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This course is the first in a series on starting a business. Though new venture creation is the focus of the specialization, this course is important for everyone.To create a successful business it is not only about what you do (technical execution), it is also about how you think. This course provides learners with insights to re-frame their thinking in order to maximize their chances for success. So what can a learner expect to gain from this course? At the end of this course a learner: 1.) will be able to argue effectively against all of the reasons for not starting their business (or reaching some goal); 2.) will be able to operate effectively within the new framework or model for starting a business (or any new endeavor), thus increasing their chances for success; and 3.) will be able to make the initial business startup decisions of what type of business to start, and what type of business owner to be. Having an entrepreneurial mindset is critical to being successful as an entrepreneur. An entrepreneurial mindset stands alone in terms of its importance. No other attribute, personality, inherent entrepreneurial proclivities, training, or demographic profile is common to all successful entrepreneurs whether Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, or the neighborhood florist or grocer. The course provides learners with an understanding of the attributes and perspectives of an entrepreneurial mindset, and the process to acquire one. We suggest that learners bring an open mind and be willing to thoroughly explore the nascent business ventures they have been carrying with them.The course introduces concepts that enables a person to start a trans-formative process in the way they think generally, and in the way they think about business specifically. This new way of thinking has the potential to positively impact not only them, but their family, and community....

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2021년 12월 26일

The course was well designed to help does who are thinking about starting there own business, and also for those who already have business but need a helping hand to understand what is to be done.


2021년 8월 22일

For an absolute novice this was a great insight into starting your own startup. A strong foundational course that covers in detail what is required from a person to run and sustain a business.

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