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Interprofessional Healthcare Informatics is a graduate-level, hands-on interactive exploration of real informatics tools and techniques offered by the University of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota's National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education. We will be incorporating technology-enabled educational innovations to bring the subject matter to life. Over the 10 modules, we will create a vital online learning community and a working healthcare informatics network. We will explore perspectives of clinicians like dentists, physical therapists, nurses, and physicians in all sorts of practice settings worldwide. Emerging technologies, telehealth, gaming, simulations, and eScience are just some of the topics that we will consider. Throughout the course, we’ll focus on creativity, controversy, and collaboration - as we collectively imagine and create the future within the rapidly evolving healthcare informatics milieu. All healthcare professionals and IT geeks are welcome!...

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Apr 07, 2017

The course was very informative to expand upon. It would have been very nice to have the presentation material made available in the form of slides or a readable PDF document...


Oct 13, 2015

This course is just perfect,\n\nthe layout\n\nthe details,\n\nit is a well thoughout course, very easy to understand, extensive materials to look at

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