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We invite you to a fascinating journey into Graph Theory — an area which connects the elegance of painting and the rigor of mathematics; is simple, but not unsophisticated. Graph Theory gives us, both an easy way to pictorially represent many major mathematical results, and insights into the deep theories behind them. In this course, among other intriguing applications, we will see how GPS systems find shortest routes, how engineers design integrated circuits, how biologists assemble genomes, why a political map can always be colored using a few colors. We will study Ramsey Theory which proves that in a large system, complete disorder is impossible! By the end of the course, we will implement an algorithm which finds an optimal assignment of students to schools. This algorithm, developed by David Gale and Lloyd S. Shapley, was later recognized by the conferral of Nobel Prize in Economics. As prerequisites we assume only basic math (e.g., we expect you to know what is a square or how to add fractions), basic programming in python (functions, loops, recursion), common sense and curiosity. Our intended audience are all people that work or plan to work in IT, starting from motivated high school students. Do you have technical problems? Write to us:

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Feb 28, 2019

Appreciate the structure and the explanations with examples. The practice tool before every lesson not makes it fun to learn but also sets the student in the context and can anticipate the concept.


Nov 17, 2017

Was pretty fun and gave a good intro to graph theory. Definitely felt inspired to go deeper and understood the most basic proof ideas. The later lectures can spike in difficulty though. Very nice!

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Introduction to Graph Theory의 55개 리뷰 중 26~50

교육 기관: Pedro M H V

Jun 18, 2018

Really nice introduction to discrete math and basic algorithms. The content is quite basic, but as mentioned in the syllabus is for beginners. Still, for those of you who are at that level is worth taking this specialization.

교육 기관: SOURAV M

Nov 19, 2017

Basic concepts covered very nicely and clearly.

교육 기관: Ahmed H F

May 30, 2018

it is excellent but it may need to have a small 3, 4 videos tutorial on python which is powerful language to brush on the basics but over the all it is well suited with the puzzles and quiz on each topic and learning a lot about graph which represent a lot of our life and how things are connected one of the best I enjoyed.

교육 기관: K P T

Nov 10, 2017


교육 기관: Pengcheng X

Nov 06, 2017

I just audit this course and it's very good. It gives basic ideas about graph theory and this is a super interesting subject!

교육 기관: Ayush T

Nov 25, 2017

This course is really good. If someone has interest in graph theory or he wants to learn it, then this course is definitely a good start.

교육 기관: Robert Y H

Nov 17, 2017

Was pretty fun and gave a good intro to graph theory. Definitely felt inspired to go deeper and understood the most basic proof ideas. The later lectures can spike in difficulty though. Very nice!

교육 기관: Mohammed A A

Apr 04, 2019

easy n usefull

교육 기관: afaq a

May 03, 2019

Very friendly and applied course.

A well-balanced approach, even layman can understand the concept with exceptional ease.

교육 기관: Greg M

Apr 21, 2019

very good course. made me curious to learn more graph theory. (in spite of years working on networking.)

교육 기관: Himanshu J

Apr 01, 2019

excellent explanation to the topics covered

교육 기관: Kartikey g

Apr 09, 2019

It was really good experiencing the different way of learning everything explained so properly all doubt are clear and the quiz and puzzle really helpfull

교육 기관: shishir j

Aug 19, 2019

A very interesting and challenging course

교육 기관: Kartish J

Sep 10, 2019

The Puzzles are very challenging and interesting thank you :)

교육 기관: Vyacheslav K

Sep 19, 2019


교육 기관: Wan H L

Mar 10, 2019

The lecturer well explained the course materials. But the assignments are too easy to complete, it does not tease your brain as exercise, and the week 5 is a bit hard to follow

교육 기관: D V S S R

Mar 16, 2019


교육 기관: Ziad B

Oct 13, 2018

Really cool course to take with very interesting exercises. I especially liked some of the puzzles at the beginning of topics. I thought that the week 5 material needed some more concrete examples. It was presented in the abstract straight away. However, don't let that discourage you from taking the course. You may simply need to access the odd Youtube video to supplement the material presented here.

교육 기관: Mike T

Jun 29, 2018

would be good to have a few more algo questions, perhaps one submission per week?

교육 기관: Joseph A D

Nov 05, 2017

Alex Shen's manner of speaking is difficult to understand, but I enjoyed and learned from the material anyway.

교육 기관: Toxic

Jan 01, 2018

This course is interesting, and it is a good introduction. I like the first four weeks' courses, while I feel the last week's course is not clear presented, which changes the instructor.

교육 기관: Denis P D

Jul 21, 2019

Some parts could be clearer. Adding more examples would have gone a long way.

교육 기관: Nguyen K T

Sep 17, 2019

very useful and so hard

교육 기관: Alex Y

Jan 11, 2019

Some explanations could be more detailed. The course jumps over important theorems too fast, so there may not be enough time to internalize knowledge for some. If one wants to understand basics of Graph Theory well, external readings may be required.

교육 기관: Kijin K

Jan 24, 2019

I don't like one lecturer among faculty of it because of sloppy preparation and stuttering . But other lecture material was good like other courses in this specialization.