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Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure introduces important concepts and terminology for working with Google Cloud. Through videos and hands-on labs, this course presents and compares many of Google Cloud's computing and storage services, along with important resource and policy management tools....

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2020년 5월 9일

Thank you so much for this amazing interactive course. I enjoyed every part for improvement suggestions please consider increasing the lab projects' time a bit so that students can be on less pressure


2017년 6월 1일

This course is useful for those who wants to explorer google cloud platform

e.g: what database engine should I use?

what is more cost efficient for our application, Compute engine or App engine

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2018년 9월 29일


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2018년 12월 9일


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2022년 1월 4일


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2021년 5월 31일


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2021년 4월 17일


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2021년 1월 6일


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2020년 12월 30일


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2020년 5월 30일


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2020년 5월 17일


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2020년 5월 9일


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2020년 2월 7일


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2020년 1월 2일


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2019년 9월 14일


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2022년 6월 21일


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2020년 11월 5일


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2020년 9월 15일


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2020년 2월 7일


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2020년 1월 23일



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2018년 10월 26일


교육 기관: Putri K C

2022년 4월 1일



2018년 10월 21일


교육 기관: Simon L

2021년 12월 3일

If you have to come out of the Deployment Manager and Stackdriver Lab for any reason, make sure you completely close ALL browsers as the Lab will try to use the old credentials. First attempt I had to abandon due to time issues. Second attempt, I kept getting permission errors (due to 'stale' credentials). Third attempt, I followed everything to the letter but when creating the VM instance, it generated an error. I tried to create it again but it said it could not create an existing instance. I went to verify the instance and it wasn't there. There is no documentation on the course as to how you can proceed from there. Almost 2 hours spent solely on the Lab and haven't got past the first 'Check my progress'.

교육 기관: Roy J

2018년 12월 29일

Some instructions are not accurate or was created using a different UI layout in mind. The google labs sometimes opens new Beta UI by default and this is very confusing to someone new to GCP and will most likely get errors. Also there is a certain bug that I encountered

1) Google always asks for SMS verification whenever I try to create a lab (only when using my laptop that I originally used in the Philippines. Now I am in San Diego)

2) Eventually after a few days aside from asking for SMS verification it suddenly challenges me to RECOVER the auto generated qwiklabs account, which is impossible. This unpredictable and unexplained took me twice the time I needed to finish the Courses.

교육 기관: Werner B

2020년 1월 31일

The content would be very interesting, but:

The speakers are boring and artificial. The hand posture and gestures of the woman are inappropriate. Like a teacher from 50 years ago!

I've never seen anything like it. In comparison, my absolute favourite is Ian Harris from Golang Course. He imparts the knowledge with body and soul and it is a joy to watch.

I had to choose between GCP and AWS; you have to specialize in something. It became AWS.

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