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This course is designed for administrators, advocates, policy makers, clinicians, and service users. It will give you the background, recommendations, and tools you need to address issues related to high quality maternal and newborn care in your own setting. In particular, you will learn about the evidence behind implementing the midwifery model of care as a means to advancing the health and wellbeing of mothers and babies globally. The modules in this course are structured around the Quality Maternal and Newborn Care Framework, first published in the landmark 2014 Lancet Series on Midwifery. You will learn from nearly 20 expert contributors as they discuss their research and personal experiences in low, middle, and high resource settings....

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2022년 6월 9일

The course was interactive and practical. It gave me full insight, I loved the pop up questions designed to ensure you are following. The course was truly amazing. Thank you


2021년 6월 2일

I found this course stimulating and empowering and has renewed my passion for the mother and the importance of strengthening the family through respectful care. Thank you!

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Global Quality Maternal and Newborn Care의 39개 리뷰 중 1~25

교육 기관: LeTara D

2021년 5월 14일

This was a great comprehensive course that also gives you a tangible action plan and evidence to create systemic change.

교육 기관: Neyraly G O

2021년 3월 23일

Good afternoon!

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us it is a great course I enjoyed it .Thanks!

교육 기관: Patricia R

2021년 1월 5일

While this course isn't perfect, it comes close. It explains clearly the importance of shifting from a patriarchal attitude toward women's health care (and by extension, women's bodies). It outlines the problems, needs, resources, and solutions. It offers answers, not just describes problems. It is heavy on lecture, but the lectures are good. It tends to forget that a large cohort of midwives work intelligently and effectively -- without a nursing credential. However, I would not expect anything different from an Ivy League nursing school. It is will worth the time.

교육 기관: Gabriel C

2021년 2월 3일

This course is exceptional! One of the best I've done here at Coursera, and the best I've done at Yale. The biggest positive point is the fact that it contains references and current discussions, data from recent years, etc. Teachers, videos, readings, assessments and other resources are of great quality. I was really able to understand the importance and benefits of the QMNC Framework.

교육 기관: Clara N

2021년 1월 11일

A wonderful course with inspiring speakers.

교육 기관: Olalekan A

2021년 4월 14일

It is a delight to enrol and complete the course on Global Maternal and Newborn Care

I learn alot on the low support for independent recognisized midwifery professional services, I believe when there is universal acceptance of recogniized well trained and licensed midwives in adequeate number in each nation of the world as recommended by WHO,their services will be a major intervention to reduce global maternal and newborn deaths. I also recognise that this course is very appropiate for all healthcare professionals, the national governments policy holders, legistilative and executive arms of people in authorities of the welfare of our communities.

교육 기관: Masha A H

2022년 5월 18일

A​mazingly well communicated, nutrient dense course that has applications not only maternity care, but throughout the entire medical world. As a medical malpractice survivor myself, I'm deeply grateful to have heared speakers talk on how to reframe medical systems in this course. I will bring the knowledge gained from this experience into advocacy on lessening the pain and suffering of medical malpractice, and into my work as a doula and newborn care specialist. I'm very grateful for all the amazing humans that contributed and continue to contribute to this work!

교육 기관: Carrie J

2020년 11월 15일

This course was excellent in the information provided and formatting of the presentations. I absolutely enjoyed the learning this provided and am excited to begin placing some of the ideas into practice. It was a very encouraging presentation on a subject that seems so very daunting. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication to creating such a valuable presentation!

교육 기관: Nicole F

2021년 1월 3일

This was an incredibly insightful and well-taught course. I was so appreciative to break way from fully Western standards, to learn from educators all over the world. This was a person-centred, inclusive, and culturally sensitive course that was thoroughly enjoyable and useful.

교육 기관: Marijana I

2022년 4월 18일

Very informative course, lectures are very well constructed and are building up the understanding of midwifery care models around the world and advocacies for implementing quality of care for improving maternal and newborn care.

교육 기관: Fritzie U

2020년 12월 30일

The course is very empowering. It gives you the basic concepts, framework and ways to lobby for change. Options on how large scale you may want to impact your community were also provided. Congratulations to the team!

교육 기관: Jennah D

2021년 3월 18일

Very informative. It allowed me to explore the world of midwifery and gain perspectives from various advocates globally. Very significant if you would like to remain relevant in the world of midwifery.

교육 기관: Susan U

2022년 6월 10일

The course was interactive and practical. It gave me full insight, I loved the pop up questions designed to ensure you are following. The course was truly amazing. Thank you

교육 기관: Catherine P

2021년 6월 3일

I found this course stimulating and empowering and has renewed my passion for the mother and the importance of strengthening the family through respectful care. Thank you!

교육 기관: Bridget A

2021년 10월 18일

Very detailed course with excellent information on quality of care with examples and videos. Pace of lectures is very good. Thank you to all the lecturers

교육 기관: Ramesh B V

2020년 12월 7일

Very useful course drawn from global filed experiences and realities. The course had good videos and simple messages to understand.

교육 기관: Natalie D E

2022년 2월 6일

Excellent course to get you motivated and interested in Maternal and Newborn Health

교육 기관: Simone G

2020년 12월 7일

This was an amazing course that I have gained a lot of knowledge from.

교육 기관: Yuliya A S

2020년 12월 28일

Very detailed but has lots of resources and opportunity to learn.

교육 기관: Chidinma O

2021년 1월 29일

This course was very informative and the delivery was good

교육 기관: Mina S

2020년 12월 5일

This course was so helpful and interesting, thank you

교육 기관: Tofazzal H

2022년 2월 13일

I learnt global quality material and newborn care

교육 기관: Zarah K

2021년 1월 29일

It was a very nice course i learnt alot thank you

교육 기관: Elena L

2020년 11월 19일

Current, relevant to practice, powerful videos.

교육 기관: Janaki.S

2022년 5월 2일

thank you for your class very useful for us