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What do paintings tell us about sex? How is art gendered? In this course we will study some of the world’s most beloved pictures guided by expert curators and art historians who step outside of the square, bringing a gendered reading to the masterpieces contained in the magnificent collections that we have been lucky enough to bring to the Coursera platform. In this course you will learn how: * Gender and sexuality is an integral part of the production and reception of works of art * To increase your understanding of paintings through theories of gender and sexuality * To understand key terms from gender-related theories of art history and museology * To recognise the operation of what is termed ‘the gaze’ and how it works in relation to paintings * Ideas about gender and sexuality can productively be employed in theorising art curatorial practices * To take the initiative in relating theoretical ideas about gender and sexuality to the reading and display of art and visual cultures. View the MOOC promotional video here:

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2021년 5월 20일

Thanks for the opportunity of this course which was interesting and very well presented .The single inconvenience was Quiz # 9 which was not only difficult but very chaotic to understand and follow.


2020년 5월 29일

Very interesting and complete -a great window into several art galleries (especially now, during the context of COVID-19!), styles, personalities and iconic works of art.

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Sexing the Canvas: Art and Gender의 92개 리뷰 중 76~92

교육 기관: Christie

2017년 7월 21일

This is a stimulating and accessible course that challenges your thinking. I appreciated how it had such global and historical outlooks, casting a net wide across the globe and including pre-20th-century and contemporary works of art. The questions asked pricked one's curiosity.

교육 기관: Likhitha B

2017년 7월 1일

The gradual depiction of gender since conventions were flouted and refinements textured was portrayed brilliantly from the pastoral paintings to Indigent 21st century works.

교육 기관: Caroline M

2021년 9월 30일

I found this course very interesting, especially the content of Week 9, which was fascinating and has encouraged me to research more on Australian Indigenous Art.

교육 기관: Kristen H

2017년 5월 17일

Very interesting content and insights. I would have liked a bit more of an intro on gender theory and concepts relating to art before jumping into the artwork.

교육 기관: James S

2017년 1월 27일

Good course. Coming from a traditional art historical context/content. Which is still a very valuable methodology in this age of "Visual Culture"! Thank you.

교육 기관: Linda B

2021년 7월 23일

This course gave a comprehensive survey of issues relating to women and art. I loved the choice of artists and the historical context.

교육 기관: Márcia B

2017년 5월 4일

It is an great course with an amazing content!

The only problem is that sometimes it gets extremely monotonous =/

교육 기관: Margaret S C

2016년 10월 1일

Very well illustrated and organized course. Points made very clearly. Good learning experience.

교육 기관: Dionne L

2020년 1월 6일

Enjoyed this course, in particular the section on Indigenous art.

교육 기관: Zélie L

2017년 8월 16일

Great course, with very fine details.

교육 기관: Silvia S

2020년 10월 10일

Very interesting I learnt a lot .

교육 기관: Jiayu Z

2017년 7월 16일


교육 기관: Francisco L

2019년 8월 8일

Mi idea sobre el curso al parecer estaba sobrevalorada, en el tiempo que lo he seguido he encontrado muy flojos los videos y el contenido en general y detalles muy molestos. Las introducciones a los videos duran 1,30 minutos, duración exagerada como introduccion a un video de duración 5 minutos de media. Las manchas negruzcas como de tinta en los videos entorpecen, tapan lo que se quiere mostrar y por tanto son molestas y torpes. Lo siento porque el contenido era muy interesante pero a mi juicio muy mal planificado.

교육 기관: -

2016년 4월 25일

Some interesting lessons, yet a rather boring presentation as most faculty were reading their scripts, or seemed nearly jet-lagged in some lessons. Sound recording is sometimes also perfectible (echo due to large museum room).

One may also take into consideration that the perspective given in the course is a bit "Australian-centric". I should have expected this as the course came from the University of Melbourne, but I have the feeling that some courses on Coursera feel a bit more "global"...

교육 기관: Eduardo L V

2020년 6월 16일

All the content is great, the course is really well designed interesting, maybe some times I wished for more technical information rather that someones opinions but that's just me, the reason I give it 3 stars is the lecturers, a course or two on how to engage an audience wold not do any harm.

교육 기관: Deon M

2016년 6월 14일

Very good information with a fantastic understanding of the variety of artists. However, I almost dreaded logging in to watch the lectures; they were often boring me to tears. Were this information presented in a more engaging way, this review would be much higher.

교육 기관: Caroline F

2016년 12월 28일

Superinteresting subject, but since I did not have access to all the literature through the website I was not able to finish it unfortunatly