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Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure introduces important concepts and terminology for working with Google Cloud. Through videos and hands-on labs, this course presents and compares many of Google Cloud's computing and storage services, along with important resource and policy management tools....

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2020년 5월 9일

Thank you so much for this amazing interactive course. I enjoyed every part for improvement suggestions please consider increasing the lab projects' time a bit so that students can be on less pressure


2019년 7월 25일

I really think this is a good way to get people that hasn't had interaction with GCP before on track, but it also is of really good use for regular users to discover more capabilities of the platform

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Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure의 7,497개 리뷰 중 301~325

교육 기관: M.Pavankumar R

2019년 1월 20일

Leaps and bounds better than the previous iteration of the same course. qwiki is the killer feature which exemplifies the advantages of cloud learnt in this course - abstract away unnecessary housekeeping work :).

교육 기관: Phyo T K

2020년 4월 13일

I love the content. I love how the Google instructors from the videos talk with passion and pride about the Google Services. I really enjoyed the course. I got to know some of what I want to learn about Goooogle.

교육 기관: vishal m

2019년 8월 25일

content and its delivery was excellent and precise; the good part was the scenarios and the use cases were also explained; the module on kubernetes was fast imo; a little fast pace for a week. overall excellent.

교육 기관: Pulkit S

2020년 3월 1일

Thanks for this amazing course. It was very informative for a beginner like me, learned the basics of google cloud infrastructure. Also thanks to the teachers for explaining everything from basic theory to labs.

교육 기관: Untitled W

2018년 4월 26일

This week 1 course gives a walk through of the functions GCP provides.

Besides, this course also gives a hands on experience with some of the GCP features.

Recommend for everyone who is interested in Cloud Tech.

교육 기관: Kendall A D R

2020년 7월 5일

Muy bueno el curso, si estuviera en idioma hablado en español seria ideal, hay vídeos que no contienen traducción y en los cuestionarios se complica un poco la interpretaciones de las preguntas y/o respuestas.

교육 기관: Ujwal U K

2019년 5월 27일

Well curated content to clear the basics of cloud offerings and services available in GCP. Well designed lab sessions as well to provide good hands-on for utilizing various services and implement applications.

교육 기관: David G G

2021년 12월 13일

This is a good start point to get involved into GCP platforms. Although, it only gives you a general idea about all the available services and you need to choose an specialization for your next steps on GCP .

교육 기관: Marcelo R P

2019년 9월 1일

Un curso muy entretenido y dinámico, sin duda alguna coursera esta lejos del resto de las plataformas de aprendizaje, generando buen contenido y asociado con google para brindar talleres prácticos en la nube.

교육 기관: Karlos k

2018년 9월 5일

-indepth details about google's core services - This drilled down not just into the services but why you use particulars services in particular use cases. The required labs made it hands on fun and engaging.

교육 기관: Christopher T

2020년 3월 17일

Challenging for myself at times, since I am not a developer and more of a project manager. I found this rewarding to me, revisiting skills I had not used in awhile and also learning new ones for the future.

교육 기관: Anastasis Z

2020년 3월 2일

This course was very inclusive of all of the parts of the Google Cloud Platform. it made sure to give the right amount of attention to all of the areas that are needed for software and application developers

교육 기관: Manesh R

2019년 9월 3일

Excellent course material. I loved it learning by watching videos, reading content pdf files and I can repetitively watch the content if i have any doubts in some topics. Good work and thanks for great help.

교육 기관: Hannan A

2021년 10월 12일

This is a wonderful and practical course, and instructors explain everything in a very calm manner. I am excited to use Google Cloud in real world and help build petabyte scale applications just like Google

교육 기관: Stefan B

2020년 12월 20일

There are a few (mostly minor) inconsistencies between the lab instructions and the actual GCP console UI. However, the labs are manageable and the GCP console UI is very intuitive and excellently designed.

교육 기관: Alfonso P L

2019년 7월 20일

It's a good course to introduce in GPF. If I have to say something to fix is that some screens have changed a lot compared to those in the tutorial, and sometimes is difficult to locate the options refered.

교육 기관: Tufan N

2019년 7월 18일

This course gives the best real-life knowledge of GCP. It gives us the idea how to study and understand the concepts of GCP and also makes us feel like we can make our future in the area of cloud computing.

교육 기관: Saurabh P

2019년 5월 26일

A great course covering all the GCP fundamentals. A great starter for someone looking out to start their journey in GCP and aim to achieve GCP Professional Cloud Architect certification. Highly recommended.

교육 기관: Luis E G

2019년 2월 21일

Excellent a must have in order to deep dive into what GCP can offer, even if you are just learning for more advanced different areas this gives you a great overview of all possibilities you can get from GCP

교육 기관: Troy C

2017년 2월 17일

I found this extremely helpful in understanding what Google has to offer, even after taking this last year there is so much new content to update me.. I am excited to continue with the rest of this course.

교육 기관: Ryan T W

2020년 11월 1일

Provides a high level overview of GCP services and their capabilities. It is a good starter if you are new to GCP environment, and easy to catch on if you are familiar with any other major cloud provider.

교육 기관: Akhilesh K I

2020년 5월 28일

The course was really informative for the most part. It covered all the fundamentals really well and in great depth. However, I felt that some of them could have had more breadth covered along with depth.

교육 기관: Francisco C

2020년 5월 3일

Es mi primera vez en Coursera, y puedo decir que estoy facisnado de la ensenanza y toda la metatica del curso, estoy emocionado, puedo esperar por los otros dos cursos, muchas gracias. #Google y #Coursera

교육 기관: Sean

2019년 6월 27일

The course has questions that seemed to test my knowledge of course material. Although there is a lot of material to be covered, I hope that this course prepares me sufficiently for the GCP certification.

교육 기관: Andreea D L

2017년 11월 11일

I wanted an overview of the cloud services offered by Google and this course offered just that. I now understand the different platforms offered by Google and the advantages and disadvantages of each one.