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Managing a company in the food and beverage industry is a fascinating task. Food and beverage products are so deeply rooted in the culture of most countries that making and selling them is not only a matter of making and selling good and tasty products, but products that nurture people's body, soul, and heart. Given this, it's not difficult to see that the task quickly becomes complex. The objective of this course is twofold: first, we will focus on contemporary challenges that managers and entrepreneurs in food and beverage businesses should be able to face; and second, we will provide models and tools to design and implement appropriate courses of action to satisfy customers and build an advantage over the competition. This course is made up of four modules and an introduction, each exploring one dilemma that food and beverage companies face. You will be presented with a set of video lectures and guest speakers. These lectures combine an accessible introduction to specific topics integrated with interviews of managers and experts that will give precious insights and examples to the participants. To enhance your learning experience with us, we will make a Documentary on the Excellences of the Modena District available for you, which is in a format that we have developed specifically for this course in order to give you the chance to experience first-hand the territory as our on-campus students usually do. Each module is paired with an evaluated quiz and weekly discussion forums to reflect on the variety of the F&B world, its complexity, and the power of the network that we will build together during the course. Successful completion of the quizzes is required for a course certificate as explained in the Grading Policy. Below the guest speakers of the course: Masterchef Italia Sky – Nils Hartmann, Head of Movie Channels at Sky Italia – Eataly - Paolo Bongiovanni, Marketing Director Italy – Berlucchi – Paolo Ziliani, Owner – Joia Restaurant – Alta Cucina Naturale – Pietro Leemann, Owner and Chef – Branca – Nicolò Branca, Owner – Barilla – Giuseppe Morici, President Region Europe – Proyecto Expo 2015 Chile – Guillermo Ariztia, Chile Pavillon Director – Winery Il Cavallante, Milano – Sergio Morpurgo, Owner Heineken – Floris Cobelens, Marketing Director – TRDN – Martin Oetting, Managing Director – GROM – Federico Grom, Owner and Founder – Tetra Pak – Matthew Hatton, Director Competitor Intelligence – BioHombre – Matteo Panini, CEO – Acetaia Maletti – Carmen & Claudio Maletti Cantine Riunite & CIV – Vanni Lusetti, CEO; Francesca Benini, Sales & Marketing Manager; Elena Lottici, Export Manager; Mario Vandi, Brand Manager – GlemGas – Marco Guerzoni, Program Product Manager – Bibendum Catering – LaFranceschetta58 – Sabrina Lazzereschi & Marta Pulini, Owners and Founders – , DISCLAIMER - Since most of the videos are conducted with those whose native language is not English, we have decided to sometimes preserve their more emphatic speech to keep a tighter match between the audio and the subtitles....

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2022년 7월 31일

It's not easy, but it shouldn't be. If you go in with the intent to learn with interest in the subject. You will learn a lot. More than I thought I would. I'm a little sad that it is coming to an end.


2020년 9월 12일

Very interesting introductory course to food & beverage management. Clear setup and interesting topics. ALso, the interviews with guest speakers are very interesting and relate to the topics covered.

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교육 기관: Odilie B Z

2017년 9월 12일

I enjoyed the course and got inspired with it! I found the interviews with the managers or owners of the F&B companies probably the more interesting part. But also the video lectures by Proff. Troilo as well as the summaries were clear and well structured. Just 2 comments further: 1. I found a bit "boring" the background for the first video deliveries, while at the end of the program there were sooo inspiring! he landscapes and the visits in Italy! (maybe it's because 'Io amo la Italia' :) 2. I'd have called the course F&B Marketing (rather than F&B Management). All in all an outstanding! Grazie mille!

교육 기관: Olena B

2016년 1월 13일

Amazing course! I enjoy every video, every interview. Professor is cool, a professional . I like that you provided not only the theory itself, but also informative slides, interviews with so interesting people, plus gave/showed visual examples. Videos are of great length (not too long, not too short), information is valuable and only on business. I had a great , kinda , customer experience studying your lectures)) And its more than lectures, its a joy.

Thank you for your job!

교육 기관: Taoreed B

2018년 7월 16일

I want to sincerely thank Coursera for this wonderful experience with this course. I have really learnt alot when it come to Brand and marketing as far as Food and Beverage Service is concerned. Now i will use all the tricks, clues and know-how from this course not only to the food and beverage service only but in all my life endeavors. once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

교육 기관: YING Z

2019년 3월 31일

interesting content,provide student with clear explanation on some fundamental marketing knowledge. great insight into food and beverage industry, the lecturer has strong accent, but it's ok with subtitle.

교육 기관: sahai c

2019년 2월 1일

I love this because they give me many experiences for market. So i want another ones the same i done before. Thank you!

교육 기관: José L

2018년 12월 25일

Excelente curso, totalmente recomendado pero ojo, leer bien para que es y razonen para que lo van a ocupar.

교육 기관: Ghe d J

2019년 3월 5일

Its like that I have enrolled on a top shool university. I wish I could go to

Bocconi University someday.

교육 기관: Cornelius O O

2019년 1월 7일

It was an interesting moment, the lectures, video was concise and understanding. It's a good work done.

교육 기관: Gorgos C

2019년 1월 16일

I hope i will be very helpful!

