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大家好!Hi, everyone, welcome to join our Chinese for HSK Level 4 course. This is CHEN Li and LU Yun, and we are very happy to meet you here! Chinese for HSK 4 is a 10-week course. It consists of two parts: Part I, which is a 6-week program, covers vocabulary and grammar delivered mainly through dialogues and passages; Part II takes 4 weeks to complete and the foci are exercises and testing strategies. Chinese for HSK 4 aims at the fourth level of HSK. It is the counterpart of Level 4 of the Chinese Language Proficiency Scales for Speakers of Other Languages and the B2 Level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Chinese for HSK 4 includes:  424 new HSK 4 vocabularies;  Detailed explanation about 96 key words and grammar points;  Analyze reading and listening materials from Official Examination Paper of HSK Level 4  Review the words you have learnt in HSK 1 、HSK 2、HSK 3 courses.  New words and texts via audio;  Quizzes for each lesson and HSK test papers; At the end of the course, you will be able to converse in Chinese on a wide range of topics and are able to communicate fluently with native Chinese speakers. Specifically, you will master certain grammar knowledge containing fundamental sentence structure and usage like sentences with “不仅A而且/还B”(not merely A, but also B);“无论(A还是B),都.....”(whether A or B);“既然…..就…..” (since); “在…….下" (on the condition of );“即使……也”(even though/if );“甚至" (even to the extent that) ;“千万要/不要/别”(make sure to ) and so on. It does not matter if you complete HSK Level 3 or not, as long as you have obtained elementary Chinese language competency. Hope you enjoy our HSK courses. CHEN Li, LU Yun and Chinese for HSK Level 4 team....
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교육 기관: Patrick L R B

Aug 14, 2019

교육 기관: Min Z

Nov 18, 2018

교육 기관: Roman K

Aug 25, 2018

교육 기관: Isaac

Mar 17, 2018

교육 기관: RAJESH J R

Mar 29, 2018

교육 기관: Isabel F

Apr 21, 2018

교육 기관: Koka K

Apr 02, 2019

교육 기관: Amanda F

Apr 21, 2019

교육 기관: 罗明月

Apr 05, 2019

교육 기관: Marcus M

Mar 24, 2019

교육 기관: Randy T

May 14, 2019

교육 기관: Ed L

May 17, 2019

교육 기관: Rahul K L D

Jun 05, 2019

교육 기관: Gina L G Z

Aug 02, 2019

교육 기관: Mariama

Aug 16, 2019

교육 기관: Fraser G

May 22, 2019

교육 기관: Gene R D

Aug 18, 2019

교육 기관: Michal Š

Sep 09, 2019

교육 기관: Vu T H

Sep 10, 2019

교육 기관: Maria

Aug 22, 2019

교육 기관: To H T

Aug 23, 2019

교육 기관: David

Aug 22, 2019

교육 기관: An-An T

Sep 18, 2019

교육 기관: Phusanisa R

Sep 04, 2019

교육 기관: Mirna G L G R

Sep 05, 2019