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What are best practices for implementing machine learning on Google Cloud? What is Vertex AI and how can you use the platform to quickly build, train, and deploy AutoML machine learning models without writing a single line of code? What is machine learning, and what kinds of problems can it solve? Google thinks about machine learning slightly differently: it’s about providing a unified platform for managed datasets, a feature store, a way to build, train, and deploy machine learning models without writing a single line of code, providing the ability to label data, create Workbench notebooks using frameworks such as TensorFlow, SciKit Learn, Pytorch, R, and others. Our Vertex AI Platform also includes the ability to train custom models, build component pipelines, and perform both online and batch predictions. We also discuss the five phases of converting a candidate use case to be driven by machine learning, and consider why it is important to not skip the phases. We end with a recognition of the biases that machine learning can amplify and how to recognize them....

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2018년 11월 5일

Great to know how to do machine learning in scale and to know the common pitfalls people may fall into while doing ML. Provides great hands-on training on GCP and get to know various API's GCP offers.


2019년 3월 20일

Really easy with all instruction.I didnt feel bored at any point gave me the basic idea of what is machine learning and how easy google made API's and cloud platform for machine learning\n\nThank you

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교육 기관: Robin M

2021년 11월 10일

Love it, it felt very personal, which I mean like 1 to 1 class or 1-to-classroom class. Plus the labs are the bread and butter. The additional links with information, access to platforms, more data and so on are neat.

교육 기관: Marcus S

2020년 12월 11일

Learned some basic concepts regarding Machine Learning and also about the GCP, which I had no experience with previously. Doesn't cover anything in depth but I guess this is to be expected in an overview/intro course.

교육 기관: Amiteswary A N

2020년 6월 29일

An awesome course, but i would advice to take it up if you have grasp on some of the fundamentals. Even if you don't, no worries you can always ask for help for anything. Love the the course and the support provided.

교육 기관: Bikash S

2018년 5월 26일

Its not just about ML and Tricks. This course has got everything, starting with raw dataset, process and pitfalls. Anybody interest to learn ML in best way, this is the best possible course with offered-able price.

교육 기관: Kara d l M

2018년 5월 13일

This course was an excellent introduction to ML and made ML on GCP accessible. I really appreciated and enjoyed the lessons which addressed bias in ML models, including techniques to detect and surface that bias.

교육 기관: barunkumar m

2021년 3월 22일

I am an MS student in ML and AI. Google Quick lab is a great tool for learning how google is doing and collaborating the machine learning projects and how Google is using machine learning in its all products.

교육 기관: Kaustubh M H

2019년 1월 29일

I got to learn a lot of new things from this course. Especially, I was able to understand what were the most important aspects that a ML engineer will have to focus on.

This course was an eye opener for me.

교육 기관: hui y

2018년 10월 8일

An informative introduction filled with practical advices! The three hands-on labs hosted on QwikLabs made this course even more relevant for one who is seriously about applying machine learning on GCP.

교육 기관: Sandeep K

2018년 6월 30일

Phases of ML, was good affirmation. Labs were very neat. Training website link is very hard to memorize, it could have been bit cleaner if it were for eg: "quickLabs", "googleTraining", "googleTeacher".

교육 기관: Aswin S T

2019년 1월 27일

It was a fantastic introduction on GCP and its capabilities. The Hands on experience was more of fun and amazing stuff to learn. I would like to thank the people who designed and presented this course.

교육 기관: Taimuraz T

2020년 5월 18일

Nice course to get new insights about ML applicability and to get familiar with many tools of GCP. Encourages to think about ML in more general way then just collecting the data and training models.

교육 기관: Aniket G

2019년 12월 28일

I actually learnt lot of good stuff regarding GCP and ML on cloud. This is the beginner course for anyone who wants to start off their career in GCP and ML. Thanks coursera and GCP for this course

교육 기관: Zezhou J

2018년 11월 2일

Interesting and engaging content of ML. The course is structured well and emphasizes important aspects of ML which tend to be overlooked by many. Just hope some exercises could be further refined.

교육 기관: pranavan b

2019년 3월 21일

Really easy with all instruction.I didnt feel bored at any point gave me the basic idea of what is machine learning and how easy google made API's and cloud platform for machine learning

Thank you

교육 기관: P S B

2019년 5월 14일

This course helped me to know the latest machine learning techniques. My best part of this course was about the ml surprise which made me realise the mistakes where the new learners will do.

교육 기관: Danial A

2020년 3월 23일

The course is packed with wonderful learning resources. However I think that the course should be further divided into subsequent weeks so that it is easy to keep the track of the course.

교육 기관: Soumya S K

2020년 1월 11일

The course was fantastic, people might complain about the "labs" being easy but there was a lot to explore and learn and get the right feel to being the journey of GCP, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

교육 기관: Ward D

2019년 3월 31일

It was a good introduction to how Google thinks about Machine Learning. Nice introduction to the tools (Google Cloud Platform, Big Query, Python Notebooks, and Google's pre-built APIs).

교육 기관: Rohit K S

2018년 12월 15일

A great learning experience and importantly those practical classes were very helpful.

I would like to thank Google and Coursera for collaborating and bringing out this amazing course.

교육 기관: Ruyi C

2018년 10월 21일

The course covers lots of best practices when transferring an organization into a ML organization. It's not too technical but covers high-level concepts and know-how. I really like it

교육 기관: Marco L S Z

2020년 7월 11일

Interesting course well graded to give us an introduction of Google AI perspective and his amazing tools, humans can achieve everything with clear goals. Thanks Coursera and Google.

교육 기관: Rahul K

2020년 4월 17일

Machine Learning API's were really cool stuff to learn and see the examples running.

Though a little more emphasis is needed to understand the codes used in the final lab session :)

교육 기관: Lawrence H

2018년 6월 12일

Excellent course -- I was a little concerned that the last lab wasn't working properly today... I could never complete it due to issues with creating a notebook within the datalab.

교육 기관: Amin C

2020년 7월 4일

Thank you so much for everything! great course, great content and great production!

One area of improvement though , would be to make sure that the code actually updated/working

교육 기관: Christian C

2019년 6월 19일

I enjoy this course a lot. It's a great introduction for how Google does Machine Learning. I learned so much material throughout the course. Five star course. Thank you, Google!