교육 기관: Lei Z

2019년 3월 30일

very useful

교육 기관: Adriana F d S

2018년 5월 20일


교육 기관: Oksana K

2017년 8월 11일

It is really interesting course. The one minus is that the "Professor" speaks a little bit strange English.. Some words sounds strange and false.. that´s why you should look sometimes into the subtitles to understand what has he meant.

교육 기관: Francesco F

2020년 4월 21일

Extremely theoretical, not a lot of case studies. Recommended for those who do not have sales & marketing background and want to learn more about it. Not very useful for experience professionals already working in this business.

교육 기관: Eric J

2020년 8월 5일

Worst food course I have taken by far. Information is too repetitive like the other courses I have taken. Instructor just say the words and nothing else. It is sometimes more an opinion than the actual fact. To many videos and interviews are unnecessary and should be cut off. Execution is very poorly done and could have been better. The instructor killed my enthusiasm in week 3 where I got really bored. Instructor shows no enthusiasm and just explains word by word. I give this course a 1 star out of 5.

교육 기관: Michał P K

2021년 5월 25일

The course was well structured and easily to follow. I identified very few shortcomings.

I would like to mention the following elements:

* Very useful and very well done (clear, to the point) downloadable presentations for each week!

* Clear videos in understandable English enriched by interviews

* Some interviews very interesting e.g. concerning the concept of the vegetarian Michelin restaurant, some much less, in terms of limited marketing knowledge shared by the person who was interviewed e.g. sparkling wine company, interviews not in English were not easy to follow

* I did not understand the concept of Pinterest Boards to which linked were made available

* Some links provided thought the course are outdated (YouTube videos no longer available)

교육 기관: JeanLeeUCL

2020년 7월 23일

This course is so intriguing and exciting to me. It is fantastic to learn more in-depth about something I meet everyday. I would like to say, this course is really an eyeopener for me in the Food and Beverage sector. I am a MBA student, who is determined to contribute to the plant-based diet in the future. And I got deeply inspired by the material and content of the lectures. And the way they are presented are enjoyable. What's more, the people participated in the videos are so charming. But, there are too few female involve in. I wish I can see more, if this course is about to upgrade some day. Thank you very much for whoever make this course available to me.

교육 기관: Dominique P S

2020년 2월 28일

Un corso interessantissimo, strutturato in maniera seria, completa ed esaustiva. E' stata una vera sfida personale, ero assente dalle aule da ben 40 anni. Il corso, prevalentemente in lingua inglese è stato altresì un mettermi alla prova dal punto di vista linguistico. Doppio impegno per me, ma un'enorme soddisfazione. Ora vado avanti, vado oltre, anche in inglese. Grazie di cuore per questa opportunità che mi è stata offerta e complimenti a Voi.

교육 기관: Adalis F

2018년 9월 30일

I'm so satisfied with the content of this lessons , it is a brief of every single point that matter to start doing business is this area. For me that already have experience of international marketing , It has been perfect to know more specific details and It already is giving me some good ideas to start to introduce my products in Spain, Italy , Germany and France.

THANKS Prof. Gabriele Troilo you are a fantastic professor.

교육 기관: Laura T

2019년 11월 10일

This course is clearly structured with inspiring best practice examples, an engaging professor and interesting additonal content. It refers to crucial issues for F&B businesses and helped me a lot to understand this industry in a deeper way. I can highly recommend to take this course as it will enrich your knowledge and provide great insights into the challenges of successful F&B companies.

교육 기관: Luis F L

2017년 10월 24일

Great course, with great interviews with experts in the F&B industry. I would recomend it for anyone. It also povides you with some insight in basic key-concepts in management and market, in case you, like myself, are not familiarized with this vocabulary. Great explanations and real-life examples. 100% enjoyable. I had a great time and learned a lot.

교육 기관: Rafael P d L

2018년 3월 18일

A great course for anyone related to the hospitality industry, it covers key subjects in a professional and updated manner, complemented with interesting interviews with top industry executives. The professor in charge is a perfect narrator and guide.

I learned many concepts and inspired me to review the existing strategy and focus of my business

교육 기관: Cristina T

2016년 9월 29일

The professor, the explanations, the video lectures, slides, graphics, examples and interviews helped me to understand what is F&B management. The units were very well organized and the topics were very well explained. The course gave enormous pleasure from the beginning to the end. Loved! Thanks for everyone that worked hard to make this course.

교육 기관: Viktor P

2018년 1월 10일

For the most part it was great. Plenty of learning options available from plain reading of the presentations slides to the actual videos. The questions on the quiz might need some work since the language at times is ambiguous and imprecise. However, overall I am very pleased with the course for F&B and Marketing information in general. Thank you

교육 기관: Oscar G

2020년 4월 13일

It was a very nice course, touching topics that can be applied to work from the smallest restaurant to big food corporations and distributor. It really gives you a great overview of the whole food and beverage industry, and the different interactions that with the market that as a manager are good to know. I see myself applying this knowledge.

교육 기관: Francesco G

2017년 3월 10일

I've been working for almost 10 years in finance in an international F&B company and I think this course has been really helpfull for me as helped to fix lots of concepts I faced in my professional life from a theoretical and objective point of view. Very nice readings, attachements and interviews. Congratulations to prof. Troilo and Bocconi!