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Course 3 of Statistical Thermodynamics, Ideal Gases, explores the behavior of systems when intermolecular forces are not important. This done by evaluating the appropriate partition functions for translational, rotational, vibrational and/or electronic motion. We start with pure ideal gases including monatomic, diatomic and polyatomic species. We then discuss both non-reacting and reacting ideal gas mixtures as both have many industrial applications. Computational methods for calculating equilibrium properties are introduced. We also discuss practical sources of ideal gas properties. Interestingly, in addition to normal low density gases, photons and electrons in metals can be described as though they are ideal gases and so we discuss them....

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2020년 6월 22일

This is definitely the best course that I've had on ideal gases. It is such an eye opener.

2020년 5월 17일

helps you strengthen your thermo basics and advance further. Excellent course!

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Ideal Gases의 20개 리뷰 중 1~20

교육 기관: Allan J G V

2020년 4월 27일

It's really nice to see applied thermo and statistics to this field, but mos of the time it seems quizzes don't relate to the material.

교육 기관: Anjali K

2020년 8월 31일

I did not enjoy this course as it contain unwanted quiz numericals and this course is very brief... And not at all able to understand all concepts. It even should contain some solved numericals and a detailed information and explanation.

교육 기관: Mohnish L

2020년 7월 23일


교육 기관: Surya_Narayan

2020년 5월 18일

helps you strengthen your thermo basics and advance further. Excellent course!

교육 기관: Prasad S

2020년 6월 21일

The course is good for advanced learners with already some knowledge of radiation, thermodynamics, and quantum mechanics. The exposure to various tools for chemical analysis through this course is good. However, I do feel that the instructor would take his time and teach more elaborately. Also I feel some of the quizzes/discussion prompts arrive earlier than the actual lecture related to it; which seemed a bit odd to me.

교육 기관: Kasuntha M

2021년 4월 11일

Great course to learn about Ideal Gases and I highly recommend this course.

교육 기관: Haroon A

2020년 7월 2일


교육 기관: Simon L

2021년 3월 22일

The exercises are quite random and several are not doable with the knowledge taught int the course, that's quite frustrating.

교육 기관: Soumyadeep B

2020년 10월 4일

This was a great time , enrolling this course on ideal gases. Thank you Prof. John W. Daily for these course lectures are meant to explain us so beautifully. And thank you Coursera for giving such opportunity.

교육 기관: Davide C

2021년 8월 19일

With respect to the previous courses, this was quite simple. The professor's explanation were quite deep and useful.

교육 기관: Odedo N B

2020년 6월 23일

This is definitely the best course that I've had on ideal gases. It is such an eye opener.

교육 기관: Shoroye M E

2020년 6월 24일

learnt a whole lot, forever grateful


2021년 5월 28일

Very educational and informative

교육 기관: Sumit M

2020년 6월 10일


교육 기관: Samuel O

2020년 6월 23일


교육 기관: Ma Y

2020년 10월 29일

Again, the concept and lecture of this course are well designed. But unfortunately, the exercise is of relatively poor quality. The assessment is weak as well.

교육 기관: Chinenye C N

2021년 5월 16일

It is very interesting but the week one was a difficult one for me.

교육 기관: Okpongete E

2020년 7월 7일

Awesome course, pushed me out of my limits.

교육 기관: Jovi K

2020년 7월 14일

Great course.

교육 기관: Nanda K

2020년 9월 29일