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Course 1: Grammar and Punctuation Do you need to review English grammar? Have you forgotten the grammar you once studied? If so, this course is perfect for you. The first course in this specialization is a refresher on some tools needed for good writing. It will help prepare you for the other courses. You will need about 10 hours to complete this first course. Writing is a skill and to learn a skill well, you need to practice. In this course, you will watch short video lectures and then practice and discuss what you have learned. Make sure you take good notes and use the peer discussions to ask questions. Then you'll be able to remember the rules you learn in this course when you start writing essays in the next course. After completing this course, you will be able to: - identify the correct verb tenses to use - use commas effectively - utilize several different sentence types - write more effectively in English Please note that the free version of this class gives you access to all of the instructional videos and handouts. The peer feedback and quizzes are only available in the paid version....

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2020년 11월 5일

The course was so fascinating and it deserves everybody's time and effort. I have really enjoyed it and will confidently recommend it to anyone who is looking for a course on grammar and punctuations.


2020년 7월 2일

This course was very helpful. It refreshed my memories and made me go back to so many things I thought I would never remember. It helped my writing skills a lot to. A big thank you to the instructors.

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교육 기관: Yoe

2017년 9월 27일

This is an amazing course and I am going to take the next one in the same specialization. Through this course, I have learned four types of sentences, which helps us to have more varieties of paragraphs. Also, I have learned parallel structure and, basically, the formal use of punctuation. I believe that it is a lovely start and I will do better in my writing. Thanks a lot!

교육 기관: Learner I

2017년 1월 18일

Excellent course! This really helped me professionally since I teach business English globally online to professionals and managers with multinational corporations. This course was a major asset for my professional development regimen, along with the other UC Irvine related course. Videos, quizzes and exercises are interactive and ideal for learning! Thank you!

교육 기관: Anastasia M

2015년 12월 3일

It may sound ridiculous, but it is reaaly difficult in Russia to find out about English punctuation, so this course was very useful for me as a teacher. It allows me not only to improve my writing but also to develop my professional skills. I hope, it will help me to teach my students better.

Thaks a lot for this course and specialization!

All the best,


교육 기관: Sandar M

2021년 11월 15일

First, I want to say thank you very much Coursera. Because, after learning the course, I got a lot of confidence in knowing 4 types of sentences, punctuation, parallel structure, and sentence variety. Then, I have never been to study as your lessons because your teaching system is easy to understand for me. Thus, I want to learn the next topic with Coursera.

교육 기관: Ronalyn R C

2020년 12월 28일

Thank you Coursera for this opportunity that I've learned more than I expected. I enjoyed it so much! It drives my passion to pursue learning English Language. Now I feel more confident in writing and even communicating. Actually, I didn't just learned how to deal with grammar and punctuation but also with discipline and perseverance of what I've started.

교육 기관: jamal m

2018년 1월 19일

It was really helpful foe me. The skills I learned from this course was identify adverb clauses and punctuate them correctly, identify compound sentences and punctuate them correctly, identify and using sentences variety in writing. Also, I learned about parallel structure and how to use them in my writing. I will recommend this course for other student.

교육 기관: Kosuke Y

2016년 9월 14일

This course teach us many grammar rules which we haven't learned ever. One of those rules is punctuation. After completing this course, you will be able to not only write English sentences better but also understand documents written in English easily. This course is definitely useful for everyone who know the grammar well but cannot write sentences well.

교육 기관: Jennifer W

2015년 10월 14일

This is an excellent refresher course to brush up on grammar and punctuation. Prior to taking this course, I was an overzealous user of commas. Now, I know when to use certain punctuation and how to explain it to others. I definitely recommend this course for anyone wanting to revise English grammar and punctuation for the purpose of teaching or tutoring.

교육 기관: shoyeb 1

2020년 10월 3일

Without a doubt, It is an excellent course. Although I have done several courses on different platforms, I didn't learn enough about writing skills. Luckily, I found this course on Coursera, which is help me a lot to improve my writing skills. I am very happy to learn from this course, and I really thankful to the instructor. She is a fantastic teacher.

교육 기관: Abdullina E

2020년 5월 23일

It was really helpful!

According to an IELTS, I had an Upper-Intermediate level of English. So, I've decided to take some classes to fill my blank spots in grammar and punctuation, and I couldn't find better way to do it. I highly recommend this course to everyone who has any problems with the understanding way the punctuation works.

Thank you, Coursera!

