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How can we live a good life on one planet with over seven billion people? This course will explore greening the economy on four levels – individual, business, city, and nation. We will look at the relationships between these levels and give many practical examples of the complexities and solutions across the levels. Scandinavia, a pioneering place advancing sustainability and combating climate change, is a unique starting point for learning about greening the economy. We will learn from many initiatives attempted in Scandinavia since the 1970s, which are all potentially helpful and useful for other countries and contexts. The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University is an international centre of excellence on strategies for sustainable solutions. The IIIEE is ideally suited to understand and explain the interdisciplinary issues in green economies utilising the diverse disciplinary backgrounds of its international staff. The IIIEE has been researching and teaching on sustainability and greener economies since the 1990s and it has extensive international networks connecting with a variety of organizations....

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2015년 10월 5일

Amazing and inspiring. Especially love the interviews at the end of each week. Very good pace and amount of information. Teacher are experts in their field. Love every minute of the lecturers!

2020년 10월 17일

Great course! I love how well organised it is, and how everything is (from assignments to course setup) explained. As someone who is new to the field, I found the material very accessible.

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Greening the Economy: Lessons from Scandinavia의 147개 리뷰 중 51~75

교육 기관: Jason G

2015년 10월 13일

Great lectures and discussions around sustainability in Scandinavia. I leanred a lot of information that I could apply in my life.

교육 기관: Muhammad I

2015년 9월 16일

I want more about sustainable city that everyone can get everything they need in a walk distance. be Gone noisy motor vehicles.

교육 기관: Ananta S

2017년 4월 11일

very informative course.. very intriguing method of teaching.. interviews with different stakeholders were very enlightening.

교육 기관: Esther C

2018년 2월 20일

I totally enjoyed the course! I also appreciate the scholarship offered me. Thank you, Lund University, thank you, Coursera!

교육 기관: Kartik N

2020년 1월 6일

Insightful, tests are difficult so kindly pay attention to minute details. The advice is generalised but still a step ahead

교육 기관: kelvin c

2017년 6월 23일

Buen curso, me hizo reflexionar y analizar en cada semana del desarrollo de los modulos. Buenas lecciones de Escandinavia.

교육 기관: Deniz Ü

2018년 3월 13일

I learned a lot and this course encouraged and inspired me to explore more about this topic. Glad i have completed it.

교육 기관: Jenna B

2017년 2월 12일

Excellent course, but very general. Wish it could have gone into more details. Overall, really great and interesting!

교육 기관: Albert M

2020년 9월 5일

Very interesting course if you are willing to learn more about green economics and sustainable development.

교육 기관: Sibylle L

2019년 11월 18일

All topics are interesting, lots of sustainable development vocabulary has been added to my own dictionary.

교육 기관: Asmaa A L A

2017년 9월 4일

This course is very essential for everyone on the Earth; everyone!

Thanks Lund University, Thanks Coursera!

교육 기관: Nataly G

2019년 4월 8일

Course was really great, giving so much to learn about sustainable consumption and sharing uplifting news

교육 기관: Rega V

2015년 11월 22일

i'm working in Fertilizer Company , this Course is one of my favorite,,, thanks for sharing knowledge,

교육 기관: rahaman s a

2020년 4월 25일

Very Informative and helpful regarding how to save the environment and innovate new ideas to save

교육 기관: Benjamin E M C

2015년 9월 20일

New, inovative and aimed to an important factor that will affect the future generations and ours.

교육 기관: Giuliano M B

2016년 3월 17일

Great course! Applies for all the ones who wants an general approach of Greening the Economy

교육 기관: Anna S

2019년 9월 28일

Amazing course content, especially for those making first steps in studying sustainability.

교육 기관: Asel K

2020년 11월 19일

It was very interesting and engaging. Thank you very much to all Professors and speakers!!

교육 기관: Nuno S S

2016년 2월 22일

Doing it for the second to get the certificate. Just 3 words. Well Done Lund!!!

교육 기관: Martin V

2017년 6월 21일

The course gives very good insight into Scandinavian progress in greening its economies.

교육 기관: Valtesse M R

2016년 10월 11일

Very informative and well-structured. Many more thanks for additional reading materials.

교육 기관: Remi W B

2016년 5월 26일

Summarized it up really good, made it engaging and interesting for everyone to learn.

교육 기관: Nicole M

2020년 9월 30일

All of the Greening the Economy courses are super informative and easy to follow

교육 기관: Cesar G

2019년 3월 15일

Everyone should learn how human behavior affect the dynamics of the environment.

교육 기관: Volodymyr H

2020년 9월 9일

Very interesting course. I am glad to find and finish it. Strongly recommended