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Learn about the best environmental technologies for a sustainable development and how they are managed in various settings around the world. This course gives you an opportunity to learn about global trends that influence our environment and the living conditions and how different management systems and approaches that are used around the world to manage the environment. This includes current environmental technologies built for the environment and technologies for sustainable soil management, groundwater protection methods and integrated Water resources management....

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2020년 11월 3일

I really like this course. As I have to review other peers, I have learned other countries situation/ problem without the need of traveling. I really recommend people to join this course, it is worth.


2017년 1월 9일

I've learned a great deal from the course. Thanks for putting together these valuable insights and gathered so many experts in effectively delivering the course. Kudos to the team of DTU and Coursera.

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Global Environmental Management의 441개 리뷰 중 51~75

교육 기관: Monica Q

2017년 1월 20일

I really liked the structure of this course and the content was very clear and precise to understand. I want to thank all the professors that where involved in this lecture. I enjoyed every single one and it gave me an overview of the quality of the Master's programs offered by DTU Environment which I'm looking forward to start next Autumn.

교육 기관: Jack D

2017년 3월 22일

Very good material - good insight and coverage of many aspects of environmental management.

Only critique would be to request more information on solutions in development to many of the problems - materials with solutions and or innovations currently available or up-and-coming.

Super gode og indholdsrig materialer - Tusind tak for kursus!

교육 기관: Vincent N C

2020년 8월 30일

The course is very timely as I will collaborate with local official to revisit the plan of an area where integrated water resources management is necessary to be employed. Thank you, Technical University of Denmark and Coursera. Thank you also Department of Science and Technology for having a great partnership with Coursera.

교육 기관: Devanshu M

2020년 9월 22일

Very good and informative course.I learned a lot of important things from this course which i dont think that i could have learned from any where else.All the teachers taught very nicely and i an interesting manner.Moreover, the questions that were asked in this course were related to the concept only.

교육 기관: Елена Х

2018년 11월 10일

Well designed interesting course for those who want to start study the Environmental Management. The lectures are in easy to understand English. They are full of interesting facts and information. The tasks are interesting. They make students to start think about their own cities and countries.

교육 기관: Dheeraj W

2020년 7월 25일

The course is very useful for people who want to do something for betterment of society. The lectures are also short and precise and gives a new prospective towards environmental sustainability.

교육 기관: Vayeda N B

2021년 5월 15일

Very Informative and knowledge course about environment

교육 기관: Coleman C S

2017년 7월 28일

The course is very rudimentary. It will do well for beginners, but it is very basic for people with sciences or engineering background. Please explore development of individual areas (sanitation, waste water management, solid waste management, etc.) as separate courses.

교육 기관: YEKEEN S A

2021년 6월 26일

The course is okay but I was expecting more though. A more structured lessons/lesson notes would have been better instead of some lectures like an interview session. But in all, it added to my knowledge and skills. So my rating is what it is. Thank yoy

교육 기관: Victor C

2020년 10월 25일

Good course but it needs to be updated

교육 기관: Anika T

2020년 8월 17일

As the course was developed before 2015, most of the material is pre-SDG. It would have better if the contents were updated in context to the SDG

교육 기관: vijaydilipraj

2017년 3월 7일


교육 기관: Miguel L

2020년 6월 25일

I didn't like the course. It gives you a really vague and generical overview of environmental managment, with little to no structure in the lessons / course approach. Some teachers talk about highly specific and theoretical things, fast and brief, others talk about vague approaches, most of them without making any clear points. Some don't even seem to know what they're there for, as if they didn't have time to prepare a lesson; it seems like they were approached in the middle of the campus and asked a few questions (that don't seem prepared either). Just three or four teachers taught something as a well structured overview class. It is extremely focused on water and waste management: what about energy, soil, landuse, forestry, agriculture, urban planning, policies...? It feels more like a series of video-overviews of the studies / teachers / research branches that are going on at DTU, which is fine, but I wouldn't call it a course at all.

