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Health behavior lies at the core of any successful public health intervention. While we will examine the behavior of individual in depth in this course, we also recognize by way of the Ecological Model that individual behavior is encouraged or constrained by the behavior of families, social groups, communities, organizations and policy makers. We recognize that behavior change is not a simplistic process but requires an understanding of dimensions like frequency, complexity and cultural congruity. Such behavioral analysis is strengthened through the use of a toolkit of theoretical models and practical frameworks. While many of such models and frameworks exist, in this course we will review the Health Belief Model, Social Learning Theory, Theory of Reasoned Action, the Trans-Theoretical Model and the PRECEDE Framework. After building your behavioral analysis toolkit with these examples, you will see that actual behavior change program planning uses a combination of ideas and variables from different models, theories and frameworks. Ultimately we aim to encourage course participants to apply the idea that successful programs are theory based as they go about involving people in improving their health....

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2019년 7월 1일

highly educative and strongly recommended to other professionals with basic interest in health psychology


2020년 5월 14일

great course to learn basics of health behaving models.

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교육 기관: Tommy G

2019년 1월 27일

Great Course! It gives you a broad perspective of the values expectancies poepole put into PHC programs and how we as public health proffesonals can use a framwork to identify the variables that may influence people to take certains health realted decissions.

Thanks to all the coursera team, praised be the Lord for this opportunity.

교육 기관: Elvira E G

2021년 11월 22일

I liked it a lot; the way the case studies and presentations, supported by the analysis made by the professor in the diagrams, greatly facilitated the understanding of the models and their practical application for the design of effective health interventions. In addition, it was fascinating to identify all the factors that influence people's decisions and behaviors about health actions and the way in which we can orient a positive response to the interventions and actions that we can include as reinforcement of the desired behavior change. It will be very useful in my next designing and planning a health intervention

교육 기관: Deusdenir d S M

2020년 1월 27일

Wonderful! I recommend for everyone who work with health and treatment. It´s important know better perceptions and social interpretations about health and illness because it´s is crucial for organizing therapeutic projects.

교육 기관: Victor J G D

2020년 6월 13일

These types of courses are of high value for those of us in the Health Sector as it helps us understand many elements to better perform our role as public servants.

교육 기관: Ayobami O

2019년 7월 2일

highly educative and strongly recommended to other professionals with basic interest in health psychology

교육 기관: Pinnaduwa H I M D S

2020년 5월 15일

great course to learn basics of health behaving models.

교육 기관: Elkan R

2020년 6월 26일

Extremely enjoyable and interesting

교육 기관: melody d

2019년 7월 27일

thank you for this helpful course.

교육 기관: Anumudu C B

2018년 3월 19일

Exceptionally educating.

교육 기관: Rachael M

2019년 5월 14일

Very Good!

교육 기관: Daniel G

2018년 3월 24일

This course would be decent, if it had more people, and required three reviews rather than two. Unfortunately having only two peer reviewers increases the option of one peer reviewer completely messing with the outcome.

교육 기관: Jonathan G

2018년 3월 1일

this course was self-explanatory yet confusing. I already took courses like this before but the instruction on how to do the assignment was misleading. It was impossible to know what was required!