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"Everyday Excel, Part 1" is aimed at learners who are seeking to learn Excel from the ground up. No experience with Excel is necessary. While this course is meant for beginners of Excel, advanced users will undoubtedly pick up new skills and tools. This course is the first part of a three-part series and Specialization that focuses on teaching introductory through very advanced techniques and tools in Excel. In this course (Part 1), you will: 1) learn how to effectively navigate around the Excel environment; 2) edit and format Excel worksheets; 3) implement basic to advanced Excel functions (including financial, logical, and text functions); 4) learn how to manage data sets (filter, remove duplicates, consolidate data, sort data, and validate data); and 5) learn how to effectively visualize data through scatterplots, column charts, and pie charts. New to Excel? That is entirely fine! This course is meant to be fun, thought-provoking, and appeal to a wide audience. No prior knowledge in programming nor advanced math skills are necessary. The course is organized into 5 Weeks (modules). To pass each module, you'll need to pass a mastery quiz and complete a problem solving assignment. This course is unique in that the weekly assignments are completed in-application (i.e., on your own computer in Excel), providing you with valuable hands-on training....

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2021년 4월 28일

That was extremely helpful, I liked it so much, I liked everything about it from the breaking down of new subjects, literally someone with zero experience in excel can understand and use these things


2021년 4월 7일

Great course!. It covers very basis tools to more complex features like vlookups function. I have learned new things and definitely very useful for the workday task. Looking forward for the Part 2.

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Everyday Excel, Part 1의 844개 리뷰 중 51~75

교육 기관: Sreeharan B N

2020년 5월 26일

Excellent Learning. Thank you!

교육 기관: Ajay B R

2020년 4월 22일

Excellent course for beginners

교육 기관: celestina r

2020년 5월 1일

It's very helpful. Thank you!

교육 기관: Tasnia I

2020년 5월 31일

It was good and understable.

교육 기관: Nabanita C

2020년 5월 29일

It was an amazing course!

교육 기관: Brent D C S

2020년 5월 25일

Very Hard But worthwhile

교육 기관: Navy R A

2020년 5월 9일

Great Course!!!

교육 기관: Nitin J

2020년 6월 9일

Good Course

교육 기관: Dr.Syed I

2020년 6월 5일


교육 기관: Jane F

2020년 9월 15일

This course has a lot of information about Excel. The lessons are well organized and give a good explanation of the topics covered, yet the professor goes very fast over some of the skills. It is quite apparent that the professor knows Excel very well and has put in a great amount of time to create this course. Although, there are big drawbacks to taking this course. Learning Excel is like learning to play a musical instrument. It takes a lot of practice to learn new skills. There is not any "homework" provided for practicing the skills learned and there is no help from the professor when you have a question. If you get stuck on the assignments, which are complicated, you are supposed to write a question in the discussion forum, but the professor does not respond to the questions. I spent hours looking up videos on YouTube to get the answers to my questions. This course would be much better if practice were provided and if there were some way to get answers to questions.

교육 기관: GNR

2021년 3월 14일

This class is for people who are already familiar with Excel and use it everyday. I was taking it as a beginner and found myself sitting at the computer for hours figuring out how to complete some of the assignments. Google, youtube and I became good friends when I would become frustrated with the assignments. My instructor moved quickly in some of the demos and that was frustrating at times as well. This class was not a bad class, I just feel like I don't have the confidence to jump into using Excel without using my notes to help.

교육 기관: Veronika S

2020년 11월 6일

Generally a good course unless you have a problem with an assignment and ask for help. I had trouble with a few assignments but even after asking for help from the teacher, coursera itself or the discussion group I NEVER received a reply. If you don't have anyone around you who has a knowledge of Excel you're basically screwed.

교육 기관: Aayushi J S

2020년 7월 24일

There were a few problems for me in submitting the assignment, and I even tried to contact the concerned person, but my query was not solved, and I have to drop the course.

교육 기관: Esther M A

2020년 9월 14일

This course is mediocre for beginners. If you have some knowledge about Excel maybe you will understand something, but if that's not the case the explanations are too fast and too vague for someone who hasn't used the program before. Also the course teaches some functions that most people won't ever use (and some functions from Office 365 that you can't use in other versions of Excel, so why make us waste our time?) and the explanations, as I said before, are so incomplete and vague they are difficult to understand.

The videos are short, but if you want to work along them you have to keep pausing them and going back to grasp what he is trying to teach. Moreover, the forums are useless, since they are full of students asking questions about some of the assignments or exercices but no answer from the teacher.

Even myself, who has been using Excel for a while got really frustrated during this course. I wouldn't reccoment it.

