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In this course, you will learn the purpose of each component in an equivalent-circuit model of a lithium-ion battery cell, how to determine their parameter values from lab-test data, and how to use them to simulate cell behaviors under different load profiles. By the end of the course, you will be able to: - State the purpose for each component in an equivalent-circuit model - Compute approximate parameter values for a circuit model using data from a simple lab test - Determine coulombic efficiency of a cell from lab-test data - Use provided Octave/MATLAB script to compute open-circuit-voltage relationship for a cell from lab-test data - Use provided Octave/MATLAB script to compute optimized values for dynamic parameters in model - Simulate an electric vehicle to yield estimates of range and to specify drivetrain components - Simulate battery packs to understand and predict behaviors when there is cell-to-cell variation in parameter values...

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교육 기관: Heather V

Nov 02, 2019

Useful information, but definitely disappointing that you can easily get 100% throughout the course and then be caught by surprise on a capstone project that requires significant Matlab knowledge beyond the scope of the rest of the course material.

교육 기관: Sheng P C

Dec 27, 2018

The course is good. I did learn a lot. But, it will be more useful to provide some guidance in the capstone project. For example, some testing data to validate before submission. It would make it easier to troubleshoot. The submission feedback did not provide enough information to know why the code did not pass.

교육 기관: Jenna D

Sep 15, 2019

Would have been a lot better if the final programming assignment had any support for questions.

교육 기관: Suresh K R

Oct 25, 2019

The content for this course is great, the duration of each topic was clearly illustrated. Thanks to Dr.Gregory L Plett and Coursera team for providing me a wonderful opportunity to learn.

Thank You


Suresh Kumar

교육 기관: John R H

Feb 21, 2019

Good class for the fundamentals. I would highly recommend the honors if you don't use Octave. It's a good crash course. Also, take the time to look at some for the underlying code supplied for each lesson.

교육 기관: Albert S

Apr 30, 2019

A fundamental course for any engineer interested in battery control algorithms.

교육 기관: Sophie T

Dec 08, 2019

Not easy but possible. An excellent course!

교육 기관: Goktan K

Jan 18, 2020

the grader output was not guiding properly. I spent a lot of time trying to finish part 1 of the capstone project