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In this course, you will learn how to design technologies that bring people joy, rather than frustration. You'll learn several techniques for rapidly prototyping (such as Wizard of Oz Prototyping) and evaluating multiple interface alternatives -- and why rapid prototyping and comparative evaluation are essential to excellent interaction design. You'll learn how to conduct fieldwork with people to help you get design ideas. How to make paper prototypes and low-fidelity mock-ups that are interactive -- and how to use these designs to get feedback from other stakeholders like your teammates, clients, and users. Armed with these design-thinking strategies, you’ll be able to do more creative human-centered design in any domain. This is the first course offered in the interaction design specialization series. Browse through previous capstone projects for some inspiration here:

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2020년 4월 10일

I just loved this lesson! Lots of things to explore. A lot of hands-on experience. I am very pleased with the amount of theory and study that I have.\n\nI wish to thank UC San Diego & Scott Klemmer

2021년 2월 4일

This course opened my eyes to the foundational basis of design as a problem solving tool primarily. Can't wait to apply all I have learned and make world class designs that make the world better!

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교육 기관: Ghaffar A

2017년 1월 29일

Just great!

교육 기관: yashar k s

2016년 10월 4일

Best Course

교육 기관: Shiva P L

2016년 3월 11일

best course

교육 기관: Daniela C

2016년 1월 15일

Very good.

교육 기관: Pintu D

2020년 5월 20일


교육 기관: Carlos A M Z

2019년 8월 31일


교육 기관: Stefania T P

2019년 6월 25일

I love it

교육 기관: Prashant J

2019년 3월 22일


교육 기관: John B S

2018년 10월 16일

well done

교육 기관: virat a

2015년 12월 20일

thank you

교육 기관: Ashish K

2020년 12월 24일

loved it

교육 기관: 1900016113 Z r a s

2020년 11월 3일



2020년 10월 19일


교육 기관: SAPUTRA B I

2020년 10월 6일


교육 기관: Ankit K S

2018년 10월 28일


교육 기관: Ahmed A E H

2018년 10월 26일


교육 기관: Saransh

2018년 10월 20일


교육 기관: DengYi

2017년 6월 26일


교육 기관: xipzhao

2016년 4월 11일


교육 기관: Anthony Z

2017년 5월 15일

The teacher is obviously knowledgeable about the subject, is courageous to challenge the ULA's. It is good to see someone making a stand. Most importantly, he makes us do very relevant assignments. If done correctly, it will comprise an outstanding portfolio. I believe there is some room to improve as far as tests and the grading of tests goes. A test/quiz should have questions and answers that are representative of the course or week. On the last quiz, the correct answer to what do these two screenshots of websites have in common is the heuristic principal of: atheistic and minimalist. That is not one of the ten principals from the lesson. Clean and functional design is. Sometimes question focus on items non mentioned or not emphasized in lecture. A review of all questions and answers would be good. All in all, this is a fantastic course and I am taking it specially due to the professor. Thanks. Last, I learn a lot from grading other peoples work and it is exciting that people from all over the world are signing up for this. It must be the beach in SD. Am very happy to be here. ;)

교육 기관: Thais P

2018년 12월 16일

I'm really enjoying the course so far. The lectures are packed with really interesting content. The pace can be a little fast so I am happy to have the option to pause the videos and look over the lecture transcripts. I really enjoyed the first assignment and while the peer review process is something new and challenging for me - looking over other people's work is super helpful as you can develop greater insights about how other people think through a problem. It is a skill to be able to review others' work constructively and one that I look forward to improving throughout this process. My two suggestions for improvement would be: 1) to require an explanation from peers who did not give points for an assignment question so the author has a chance to learn from the experience 2) The multiple choice questions are sometimes a bit too open to interpretation or vaguely phrased. It would be helpful if they could be given more context in places (I found this particularly challenging with the first few questions surrounding research methods).

교육 기관: Janne K

2018년 5월 16일

Very much enjoyed the course. But (as John Siracusa says) nothing is so perfect that it can't be complained about, so here be some random grumbles:

It wasn't very clear that the first week's exercise was optional (I was solo traveling abroad at the time so couldn't conduct three observation sessions — I'm not _that_ extroverted — and the first thing Coursera would always tell me afterwards when I logged in was to remind that I can still complete this exercise. Which made it sound like it was necessary to do so, even if the grading page clearly told otherwise.)

Some videos had a completely different transcript (though about similar topics) than what was spoken on the video.

Some video quizzes wouldn't pop up. Others, already answered, would pop up again when I wanted to go back and watch something again.

The final quiz had some rather silly questions

교육 기관: Jenny S

2020년 12월 14일

The course was very interesting and the short videos make it easy to take in a little at a time. The quizzes and assignments were relevant as well. Sometimes the instructions were a tad confusing and could have been shorter/simpler.

This is more of an issue with the site in general - it was hard to know where to find discussions between all the different options (course forums, assignment threads, Slack). In fact Coursera could use a bit of a revamp to be a little more user-friendly. I often had to take several steps to look for a discussion. Sometimes I would be given choices of assignments to peer review, and other times I was only offered one. I could choose another one in a discussion thread, but if there was no link I couldn't figure out how to access that person's assignment.

교육 기관: Kelly

2020년 2월 27일

Having had no prior experience in design or design thinking, this course was a really good introduction into the world of design. The four weeks covered different aspects of the process of creation, implementation, and execution well , especially for a beginner. Every topic was thoroughly explained by the professor, and broken down into simpler terms. One thing I wish was covered was the process of designing, whether it be an app or product. What is the process of creating beautiful and efficient designs, and what are some fundamentals of good design? Overall a valuable course!

교육 기관: Tyler C

2017년 12월 23일

I'd like to rank this 3.5 stars, there is some quality control issues with the quiz at the end of Week 4–I took the quiz on my iPhone and it graded correct problems as incorrect. I had to take it on my Mac in order to pass the quiz. Some of the older videos in the course didn't feel like learning - it was just slides in a video.

Lack of supplemental reading material or extra credit / honors options didn't provide the learning I was looking for.

Very excited for week 2 though!