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FinTech Risk Management, 홍콩과학기술대학

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About this Course

This course “FinTech Risk Management” help you understand risk management and corporate governance in finance industry with the disruption by FinTech and RegTech. You will become more confident to analyse and make recommendations to develop business strategies balancing the risks in operation, reputation and the stability of finance firms. You will learn about new challenges of compliance with financial requirements and government regulations and how you can deal with these changes, strategies in analysing FinTech risk and how operation risks increase in finance industry in this changing environment. As tech firms are now becoming more like finance firms such as Alibaba, Apple, and Tencent etc., you will learn about the importance of IT compliance and assurance and practical skills in dealing with these changes....

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대학: SK

Oct 22, 2018

Great course for Basel Regulatory consultants and banking C level leaders.\n\nThank you..

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7개의 리뷰

대학: Ahmed Ashfaq

Apr 12, 2019

Love it.

대학: Iris Soliman

Feb 16, 2019

Eye-opening MOOC on what is clearly a game changer of our times...Congrats to the team

대학: Fabian P. Lehner

Feb 09, 2019

High speed learning module ;). But I like it

대학: Fajar Ardhi Haqi

Jan 21, 2019

its Great!!

대학: Walter

Dec 26, 2018

Pretty good. Lots of details.

대학: Partha Sinha

Nov 27, 2018

Interesting and a good overview of the subject

대학: Srinivasan Kanniah

Oct 22, 2018

Great course for Basel Regulatory consultants and banking C level leaders.

Thank you..