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Introduction to Genetics and Evolution is a college-level class being offered simultaneously to new students at Duke University. The course gives interested people a very basic overview of some principles behind these very fundamental areas of biology. We often hear about new "genome sequences," commercial kits that can tell you about your ancestry (including pre-human) from your DNA or disease predispositions, debates about the truth of evolution, why animals behave the way they do, and how people found "genetic evidence for natural selection." This course provides the basic biology you need to understand all of these issues better, tries to clarify some misconceptions, and tries to prepare students for future, more advanced coursework in Biology (and especially evolutionary genetics). No prior coursework is assumed....

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2020년 5월 28일

I recommend this course for someone who is interested in learning of basics of population genetics and evolutionary processes. Prof. Noor is a very good teacher and I like his explanation of concepts.

2017년 7월 3일

The course is really interesting! I love the way the professor demonstrate genetics theories by countless examples and evidence. And those questions about debates in genetics are thought-provoking!

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Introduction to Genetics and Evolution의 341개 리뷰 중 326~341

교육 기관: Eylül K

2017년 7월 20일

A perfect beginning for evolution, helps a lot, thank you!


2020년 9월 29일

Very nice course, it gives a immense knowlegde

교육 기관: Colin R

2020년 8월 19일

Very informative and well paced in its lessons

교육 기관: Anjali S D o B

2021년 8월 19일

Very nice course and interesting topics!

교육 기관: Emome T

2020년 9월 29일

Thank you sir for making genetics fun.

교육 기관: Rocío C

2020년 5월 5일

it was interesting, but very long!!

교육 기관: Shahzeb A

2020년 8월 7일

lovely course

교육 기관: Tejaswini R

2020년 6월 8일

good course

교육 기관: SHRUTI Y

2021년 10월 26일


교육 기관: BEGIN

2016년 2월 1일

The content of the class is very nice. It gives a nice overview on genetics, and it was made accessible to many of us. Also, Mohamed Noor is very enthusiastic, and provides a lot of nice examples to illustrate the course. However, I think some parts of the class were a little bit dizorganized. For instance, I was sometimes confused by the vocabulary or the variable notations which are not always clear.

교육 기관: Keri B

2016년 1월 27일

quite good

교육 기관: УО 2

2020년 9월 14일


교육 기관: Yusuf M A

2021년 9월 25일

Boring and the quizzes are extremely hard.

교육 기관: Dawn R

2020년 7월 30일

You have to be a mathematician major to understand anything passed the second week. I dropped. This super fast talking guy seems to enjoy hearing himself talk. Maybe I am simple minded, but this course made me proud of that. His passion gets in the way of his ability to actually teach.

The only thing I learned is that if you have to retake his exams, the actual answers change meanings.

Also, according to his lessons, I am green colorblind. That is ridiculous. Emerald is my favorite gemstone.

Also, just because a woman is attractive according to him, doesn't mean that she is the only type of woman worthy of a husband. I think he talks before he thinks.

교육 기관: Elizabeth J

2021년 8월 17일

cannot purchase certificate after completing the full course

교육 기관: Nur A A P

2020년 7월 6일

Contents lack in-depth compared to assessment.