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Espace mondial, a French vision of Global studies, 파리 정치 대학

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About this Course

To explain how globalization rebuilt public policy and social behavior, we study the different political, economic, and social actors - public or private, individual or collective - and the exchanges and interactions between them that are remaking international relations. This course is inspired by a French sociological and historical approach to international relations. This course is also available in french version:

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대학: HN

Oct 18, 2015

I finally understood our global world. Course stracture allowed a holistic view of our world evolution.\n\nI retained the quote "peace the the time between two wars" Oh so true unfortunately!

대학: LB

Mar 27, 2016

Amazing insights and very refreshing to see the evolution of the world and its powers from a global perspective rather than the dominant western.

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대학: Tianjing Chen

Dec 30, 2018

It's a great course! Holding a clearer vision on international affairs right now.

대학: Ross Brannigan

Apr 11, 2018

It's very good and comprehensive. Builds on some classic political science text's I've read and introduces some interesting trends on global development. I would have liked to see more emphasis on the impact of technology beyond ICT, such decentralized platforms, AI, Cyberwar & blockchain systems which are greatly influencing change across the world.

대학: Oscar Nazario Rocca

Jan 22, 2018

Excelente, didáctico y muy buenas fuentes.

대학: Sean Ang

Aug 19, 2017

This course really puts into context the current state of the world today. No regrets taking this course. Super informative

대학: Jennie Shin

Jul 14, 2017

EXCELLENT -- comprehensive, clearly explained, entertaining, and so informative. Thank you ScPo!


Mar 29, 2017

Very insightful

대학: Diego Prina

Mar 12, 2017

OK, but a bit slow..

대학: Davi Barros Leal

Dec 22, 2016

Magnificent course.

대학: Julia W.

Dec 14, 2016


대학: Gonzalo Collado

Nov 30, 2016

Demasiado marxismo cultural promotor del multiculturalismo y la globalización