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How can we shape our urban development towards sustainable and prosperous futures? This course explores sustainable cities as engines for greening the economy in Europe and around the world. We place cities in the context of sustainable urban transformation and climate change. We connect the key trends of urbanization, decarbonisation and sustainability. We examine how visions, experiments and innovations can transform urban areas. And we look at practices (what is happening in cities at present) and opportunities (what are the possibilities for cities going forwards into the future). This course was launched in January 2016, and it was updated in September 2021 with new podcasts, films and publications. The course is produced by Lund University in cooperation with WWF and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability who work with creating sustainable cities. The course features researchers, practitioners and entrepreneurs from a range organisations....

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2019년 9월 28일

This course has been approached not just for academic purpose but also it is a moral oligation to carry forward what has been taught. I thank the authorities and faculties who have made presentations.


2019년 3월 14일

Really interesting course. I recommend it for all people who want to now how are cities need to act for sustainable development of our cities, how to prevent earth from fast increasing c02 footprint.

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Greening the Economy: Sustainable Cities의 737개 리뷰 중 151~175

교육 기관: Matea L

2016년 3월 4일

I learned a lot of valuable lessons taking this course and would like to thank everyone who made it happen, I know it is a lot of work to put everything together.

교육 기관: Ivan H

2016년 10월 22일

It's such an amazing knowledge that i got from this course. It gave you examples to make your city sustainable. It gave me the detail to make a sustainable city.

교육 기관: Cristian P T

2016년 12월 6일

It is not an advanced course. However, you will grasp key concepts of Sustainable Development applied to Cities with encouraging examples. Totally recommended!

교육 기관: Fernando R L

2020년 5월 9일

Sustainable cities are the present and the future to help to reduce the carbon footprint and we all need to be part of that. Really nice and interesting course

교육 기관: Jack M

2021년 3월 30일

A very well organized course with time flexibility.

The information on Greening the economy ;sustainable cities is unsumountable in value.

Greatly appreciate!

교육 기관: Sophie

2019년 12월 16일

Great course, with interesting content and engaging peer review assignments that shows the diversity of actions taking place in sustainable city development.

교육 기관: febriani r

2017년 12월 11일

The course can ignite our sense of how we can implement sustainability to our life esp. in a large scale like urban. A short course but a thorough overview.

교육 기관: Juliette C

2017년 11월 30일

Fascinating course ! This course provide you a great range of specific vocabulary, figures and actions that are already taken around the world. Thanks a lot!

교육 기관: Tan M J

2021년 12월 3일

Concise course with good examples of cities that lead the way in sustainable living. Would be good if more measures could be described to green the economy.

교육 기관: Khoo W L

2021년 10월 3일

Impressive and inspiring! Learn alot from the researchers and practitioners about the importance of creating sustainable cities for the survival of mankind.

교육 기관: Samantha G

2022년 3월 3일

This was an incredible introduction to learning about practical ways in which cities and urban areas can grow while being more environmentally sustainable.

교육 기관: REETA K

2019년 6월 18일

Beautifully designed course to give an insight into new urban infrastructure planning to help in the decarbonization of cities to achieve the climate goal

교육 기관: Franc G

2020년 9월 6일

Interesante curso y muy compacto, se muestran los avances y posibilidades de la sociedad y las ciudades, de aportar a la lucha contra el cambio climático.

교육 기관: Pablo Z A

2018년 5월 20일

This course is a really good introduction to the topic and a good way to make conscience about the importance to do something today about the environment.

교육 기관: Mladen R

2018년 12월 15일

This course contains relevant information for those that are new but also familiar with the subject. I would recommend it to wide spectre of professions.

교육 기관: Kevin L

2020년 8월 23일

It's fun course. It gives me new insight and knowledge about urban planning. Thank Proffesors for spending your time to make this course. Great job all.

교육 기관: Daniel V D

2018년 3월 27일

Fue una gran experiencia conocer los avances en materia de sostenibilidad de otras ciudades del mundo y motiva replicar muchas iniciativas a nivel local

교육 기관: Wee M L

2020년 9월 5일

A very inspirational course that gave ideas to contribute more meaningful ideas that might help drive the sustainability in urban planning in Malaysia.

교육 기관: Annie F K

2018년 3월 25일

Inspiring course which offers great knowledge on the many ways sustainable development is applied - and can be applied - to city management and design.

교육 기관: SIMON Y M

2016년 5월 26일

Thank you for this program.

The course was very interesting as it offered me the opportunity to learn new things.

My horizon has increased tremendously.

교육 기관: Johana V

2021년 2월 4일

I am very satisfied with the course. It has helped me to strengthen my knowledge about sustainable cities, very important for my university career.

교육 기관: Merleides d R O M

2020년 6월 7일

Las lecturas son muy interesantes, además, te muestran lo que las demás ciudades estan haciendo para trabajar en la sostenibilidad. Muy interesante

교육 기관: Narendra N

2019년 11월 22일

Excellent course, very well structured and easily explained, an essential for all of those are involved in making the cities green and sustainable.

교육 기관: Rogelio A P E

2019년 9월 10일

I liked a lot. Congratulations to all team members of Lund University. The quality of the videos was great and the lectures were very interesting.

교육 기관: Luke R

2021년 6월 14일

Gives great discussion on the current challenges we face and provides useful resources that can help us implement what we learn in the real world