교육 기관: Cyril B M

2020년 4월 19일

It was more of a propaganda. Many things dealt here was something that we learned in our school days. The content displayed in the screens sometime have a real good value, but nothing was taught out of it. It is just a mere glance to show how the institute worked across the world.

교육 기관: Rodrigo U G

2021년 7월 27일

Excelente curso, muy amplio el análisis que incorpora experiencias diversas y considera tecnologías ampliamente utilizables en diferentes realidades. Muy interesante la metodología que incorpora las publicaciones y revisión de los compañeros. Los quiz permiten llevar el control de lo aprendido, y lo que esta en proceso de entendimiento. Absolutamente recomendable para quienes están inmersos en el mundo de los estudios medioambientales y esperan aprender de experiencias aplicadas.

Este curso nos muestra la problemática global y acerca al conocimiento la Crisis climática y las consecuencias que trae a nuestro planeta.

교육 기관: Muindi M

2021년 6월 30일

Thank you to the Technical University of Denmark for providing the information on urban and rural environmental management systems that was covered in this course. Learning these systems and putting them into practice in the local community is a gift from God. This understanding is the pinnacle of achieving a circular economy, lowering our emissions by 2030 and 2050 for developing and least developed countries, respectively.

교육 기관: AMBAYO P M

2022년 2월 8일

I would like to thanks the senoir lecturers for their petience and eloborate knowlegde , like wise the peer groups for going through my work to make me reach upto this level of complettion and succeding in the course.

i would like to recieve my certificate as well since it was very good and practical course in my life.

Finally I thank the team of cousera for the hard work for the entire Globe.

교육 기관: Rajeshwar R A

2021년 7월 11일

Very easy learning through well designed modules. Weekly tests are some times tricky but thought provoking.

Assignments are designed to present them with freedom under limits.

Overall course learning was not stressful but learner's friendly. I'm thankful to all instructors and especially course designers Henrik Bregnhoj and his co designer.

Great and keep designing some more useful courses.

교육 기관: Tony S

2021년 7월 11일

Very well presented course, very informative with great supporting videos to watch, my head is "buzzing" with the subject matter and I am very keen to build on my recently acquired knowledge on Global Environmental Management. The Denmark Technical University is and excellent advertisement for all aspects of Environmental Management.

교육 기관: Kuldeep K

2022년 4월 9일

I would like to express my thanks to Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Coursera for giving me a great opportunity to excel in my learning through this project. 


I have achieved a good amount of knowledge through this course and the help that I got from Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Coursera.

교육 기관: Willem R

2020년 9월 28일

I found the course extremely informative and I thought that the course material was well put together. The course has actually lead me now to look further into the world on Environmental Management and I am considering further now my studies and knowledge in this particular field of study.

교육 기관: Meheroze A H

2021년 5월 17일

Highly Contemporary & Interesting Subject, and for sure, that would not only enhance anyone's Knowledge but also make him/her, aware of the latest Climate Crisis. Moreover, such lesson has been taught by extremely Sound & Competent Professor/s as well. Meheroze Al Hassan_Dhaka_Bangladesh.

교육 기관: Vladimir P

2019년 12월 31일

Useful General knowledge about the environmental management system. Cases from different regions of the world concerning global trends, climate change, urban planning, water and waste management. Dinamic presentations (photos, graphs, charts) with the participation of specialized experts.

교육 기관: Mükerrem D O

2017년 4월 17일

I loved this course! All the topics covered are very interesting and educational! It certainly increased my awareness about the environment, cities, sustainable development etc. In addition to these, I managed to establish a technical background about environmental management. Thank you.

교육 기관: Glynis W

2017년 12월 5일

Very well taught and delivered. Over the past few weeks I've learnt how important it is for the upkeep of the environment to be our #1 priority. Your probably wondering why yourself! It's simple because it's our everyday life. We need it and it needs us, so therefore we must embrace it!