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To acquire an understanding of the fundamental concepts of genomics and biotechnology, and their implications for human biology, evolution, medicine, social policy and individual life path choices in the 21st century....

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2021년 4월 27일

Very good and more informative course, this course has a brief explanation for each and every topic. Lectures are very interesting to listen. Thank you so much for accepted my financial aid learning.

2016년 8월 25일

Broad spectrum over view useful to beginners as well as advanced learners. would have loved to be able to download slides along with Transcripts for later revision , Thank you UMCP and the Faculty !

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Genes and the Human Condition (From Behavior to Biotechnology)의 196개 리뷰 중 51~75

교육 기관: Kinzang C

2021년 6월 14일

It was a very great course and I would love to do more courses like this. I recommend this course to all of you if you are really interested in science.

교육 기관: ita r

2020년 8월 26일

It was an eye-opener and i loved every topic treated .The instructors were just perfect .I recommend for all science students and lovers of science .

교육 기관: Chandrasekar R

2020년 7월 31일

A very interesting course that is useful to students of Biotechnology but is approachable even if you don't have a background in genetics.

교육 기관: Milan P

2020년 3월 1일

The course packed all the necessary information and provide a fun session of learning and providing a better understanding of the subject.

교육 기관: Thomas J H

2017년 3월 28일

An expansive survey with up-to-moment research info. Clears up many misconceptions about genetic engineering and biotech.

교육 기관: Jaroslav S

2015년 12월 28일

I just started this cours and I already like the way how the subjects are explain in simple and yet professional way.

교육 기관: Alex K

2021년 6월 12일

G​reat course for introduction into genetics, easy to understand even without any previous knowledge on this topic.

교육 기관: mohammed o r q

2020년 6월 8일

That was too helpful for my career and my knowledge. It helped me lot to achieve the latest knowledge for my career

교육 기관: Clara B V

2021년 4월 17일

Fantastic Course! I loved learning from both instructors and the material covered related perfectly to the course.

교육 기관: Sooraj B

2017년 10월 29일

I've quoted some things I learned in this class to others. Very informative. Simple. Concise. Very recommended.

교육 기관: Carine R L

2017년 8월 29일

excellent way of updating my general understanding of a field tat as evolved a great deal over the past decades

교육 기관: Shari S

2020년 4월 25일

I had a great experience learning through this course and now have a better understanding of Genes and Biology

교육 기관: Muhammad H R

2016년 11월 29일

I learned a lot from this course. It clears the basic concepts of genetics likewise instructors are also good.

교육 기관: Olga G

2016년 8월 8일

This course is amazingly interesting and presented in a clear, achievable way. HUGE THANKS to the professors!

교육 기관: Alfonso C

2015년 11월 14일

My first step to know about DNA, epigenetic, human ancestors, and genetic engineering. This course was great!

교육 기관: Maryeme B

2021년 5월 15일

The amount of genetic knowledge in this course is incredibly stimulating. Thanks for the content creators!

교육 기관: Elvira A R L

2018년 5월 22일

I loved this course! It was perfect for people without much knowledge about genetics and Spanish speakers.

교육 기관: Mohammad A T

2019년 3월 22일

it was a wonderful experience i have learned a lot thanks HEC for providing this opportunity to students

교육 기관: Izhar u h

2015년 9월 19일

it enlighten me with extra information at molecular level and new interesting things. thanks to coursera

교육 기관: Ivan H

2016년 3월 23일

Very clear and concise. Excellent course. I learned a significant amount and would recommend to others.

교육 기관: Foley

2015년 10월 9일

The best coursera class I have taken! The instructor's passion for the material covered is contagious!

교육 기관: Mrinal V

2015년 8월 14일

Enjoyed every bit of it! Definitely a flow maker, enjoying and flaunting my verified certificate. :)

교육 기관: Molina H K R

2020년 11월 1일

Very complete and interesting course! It adress a lot of topics and provides a lot of great info!

교육 기관: Muhammad T I

2020년 3월 3일

The course provided advanced biotech techniques and knowledge I was lagging at my university.

교육 기관: Ahmed M m e

2020년 4월 21일

Thanks to everyone who has been there for create this work..

It's a great way for learning