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In this course you will learn about the importance of quality in healthcare and how you can contribute by implementing a quality improvement (QI) project to improve processes of care and patient outcomes. You will learn about powerful tools to add to your QI ‘toolbox’ during short lectures and reflective exercises. You will apply these tools to the implementation of a QI project in your own practice setting or an area of personal improvement. At the completion of the course, you will have a storyboard that captures your QI project success to share with others. The QI project will be considered within the context of interprofessional teams and from a systems perspective. The objective of this course is to empower you, the working healthcare professional, to improve your knowledge and skills in the science of quality improvement so that you can take action in your own clinical setting to improve the quality of care for your patients and their families....
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Take the Lead on Healthcare Quality Improvement의 15개 리뷰 중 1~15

교육 기관: Simonov O

2021년 1월 8일

It was a very difficult and stressful course. Despite the fact that the course was developed in a nursing school, it is extremely useful for doctors. The course covers issues of quality of care, systems thinking, process approach and project development. In order to successfully complete the course, you need to achieve 32 deadlines in 6 weeks! The course is an excellent addition to the "Patient Safety" specialization from the Johns Hopkins University. Thanks to the developers!

교육 기관: Andrew D

2017년 3월 20일

Course itself is a 4 star, pretty good. The service from Coursera a one star. An assignment was submitted by the deadline but was never reviewed. Course closed and they say I have to enroll in the next course. What a huge pain. Wont take Coursera classes again for certificate.

교육 기관: Dr. R A

2017년 4월 4일

wonderful learning experience

교육 기관: Silvia

2017년 3월 13일

Very well! I learnt a lot!

교육 기관: Shaker A

2017년 5월 10일

Improved QI knowledge

교육 기관: BORIS M B

2019년 12월 30일

useful! must have!

교육 기관: Alejandro A G G

2018년 11월 1일

very good

교육 기관: Angelica M S

2017년 5월 7일

The course itself is good, You learn a lot and very practical, Recommend to anyone trying to enhance their QI knowledge and trying to initiate QI initiative/project. However not many people enrolled at the time makes difficult for getting assignments graded on time and you are at the mercy of other students hopefully reviewing multiple students to hopefully review your classwork. May require multiple attempts at different class sessions to be able to get all assignment graded and earn certificate. As I struggled to get my assignments graded by others, I reviewed other students assignments I noticed many students on the same predicament.

교육 기관: gabriel p k

2017년 3월 16일

Since I started this course it has helped me to change my thinking and the way I am trying to find the solution to improve the working enviroment of my working place and the people I am working with.

I can rate this a a successfull course for any one.

what I missed from this course is the interaction between the lecturer and the people who are learning the course.W e have missed the taste of coaching.

Thank you

Gabriel Paul Kissima

Karatu,Arusha, Tanzania

교육 기관: Felicitas A d C

2022년 4월 3일

It would be worthwhile if the instructors provide feedback to the assignments. If only the students review the assignments, it feels like it's the blind leading the blind. We need the expert feedback of the course faculty for maximum learning.

교육 기관: Harry C

2016년 11월 14일

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and feel it's content was very relevant. However, it felt outdated in some respects and at times a little hard to follow. But, well worthwhile for anyone in Healthcare!

교육 기관: Christopher m

2018년 8월 31일

Great experience. The step by step guidelines are vey helpful

교육 기관: asmaa f f k

2022년 2월 17일

hard but deserve

교육 기관: Mohamed H E

2016년 12월 21일

Excellent course

교육 기관: Alla P

2018년 3월 7일

This course is pretty boring sometimes that's why there is little motivation to do homework..(