교육 기관: Карбашевська О

2020년 10월 18일

Thank you the developers and instructors of this course for the well-structured outlay of the material, instructive videos and detailed exercises, learnt and revised peculiarities of English grammar and punctuation! The advice on sentence variety and, as a result, good writing style is valuable! Thank you for this great, helpful and necessary course!

교육 기관: Yasir K

2020년 8월 9일

I strongly recommend this basic course to everyone who wants to improve his/her writing skills in English. The course content is beautifully and easily designed that will motivate you to move forward through the course. Therefore, I was able to complete this course one week before its scheduled time. Thanks to Coursera and thanks to the course makers.

교육 기관: Jennifer M C

2015년 12월 12일

The course was very helpful. At first, I was skeptical on what I could learn from it since, in general, I feel confident with my English level, and the program seemed rather simple. However, upon completion of the course, I believe I've learned quite a few things on how to structure my writing in a correct way, which in turns makes it more efficient.

교육 기관: Nyanza L R

2015년 10월 10일

This course is engaging, fun, and very informative. I would suggest everyone should take it even if English is your native tongue. It will help you understand how and why our sentences are structure and deeper understand of the language. I am thoroughly enjoying this course. I really enjoy interacting with the other students that is most fun!

교육 기관: Hiba A

2019년 6월 2일

Firs of all, I have to thank coursera for get this practicing. It was smooth and flexible with my work and time. Another cause of this high rate, is the way of lectures presentation which they are given simply. Coursera helped me not only have new tips, but also order my adeas and study plans. Best Regards,

Hiba AL-Faili

교육 기관: Sajad G

2021년 5월 7일

This course is awesome! Personally, I have learned a lot in this course, because it was very thorough and it has many exercises included and the tutor has done a great job! Provided that this course covers Intermediate Grammar and Punctuation, it is perfect for Intermediate Learners who want to hone their writing and academic writing skills.

교육 기관: Cailene M U

2020년 11월 11일

A very useful and helpful course for improving my writing skills. It helped me refresh my memories about grammar and punctuation that I learned many years ago. Also, it taught me about parallel structure which is actually new to me, or maybe I just forgot about it, hehe. Thank you professors for the clear and precise presentation of lessons.

교육 기관: Susan E H

2015년 12월 1일

I enrolled in this course to fine tune my writing skills for work. I enjoyed this course because I was able to unlearn some bad habits and simple mistakes. The lessons are simple and move at an even pace. If you are a native English Speaker, some of the lessons will be easy for you. In my personal opinion, this course was a great refresher.

교육 기관: Carolina G

2020년 9월 14일

Excellent course. Very complete and clear explanations. I believe that you should have a very high level of English and know certain rules as regards punctuation precisely. Otherwise, it can be very challenging. Still, if you are passionate about the English language, I would say it is one of the best courses to polish your writing skills.

교육 기관: Shakhawat H C

2020년 6월 17일

I have got some new experience about grammar specially on Simple,Complex and compound sentences.On the other hand I have gather some knowledge on punctuation.Overall I enjoyed all of those lesson,practice section,Quiz section,Videos and so on.Thanks Coursera to give chance in your platform to do that type of valuable and effective course.

교육 기관: Amarangkana L

2021년 3월 10일

This is one of the best courses that I've ever learned. It's clear and easy to understand.

Before I started to study this course, I have a problem with writing different types of sentences, using commas, but now I understand how to use them clearly and correctly.

I would like to thank all of the teachers for creating this wonderful course.

교육 기관: Manpreet K

2018년 6월 5일

Its a very good course for me .I like this course. I learn so many ideas and information about writing skills.I never spend long time on computer , but when I use this course I almost forgot about time . After finished this course , I understand so many topics like; types of sentences, about using commas, clauses, and parallel structure.

교육 기관: Renz J S

2020년 10월 22일

I have graduated 4 years ago and I almost forgot all the lessons that I have learned in regard to English. So when I started taking the course, I have been enjoying taking all the modules, answering all the quizzes, and giving feedback to my classmates in this course. It was a great refresher to everyone who graduated quite a long time.

교육 기관: Sia

2017년 6월 11일

This course is awesome. I have learnt a lot from this course. This course has highlighted some important aspects in writing such as verb tenses, complex and compound sentences, conjunctions, parallel structure, and sentences variety;nevertheless, the videos were all helpful. Thank you very much to University of California and Coursera.

교육 기관: Jaderson L d L

2016년 6월 10일

I am Brazilian, and I have been studying English since 2011 as a second language. So far, I have not found I course like Grammar and Punctuation. What makes the difference is that it explains the content in a simple way so that students can learn easily. Besides, I learned things on the lecture videos that I had not learned until then.