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In this course, you will learn foundations of financial accounting information. You will start your journey with a general overview of what financial accounting information is and the main financial statements. You will then learn how to code financial transactions in financial accounting language. In the meantime, you will learn about the most important concept in contemporary financial accounting: accrual accounting. You will then critically analyze how firms recognize revenues. Finally, you will finish the course with an analysis of accounting for short-term assets where you will go into detail on how firms account for accounts receivables and inventories. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: • Understand main financial statements and the financial information they provide • Write a financial transaction in financial accounting language and understand how this impacts main financial statements • Understand how accrual accounting and fundamental accounting concepts work • Understand revenue recognition principles and how they impact main financial statements • Account for accounts receivables and inventories. This course is part of the iMBA offered by the University of Illinois, a flexible, fully-accredited online MBA at an incredibly competitive price. For more information, please see the Resource page in this course and

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2017년 9월 3일

Though I have been through Intro Accounting some 3 or 4 times through different classes and seminars, I still found myself learning from this detailed and straight forward presentation of information.


2020년 6월 6일

The modules were extremely informative and nothing less to say, Oktay sir's presentations were very easy to understand even for a person like me who has no prior knowledge about Financial Accounting.

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Financial Accounting: Foundations의 919개 리뷰 중 1~25

교육 기관: Akash P

2019년 9월 26일

excellent course for beginners

Best Feature: Everything is explained with a real time example and the example is kept constant throughout the course reducing the ambiguity one may have

교육 기관: Anup B

2017년 9월 24일


교육 기관: Siti A F

2019년 2월 4일

Dedication and discipline is the key to completing the whole course. Course is arranged gradually and even though it is stated for beginner, you need to pay attention to the professor if you want to pass the tests. You cannot only rely on the PDFs. Great course, I felt extremely challenged. Thank you Univ. Illinois Urbana-Champaign for allowing me to experience world class education!

교육 기관: Antonio D

2017년 9월 4일

Though I have been through Intro Accounting some 3 or 4 times through different classes and seminars, I still found myself learning from this detailed and straight forward presentation of information.

교육 기관: bao t

2019년 3월 18일

This course is worth taking for those who don't know much about accounting. I learned a lot through this course how to work on financial statements. Highly recommend it for everyone

교육 기관: Yee P F

2017년 3월 8일

Very structured and easy understanding course content. It is a good start to pick up Financial Accounting Basic by watching each videos and work on the quizzes. Thumbs up!

교육 기관: Sachin P X

2018년 9월 17일

The course is presented in a very structured manner. The lessons are easy to understand and regular practice assignments help in internalizing the concepts learnt.

교육 기관: Josemartin C

2019년 4월 12일

The course was great. I learned a lot about accounting basics that will help me to better understand more complex situations. Thank you, Coursera. Thanks to our professor and those who helped to make this course.

교육 기관: Justine C

2018년 2월 28일

Great Financial Accounting course for beginners. I enjoyed the practice quizzes after each instructional video and will recommend this course to friends. Thank you!

교육 기관: Alele W

2018년 11월 19일

Great information. As a non-accountant professional, this course has been extremely helpful with real practical accounting principles that I can apply at work.

교육 기관: Emi K

2019년 7월 14일

This course helped me get my head around topics I never thought I would master. I am incredibly grateful for this course. I am now excited by the challenges of financial accounting -- something I never thought I would be.

교육 기관: Salman H

2017년 8월 20일

The course material is very good and it is well described by lecturer. Although , in my opinion case studies and more comprehensive quizzes and assignments for transactions recording will make it more understandable.

교육 기관: Luis E N

2019년 7월 6일

Excelent course and very charismatic teacher!! This course helped me to cover some holes in my accounting formation. Also was a good chance to explore accounting under US GAAP ( i work in a IFRS envioroment)

교육 기관: Venka P C

2018년 9월 11일

Excellent course from Professor. Oktay Urcan . He simplified this complex content and arranged it in a logical format to make it appear quite easy. Well worth taking this class.

교육 기관: Gyani

2017년 11월 4일

I enjoyed this course. The course content has been designed quite well, it explains the accounting fundamentals quite well and offers assignments and quizzes which further help you to sharpen your knowledge.

교육 기관: Cristian F M Q

2017년 7월 30일

It is an excellent course which give you a strong accounting base. One of the most important emphasis is the right way to record difficult accounts and its accounting treatment. I am highly satisfaied.

교육 기관: Kevin F

2019년 9월 5일

Great foundations course. Highly recommend completing the worksheets on your own before watching solutions video as it helps ensure material retention.

교육 기관: Shiming S

2017년 3월 11일

This is a very useful course for me on my job, for the property insurance claim requires me to understand what the balance sheets are talking about

교육 기관: Yasin A

2017년 9월 23일

This course covers all basic aspects of financial accounting. The modules are concise, brief and to the point. The lecturer, Prof. Oktay Urcan, is teaching perfectly. I appreciate all parties for providing with this unique opportunity.

교육 기관: Jafed E G

2019년 7월 6일

I enjoy the lectures. The professor has a good speaking and teaching style which keeps me interested. Lots of concrete math examples which make it easier to understand. Very good slides which are well formulated and easy to understand

교육 기관: Dmytro A

2018년 8월 5일

It was perfect course for me to understand what financial accounting is. I am from post Soviet Union country, so we pay much more attention to Accounting, not to Finance. But I need more of the Finance in my future job and education.

교육 기관: Oleksandra G

2019년 1월 10일

Extremely helpful, easy to understand explanations, enough examples to memorize all the new information. The methods of explanation were really effective for me. Many questions I had got answered in this course. Thank you!

교육 기관: Mannit T

2018년 1월 30일

The course is very well planned and taught. I'm from non finance background and was yet able to understand the all the concepts. This course might as well be helpful for refreshers. Really enjoyed the course.

교육 기관: Todd J F

2018년 3월 5일

Good overview and the course is really easy to go through. Works well on home computer as well as my iPhone so completing the course was easy and convenient.

교육 기관: Cody C

2017년 12월 31일

This course is delivered in a very professional manner. The instructor is very direct, to the point with clear cut examples that help facilitate learning.