교육 기관: Douglas B

2021년 7월 4일

Hating it! Everyday Excel? Is that supposed to be a joke? If you look at the forums, everybody struggles with the same exercises and yet we can't get any help. Also, if you can't complete the exercise, the file for the following week can't be unlocked, therefore you can't just work ahead thinking you'll come back to it. No, they just tell you to watch the videos again, and everyone writes the same thing, "I've watched the video again and again and can't figure it out. And this is in WEEK TWO OF THE FIRST COURSE.

HATED IT!!!!!!!!!

교육 기관: eric h

2020년 12월 10일

The purpose of free online MOOC's is to learn the material for free, not being allowed to participate in the entire class curriculum simply because the student can't afford the 49$ for a certificate seems foolish.

교육 기관: Marta W

2020년 7월 14일

This course skips important material if you only audit it. It says it is for beginners but the instructor does a very poor job of building off of each skill he addresses. There are better videos on YouTube.

교육 기관: Anastasia S

2020년 12월 28일

The course is not free even though the instructor says it is okay to audit for free but than locks the context of the course unless you make an upgrade for a certificate. I found it deceptive.

교육 기관: Lorrie C

2020년 12월 16일

This is not for someone vaguely familiar with Excel. The first quiz is ridiculous after telling you how he will walk step by step through every process to teach you. Seriously?!

교육 기관: Sriram.A

2020년 10월 11일

very bad

교육 기관: Bohdan Z

2020년 9월 15일

As the teacher of this course would say, the course is EXCELent! This is not my first course on Coursera, but definitely the BEST one so far! Someone mentioned that course requires some additional knowledge and I can say confidently that tips from tutor are enough to understand what is asked from you if you will read everything carefully. Also someone found it fast pasting (including explanations of teacher), but this made me like this course even more, because if you need time, you always able to pause/replay the video (that the greatness of online courses after all, noone hurrys up you), and you don't have to listen some information once and once again if you get it by the first time. The greatest part of this course is practice, lots of it. And it is interesting at the same time, because you see as example where you can later implement your gained knowledge. Plus, teacher explain difference of Excel versions and not "just advertise Excel 365" but doing quite oposite - he shows the way to solve a problem for EVERY versions of Excel (if possible) and you don't have to suffer by searching in the internet why something doesn't work in your version. Amazing! Big thanks to the creator of the course!!! It is an example for everyone how course should be created. Definetily recommend it to everyone (at least give it a try) and can't wait to start the next part!!!

교육 기관: Sarvesh M

2020년 10월 25일

This is the best Microsoft Office Excel course I have ever taken. I actually dived into the course and stayed in it for just 2 weeks and completed the course in just 2 weeks because the content of the course was much interesting and did not allow me to live a day without watching the screencasts of this course. This course is really great and contains all the required learning materials in-built. This course is beautifully designed by the instructor and the experience of learning was great. I did not know anything about excel before taking this course and this course did not require any prerequisite knowledge on excel. This course was amazing. I learnt a lot of new excel skills which I require for my future. I am really happy with this course. My big thanks to the instructor "Charlie Raymond Nuttleman" and the "University of Colorado" and the world's biggest learning platform, "Coursera".

교육 기관: David

2021년 5월 11일

This was an excellent course, taught by an instructor with an outstanding lesson plan. I was able to comprehend Charlie's videos, which were clearly explained, and the instructions were relatively easy to follow. The course allowed me to make mistakes and to learn from those mistakes, which enhanced my understanding of the course material. The quizzes and tests offered just the right amount of challenge for a beginning Excel course without being overwhelming. Anyone serious about learning Excel will definitely benefit from this course. I am excited about continuing with the second Excel course after taking a day or two break from studying.

교육 기관: Gwenda E S R

2020년 12월 5일

I learned a lot of new things. More then i ever learned in the office the past 15 years as I never had to use it. However if i knew some of these tricks I learned my work could have been more efficient and faster. I used to do so many things "manually" row by row. I did struggle with the algebra part and putting it into Excel syntax. It has been 20 years ago i did algebra! I really enjoyed the set up of the course and great professor. Additionally I could do it at my own pace. My first Coursera course and impressed. Thank you Mr. Nuttelman.

교육 기관: Joan M

2020년 10월 25일

I was auditing this course to learn a bit more about Excel. Some of it was beyond my needs and capabilities but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The course was well planned and Charlie Nuttelman is an excellent presenter who, in a relaxed way, was able to make difficult topics interesting and fun to learn about. His students are lucky.

After auditing the course, I registered to take it. The assignments were quite a struggle but learned a lot along the way and have just completed it. As per above, would give full marks to the teacher!