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While the human genome sequence has transformed our understanding of human biology, it isn’t just the sequence of your DNA that matters, but also how you use it! How are some genes activated and others are silenced? How is this controlled? The answer is epigenetics. Epigenetics has been a hot topic for research over the past decade as it has become clear that aberrant epigenetic control contributes to disease (particularly to cancer). Epigenetic alterations are heritable through cell division, and in some instances are able to behave similarly to mutations in terms of their stability. Importantly, unlike genetic mutations, epigenetic modifications are reversible and therefore have the potential to be manipulated therapeutically. It has also become clear in recent years that epigenetic modifications are sensitive to the environment (for example diet), which has sparked a large amount of public debate and research. This course will give an introduction to the fundamentals of epigenetic control. We will examine epigenetic phenomena that are manifestations of epigenetic control in several organisms, with a focus on mammals. We will examine the interplay between epigenetic control and the environment and finally the role of aberrant epigenetic control in disease. All necessary information will be covered in the lectures, and recommended and required readings will be provided. There are no additional required texts for this course. For those interested, additional information can be obtained in the following textbook. Epigenetics. Allis, Jenuwein, Reinberg and Caparros. Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory Press. ISBN-13: 978-0879697242 | Edition: 1 The course will re-open in 2022....

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2018년 10월 1일

This was an excellent course. All the material was well presented and the explanation of the sometimes complex subject matter was clear and understandable. Thank you for an great learning experience.


2021년 8월 1일

This is the best course on coursera, 10/10. I wish it was longer and I could take it all over again. you will need background knowledge for this course but it is an amazing course and I will miss it.

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교육 기관: BARAIYA D H 1

2020년 4월 25일

It was very informative course and will help me in my future studies.In between week 3 was bit tough to understand and keep all things in mind. But overall course was amazing. Thank you.

교육 기관: Aditya A D

2020년 5월 13일

Amazingly structured and delivered course by the entire team. Including a few practical assays or how to read some of the assay results related to epigenetic techniques would be welcome.

교육 기관: Boris M

2017년 8월 14일

One of the best organized and implemented courses I have taken so far. For someone who had barely any experience with epigenetics, I feel this gave me a proper introduction to the field.

교육 기관: HanuRam

2016년 12월 18일

A quintessential course for Genetics students all over the world. Very nicely prepared and elucidated by Dr. Marnie Blewitt .

Many many thanks to Dr. Marnie Blewitt & Coursera team.

교육 기관: Thomas W

2017년 8월 24일

Very informative! Before starting this course I didn't even know epigenetics was a word. Now I feel I have a very good grasp of the basics of one of the core concepts of genetics.

교육 기관: Dominika B

2016년 9월 28일

This was an AWESOME course. Really exciting, interesting, AND surprising, I never thought there's that much to talk about in epigenetics! I'm going to recommend it, definitely :)

교육 기관: Vinícius

2020년 11월 24일

Excellent course! The topic isn't an easy one, but Dr Marnie Blewitt was brilliant and her explanation is clear and very good. Besides that, this course provides good support.

교육 기관: Vasisht V S

2018년 8월 8일

A very informative course which starts from the basics and goes up all the way and the pace of the course is also perfectly set for anyone from professionals to first-timers.

교육 기관: Ziwen L

2016년 12월 12일

Well constructed course and carefully designed questions. It is very useful for someone with biological and/or biomedical background to expand their knowledge on epigenetics!

교육 기관: Alagbe O A

2019년 11월 27일

The lectures were enlightening and easy to follow and understand. there were also a lot of examples that made the lectures easy to understand. I totally loved and enjoyed it

교육 기관: Lusya M

2016년 6월 19일

The course is very interesting for those who like Genetics. The lectures are delivered in an understandable manner, and the motion pictures make everything clear right away.

교육 기관: Arthur V L

2016년 12월 11일

Excellent course by an expert in the field. Full appreciation requires a background in biochemistry and genetics, but still a lot can be learned by anyone with interest.

교육 기관: Hina K

2018년 11월 17일

This course is well taught and some important concepts are repeated over and over again during the course so the concept lingers in the brain as if it was there already.

교육 기관: Andrew E M

2016년 12월 13일

A great course! I certainly learnt a lot. Please note, that if you haven't studied a scientific course before, then I think you would find this course too challenging.

교육 기관: Václav B

2017년 10월 25일

This course was really inspiring and I really enjoyed the part about histone modification, X chromosome inactivation and the influence of an environment on epigenome.

교육 기관: Santiago T

2018년 9월 27일

I enjoyed and learnt a lot about epigenetics by taking part in this great course. The content is clear and very well explained. The Professor is outstanding! Thanks

교육 기관: Mukund K

2016년 5월 10일

Absolutely amazing experience! Every week was very captivating . Focus is on concepts and assignments test the understanding of them. Thank you Dr. Blewitt!!

교육 기관: Bettina H

2017년 5월 2일

The course was great! I did not know much about epigenetics beforehand and now I feel like I could have an informed conversation. My curiosity was awakend

교육 기관: Anshit S

2020년 5월 24일

Wonderful course. Dr. Marnie Blewitt has marvelously explained Epigenetics as a concept to every student. Will definitely help me in my future research!

교육 기관: Lorenzo T I

2020년 5월 19일

A knowledge-packed course highly recommended for those who want to deepen his/her knowledge of the epigenetic machinery in eukaryotic cells.

교육 기관: Muhammad F N

2020년 2월 23일

A great course for students of biotechnology and bioinformatics. I wish i could study in such university by the great respectable teachers.

교육 기관: Luca B

2021년 10월 25일

G​reat course and great teacher! Highly recommended to whom is interested to understand more about the machanisms behind gene expression!

교육 기관: Ignacio S

2018년 9월 17일

If somebody bilieves tis course is gonna be an easy one, is wrong. Very detailed, well organized, clever questions. It makes you think.

교육 기관: Kasturika S

2017년 12월 24일

This is an awesome course which provides intriguing yet interesting insights in epigenetics and gene regulation as well as expression!!

교육 기관: Todor G

2017년 8월 7일

One of the best course on Coursera on this topic for experts and not so. Thanks a lot and I'll be glad to see follow up on the subject.