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Popularized by movies such as "A Beautiful Mind," game theory is the mathematical modeling of strategic interaction among rational (and irrational) agents. Beyond what we call `games' in common language, such as chess, poker, soccer, etc., it includes the modeling of conflict among nations, political campaigns, competition among firms, and trading behavior in markets such as the NYSE. How could you begin to model keyword auctions, and peer to peer file-sharing networks, without accounting for the incentives of the people using them? The course will provide the basics: representing games and strategies, the extensive form (which computer scientists call game trees), Bayesian games (modeling things like auctions), repeated and stochastic games, and more. We'll include a variety of examples including classic games and a few applications. You can find a full syllabus and description of the course here: There is also an advanced follow-up course to this one, for people already familiar with game theory: You can find an introductory video here:

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2017년 5월 16일

Great ! Interesting and abound at the same time. Hope Professors will clarify the strategic utility function more clearly because it's hard for students with poor math basic(forget most><) right now!

2019년 1월 26일

Excellent course for beginners. Problem sets are very creative. No more further resources needed. I found this course specially useful if the purpose is to apply Game Theory in other disciplines.

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교육 기관: Nick L

2020년 3월 22일

Great class to learn to basics of game theory and introduction into the more advanced concepts. Excellent professors!

교육 기관: Saurav P

2019년 6월 23일

Awesome course that allows you to adjust the learning period as per your convenience. Very useful for busy scholars.

교육 기관: Anderson T

2016년 10월 2일

Excellent course from top researchers of this field. Classes are concise and lecturers' teaching skills are strong.

교육 기관: Queenchiku N

2020년 7월 3일

I learned so much. It was very challenging and I will continue reviewing in depth of the various games. Thank you!

교육 기관: Yuan C

2019년 2월 23일

It shows me what courses could look like for Graduate students. It is a very challenging and enriching experience.

교육 기관: NIJDAT H

2019년 11월 21일

the content offered by coursera for Game theory is very imformative and helpful ,

5 stars for the course and quiz.

교육 기관: taoism_wang

2018년 8월 26일

I like this course although it costs me a lot of extra time to digest what teachers taught in the course. Thanks.

교육 기관: Robin D Z

2017년 5월 1일

Lecturers are great. They really explain clearly what is it all about. The structure of the course is also great.

교육 기관: Michael K

2018년 9월 29일

Excellent course. The instructors have designed a thoughtful course which should help anybody learn game theory.

교육 기관: wuxiangting

2017년 5월 29일

Thanks for the excellent course. It is better to add more example in the reference materials to help understand.

교육 기관: Gilles W

2017년 7월 20일

Great initiation course. I was totally ignorant before and now I feel I have a good understanding of the basis.

교육 기관: Pablo P S

2021년 1월 8일

Excellent course, I would say it's a graduate level course covering the most important topics in game theory.

교육 기관: Chenchen L

2019년 1월 18일

This course has helped me a lot and is my introductory course on game theory. I have benefited a lot from it.

교육 기관: Siripong M

2017년 10월 15일

Very useful knowledge. Thank you for contribution from professors and future meaningful work to come. Cheers!

교육 기관: Aditya S

2021년 3월 23일

Only the audio sometimes so small and inconsistent. But, the other is awesome I really understand the study.

교육 기관: Sharath R

2018년 11월 15일

In depth intro to Game Theory. Its gonna take some time and effort to fully comprehend and that is worth it.

교육 기관: Emmanuel O

2019년 6월 26일

Great Course! Though it requires patience and constant study if you have no prior knowledge of Game Theory.

교육 기관: Kunyi W

2018년 3월 2일

Quite logical, informative and useful.

It proves a series of structured model to deal with daily decisions.

교육 기관: Miguel L B L

2018년 2월 24일

Good option for beginers in Game Theory. Very clear lectures and the assignments are enough challenging.

교육 기관: Rajesh M

2016년 10월 4일

Very useful to understand the concepts and practice related problems associated with game theory. Cool !

교육 기관: Aashish K

2017년 6월 17일

Definitely a course I would recommend for people with all backgrounds in mathematics and/or economics.

교육 기관: Felippe P d S

2021년 5월 30일

Exceptional introduction to the subject, with a good balance between general concepts and deep dives.

교육 기관: Christian E L O

2016년 10월 9일

Es un curso recomendable para adquirir intuición de los conceptos más elementales de teoría de juegos

교육 기관: 종원 황

2018년 4월 29일

Compactly and concisely organized to show the application of cutting-edge knowledge of game theory

교육 기관: Marco P

2020년 5월 22일

Great course. It would be interesting to know something more about utility estimation techniques.