일

Good course. There are very interesting topics in the classes of the course.

교육 기관: Sohail K

2020년 5월 2일

The course is too dry. There should be audio rather reading the materials

교육 기관: Pushkar S

2021년 11월 30일

it is a very good course that might you get benifitbenifitbenifit

교육 기관: srinivas k

2021년 3월 21일

The course is a good introduction to the enterprise architecture.

교육 기관: Martin M

2021년 8월 9일

Good overview, would have hoped for more best practices

교육 기관: VirendraSingh K

2021년 8월 20일

very knowledgeable course, very helpful for future.

교육 기관: JB G

2021년 2월 5일

Excellent introduction to the field! Thanks!

교육 기관: Ahmed N O M

2021년 11월 18일

very nice into to EA, Archi and Archimate

교육 기관: Daniella V

2020년 12월 22일

It's a good introduction to EA and TOGAF

교육 기관: Antoine B

2020년 10월 26일

General overview of the subject.

교육 기관: David E S N

2020년 10월 23일

Great course but to light

교육 기관: Marlon S N D

2020년 9월 3일

nice course

교육 기관: Giridhar N G P

2021년 7월 21일


교육 기관: Sreenivasa R P

2020년 7월 19일


교육 기관: Mark B

2020년 5월 9일

Good and informative course, but the instructor is sometimes very difficult to understand, some of the questions in the tests don't make sense due to very poor grammar, and jargon or technical terms are frequently used where more simpler language would be more beneficial. However, as a initial introduction to Enterprise Architecture and the use of ArchiMate this was a very useful case.

교육 기관: Ramiro P d M

2021년 11월 15일

T​he course focuses a lot in minutiae. It leaves aside many important aspects of TOGAF ADM, including how to perform its processes. In my opinion it should focus a lot more on TOGAF's processes, tools, inputs and outpus through practical examples in Archi. I feel this is a very introductory course for beginners in a hurry.

교육 기관: Bernardt v D

2020년 5월 3일

This is only an introduction to Enterprise Architecture and does not cover the full detail and extent required to become a professional Enterprise Architect.

교육 기관: Jorge R

2020년 4월 14일

Good course, good material, but i think it is very basic and general for the scope of professionals they are trying to reach