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Welcome to "Chinese Characters for beginner"! This is an elementary course on learning Chinese characters. Together, we will start from the basic element of Chinese characters-- Strokes. Then we will learn 1,200 basic Chinese words composed of 240 commonly used Chinese characters, which begin with “一”(one), including pronunciation, shape and meaning, so that to improve the learning effect. ① Each Chinese character is with pinyin; ② Each Chinese character is shown in the form of animation in the process of writing, namely strokes; ③ English translation is used on the Chinese character can be a word itself. Other Chinese characters can not be independent of words are the characters of. The English translation of this kind of characters is marked in parentheses; ④ Each Chinese word is accompanied by Pinyin, English translation and picture, which is easy to understand; ⑤ There are proper exercises at the end of each lesson. Good luck !...
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Chinese Characters for beginner 汉字의 118개 리뷰 중 101~118

교육 기관: Kavita T

Jan 16, 2020

It is a very good course but sometimes the sound in the video is very low and it is difficult to hear things and Chinese is all about listening to the tones

교육 기관: Shaunda

Oct 08, 2018

This course video is slower but longer then the other courses. But I like that the book came with the course. Now I have a reference to keep with me.

교육 기관: Andreo V R d S

Dec 28, 2016

It was easy to learn several chinese characters. But some grammar was demanded in the exercises, although it was not taught during the course.

교육 기관: luisray

Jul 19, 2019

esta bien diseñado el curso, con tiempo, pero el idioma chino es complicado en aprender, me costo mucho llegar hasta acá, gracias

교육 기관: Luis M

Apr 17, 2020

Very interesting. It's also quite helpful in making you learn characters. You need some previous knowledge of Chinese, though.

교육 기관: Virginia W

May 17, 2019

Challenging for a first timer, but well set out and good pace.

교육 기관: K S S d S

Jul 17, 2019

very intersting and fun introduction to chinese characters ..

교육 기관: Polpipat P

May 15, 2020

Some videos sound quality isn't good.

교육 기관: Herschel

Oct 07, 2019


교육 기관: Rogayah Y

Aug 26, 2017

With so little instruction about the words it was difficult to understand the choice of words in a sentence and their use. My translations of some of the sentences in the quiz at the end of each session was sometimes a matter of guesswork, inspired or not, it was without insight. Will that come later?

I did feel that my written Chinese has improved through looking at the way the characters were formed within the grid. Of that I have no complaint. All in all I felt that the course stretched me and I have benefitted from it.

교육 기관: Чупрова А А

May 24, 2019

there was quite a lot of typos. also in some exercises in tests there was no right answers at all according to the results i got after rewriting tests for 3 times.

교육 기관: Benjamin K

Jul 05, 2019

Good basics, but lacking explanation especially in the practice tests, because sometimes complex sentences are shown, which were never taught.

교육 기관: Jennifer b

Jun 07, 2020

The pictures were often unclear which made it difficult to know what the correct answer was. Other than that I enjoyed the course

교육 기관: Elizabeth N C

Jul 25, 2020


교육 기관: Mik A

Nov 20, 2017

The Good.

I appreciate the video transcription. Rather than watch the videos, I rely on the transcription to populate my SRS (spaced repetition system) tool.

I value image use within quiz questions. Although I don't watch videos, I am able to open a quiz and retrieve images to use with my SRS.

The Bad.

Errors. Errors found by students and captured in forum posts remain unresolved.

Feedback. Quizzes fail to evaluate progress. Slides systematically focus on stroke type, stroke order, and vocabulary introduction. Some quiz questions evaluate a students vocabulary knowledge. However, quiz questions do not qualify stroke type or order. Furthermore, after only a few lessons a third of the quiz questions evaluate grammar through sentence based prompts. Since the facilitator failed to provide grammar guidance within class videos and quiz questions do not qualify stroke type or order, quizzes fail to evaluate the student's comprehension of the course material. Please ensure every quiz question may be answered through content presented in the videos.

Partial Compromise.

iPhone and Memrise, the touch screen driven SRS. I used the syllabus, transcripts, Pleco app. and to create my own training material and quiz questions. iPhone's "Chinese (Simplified) - Handwriting" keyboard allows me to practice stroke type and order. allows me to enter answers from with the Handwriting keyboard. In instances I forget the meaning of a character, I use the Handwriting keyboard to feed the Pleco app. and look up the meaning.

Grammar - The Gap.

I did not find an online grammar reference that followed the syllabus and offered guidance as well as reading material. To answer grammar dependent quiz questions I guessed. When I guessed wrong, I relied on Google Translate to do a better job at guessing.

교육 기관: Linda D

May 03, 2020

starts out well, but a few weeks in we need more than drawing animations and the odd bit of historical info. I understand that the course is about the characters, and not about learning the language. Nonetheless, some of the quiz questions are asking us to place the correct characters in sentences. By week 4, this had become very difficult, even though I have previously completed some Chinese language courses. We just aren't given the information needed for those problems.

Also, it appears that the course is not monitored by any teachers or assistants. Quiz 15 is corrupted - all the text is missing. I flagged this in the forum a month ago and there has been no response and no fix.

교육 기관: Sylvia M S

Nov 08, 2019

It is very difficult to learn characters out of context. On the one hand, calligraphy is extremely nice and fun, but memorizing characters apart from sentences does not make sense.