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Renowned exercise physiologists Martin Gibala and Stuart Phillips of McMaster University teach the surprising new science of cardio fitness and strength-building—and then provide you with hacks to get fit and strong (and healthy!) in less time than you ever thought possible. What’s the right mix of exercise between cardio and strength? How do you know if you’re working out hard enough? What’s better, heavy or light weights? These questions and more are addressed through a course designed to provide even the most inexperienced of exercisers the tools you need to design time-efficient workouts that can be done virtually anywhere, from your own home to a city park or even at your workplace. Marty and Stu are good friends and colleagues who just happen to be two of the world’s most passionate scholars in the science of fitness. They aim to entertain you while they’re describing the relationship between exercise and health. Marty is a pioneer in the field of interval training, the technique of varying your workout intensity to get fit faster than anyone ever thought possible. Stu’s studies proved that lifting lighter weights can be a highly effective strength-building technique—plus he’s a leading expert in dietary protein and muscle. In Hacking Exercise for Health, you’ll follow Marty and Stu as they teach you the basics about the way your body boosts its fitness and strength. Next, they’ll apply that theory, providing you with a series of do-anywhere workouts and, most importantly, teaching you what you need to know to design your own sessions. Filled with inspirational practical tips, fun quizzes, interactive community participation and assignments designed to help you remember your lessons, Hacking Exercise for Health will give you the tools and techniques to incorporate exercise into your life, no matter how busy you are....

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Nov 27, 2019

I found the information very useful and enlightening. Even if I have been exercising continually for a very long time, you can always learn new things to improve or be more productive.


Dec 14, 2019

i loved it and learnt alot about how to help people exercise to get results with factoring in shortage of time todays life style of people being busy all the time

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Hacking Exercise For Health. The surprising new science of fitness.의 96개 리뷰 중 26~50

교육 기관: Mayra I G

Mar 31, 2020

Un curso obligado para todo aquel que busque reafirmar conocimientos en el area de las ciencias de la salud de manera amena y basada en evidencias.

교육 기관: Jilliane G

Nov 04, 2019

Fantastic course!!! It verified a lot of what I intuitively knew after 6 years as a professional athlete.

교육 기관: Summya

Jun 14, 2020

What a beautiful course, it was. I've learned so much and it has everything that I always wanted to know, It seems like Stuart Phillips and Martin Gibala knew that. Brilliantly designed, I must say.

I love McMaster University and applied in one of it's health sciences program. I really wish to study at McMaster University one day.

Thank you so much, Stuart Phillips and Martin Gibala.

교육 기관: Chris H

Jan 13, 2020

As a program director of exercise science, this course is both educational and engaging. Tons of great info and enough basic physiology to help beginner and advanced students, alike. I was impressed enough to offer it as extra credit in my own courses. If your an aspiring fitness person, thought, this course is easy to follow and learn from.


교육 기관: Juan R C D

Nov 06, 2019

I Love it! Does have it a second part?

I suggest something like: Aesthetic of recomposing corporal. Fitness and sport motivation psychology, how maximize the hypertrophy, nutritional plan for aesthetics sport or aesthetics nutritionThanks a lot Dr. Gibala and Dr. Phillips :D

교육 기관: Makesh R

Jun 09, 2020

This has been an excellent course to understand many technical terms and concepts related to the fitness. This would be a strong step-board to anyone who looks for job opportunities as a personal trainer and to one who is just a fitness enthusiast.

교육 기관: Ranjit N

May 11, 2020

Really learnt a lot. The Martin and Stuart are great teachers. The course was very effective and after finishing it, even I am confident that I can act as a guide to fellow members at the gym giving vital tips.

교육 기관: madhusudhan J

Apr 26, 2020

it's been a great journey and now able to know the value of being active and it's benefits to the body

and it's a very special feeling to have a buddy to excecise and overall a great experience


교육 기관: MOHIT V

Jun 23, 2020

It's a very helpful and useful course,it gives u a perfect manner to do exercise. It gives the effective way to do exercise.

교육 기관: Sandra

Nov 17, 2019

I would be interested in additional courses, based around short workouts as described in the book "The One Minute Workout"

교육 기관: Rouaid s

Apr 29, 2020

it's really enjoyable and beneficial course thank you Coursera and the team they work for making the human life healthy

교육 기관: bosjim

Mar 16, 2020


有氧运动与力量运动都要进行。 坚持有氧以提高最大耗氧量。 力量运动低烈度高重复(不超过30次)与高烈度低重复都有用。


运动,益智,对心理也有好处。 不推荐吃药。

교육 기관: H J

Oct 30, 2019

Great information on the latest research. Gives you the science behind the best forms of exercise and time required.

교육 기관: Hildegard M

Apr 18, 2020

Great course and motivational resource! Thank you to both lecturers for a fun and informative few weeks.

교육 기관: Hoi W C

Oct 30, 2019

The length and content of the course are just right! Look forward to seeing the part 2 of the course!

교육 기관: Johannes B

Apr 09, 2020

It was a fun class and I will change/update my exercise program with the high-intensity suggestions.

교육 기관: Nishant P

Nov 03, 2019

Really enjoyed the learning and the humour embedded everywhere from videos to the quiz questions!

교육 기관: Saleh A S A B A A

Dec 19, 2019

easy and fun

I would definitally use it as a resource every time i need an info about fitness.

교육 기관: Asif A

May 13, 2020

Thanks both of you. I learned many things that will be helpful for improving my workout.

교육 기관: Amy A

Nov 15, 2019

Great course with current research, fun professors and dynamic content - thank you!

교육 기관: Boutheina K

May 03, 2020

Very informative , now i'll be able to do my own diet and workout plan by myself .

교육 기관: Julia S

Jun 07, 2020

Loved this course! Information very easy to digest and I found it fun as well

교육 기관: Marc

Nov 10, 2019

Excellent course! Thank you! All the basics you need to know and even more.

교육 기관: YASHRAJ J

Jul 07, 2020

Good course please add some more exercises that can be done at home

교육 기관: Bill W

Apr 29, 2020

This fills in the gaps and updates dated"conventional " knowledge