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An introduction to physics in the context of everyday objects....

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2022년 3월 29일

Loved this course I thought it was a great course for the Introduction to Physics. It was easy enough to understand and Lu had a strong passion for what he was teaching. All in all great course. 10/10


2020년 5월 29일

Excellent Course for someone who seeks to learn Physics and its applications. Professor Bloomfield is Exceptional as he explains concepts with practical examples. Definitely a highly worthy course!!!

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교육 기관: RATAN K S

2020년 4월 3일

it was fantastic

교육 기관: Chayon G

2020년 7월 2일

Good indeed.

교육 기관: Md A A

2020년 9월 13일

good course

교육 기관: Hamza E h

2016년 2월 18일

verry good

교육 기관: Prasanga N D

2020년 10월 9일


교육 기관: Jaswant D

2020년 8월 5일


교육 기관: Shone G

2020년 7월 13일


교육 기관: Praveen R V

2020년 7월 7일


교육 기관: Yeasir m s

2020년 6월 23일


교육 기관: Koustav M

2020년 6월 17일


교육 기관: KODURI P

2020년 5월 6일


교육 기관: Janice O J T

2020년 11월 13일

It's a great course but I prefer the videos to be shortened and to just bring out the main key points. The videos were slightly too long for me and I didn't really have much patience to finish watching them. However, it's a great job Professor Bloomfield made it interactive by having us answer questions in the midst of the long videos!

교육 기관: Anthony D

2019년 1월 17일

Great, challenging material. I paid for a certificate and received a B in the course. My only complaint is the forums were empty. I wish there was a lot more active people on the forums. It would have helped.

교육 기관: addy m

2020년 10월 29일

physics is more about what we experienced day in and out and this course has enlightening me more on what is happening and the effect nature has on it

교육 기관: Sanju N

2020년 5월 5일

Practical things were good. Could've been more interesting and precise, Felt some videos were too long

교육 기관: navyakasthuri

2020년 5월 19일

It is very nice and I improved my basics.tq u so much

교육 기관: Matthew W

2020년 5월 7일

Good if you speak English

교육 기관: Elias J A

2020년 7월 17일

It's a good "intro" but really nothing more than that. Very elementary; grade-school. There's an attempt at passion made but it comes off cheesily and a bit forced, and things are kept veryyyy simple -- I feel like this could be a great course, but for teenyboppers and their moms, not those seeking an online university experience.

교육 기관: Michael F

2018년 1월 24일

Unable to review fully as I am not going to finish this course at this time. Need something with a little more depth.

교육 기관: Aditi A

2020년 6월 19일

It needs high level of understanding

교육 기관: David P

2019년 10월 19일

Videos were too long

교육 기관: Chantal

2015년 8월 28일


교육 기관: Brent L

2019년 10월 21일

You allow me to sign up for free, you indicate I am signing up for free, then charge a fee to grade the first quiz??? But of course I can continue listening to subsequent Intro. Physics lectures from UVA.

Use part of your balance sheet asset total! My bank account total is considerable less than yours!!

교육 기관: shahad a

2020년 5월 12일

no basics and the teacher did not explain everything and every detail to solve all these kinds of questions. if you think me a scientist to give me these questions then I will not need to join this course. you gave me difficult questions and if you explain enough to me then they become much easier. by the way, science is cool but why u make people hate it by making it difficult.

교육 기관: Yensu A

2022년 4월 21일

I saw some logic flaws in the very first assessment. This, on top of the fact that the professor is trying to sell his own books for profit, I cannot endorse this course.