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상트 페테르부르크 주립 대학교의 History of Russia: from Ancient Rus to the Time of Troubles 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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The course was created with the support of the «History of Motherland» fund ( This course offers unique lectures by the leading professors of St. Petersburg State University, interesting assignments, interactive maps and much more. The online course «History of Russia» follows the tradition of teaching Russian history at St. Petersburg State University, which is distinguished by its approach to the analysis of historical problems and the scientific understanding of events, periods, epochs in their historical relationship. Thoroughly selected factual material serves as the basis that enables learners to conduct an independent analysis of the history of Russian state. The course covers the history of the Russian state from Ancient Russia to the Time of Troubles and the learners and the learners are welcome to join the discussion on the topical issues of Russian history. Upon completion of the course, learners will shape a structured understanding of the main stages of Russian history, based on facts and concepts that are established and acknowledged in historiography. Course program: 1. Ancient Russia. 2. Russia and the Mongols. Moscow Russia. 3. The Russian State at the end of the 15th — 16th centuries. 4.The Time of Troubles in Russia....
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History of Russia: from Ancient Rus to the Time of Troubles의 1개 리뷰 중 1~1

교육 기관: Elizabeth N C

2021년 12월 9일

The course is well structured and it is interesting to know about the history of Russia but be more specific in the explanation of the history in the questions of the questionnaires that the questions are more specific or direct, not very extensive