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Indigenous Canada is a 12-lesson Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) from the Faculty of Native Studies that explores the different histories and contemporary perspectives of Indigenous peoples living in Canada. From an Indigenous perspective, this course explores complex experiences Indigenous peoples face today from a historical and critical perspective highlighting national and local Indigenous-settler relations. Topics for the 12 lessons include the fur trade and other exchange relationships, land claims and environmental impacts, legal systems and rights, political conflicts and alliances, Indigenous political activism, and contemporary Indigenous life, art and its expressions....

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2021년 6월 23일

Very informative, I really enjoyed this course. The perspectives presented were eye-opening, and it was nice to be able to learn more about Indigenous peoples and what they have endured on their land.


2021년 6월 29일

I thoroughly enjoyed this course in the the way it is presented and the information given. It expanded my knowledge and insights of indigenous history, culture, and knowledge, as well as so much more.

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교육 기관: Kit B

2021년 7월 8일

​I thoroughly emjoyed this course and learned so much. I love history, particularly Canadian history, and this course opened a whole new understanding of the Indigenous people and their roles in Canada,s history and development. The course material was laid out in a clear and logical pattern, and I looked forward to each new module. The instructors were clear and interesting to listen to, the guest speaker videos added to the content, and the course notes were helpful in reinforcing the videos and studying for the quizes. I looked forward to viewing and listening to Leah Dorion speak about her art pieces, it was like my reward for completing each module. I fell in love with her art and hope to purchase a print from this collection.

I​ did not sign up for the certificate, and am now wishing I had as I worked very hard on this. I have been trying to navigate my way through to sign up for this, have not succeeded yet, but will continue to figure it out.

T​hank you to all who created and taught Indigenous Canada.

교육 기관: Janice N

2021년 3월 11일

This was a brilliant, thought provoking and very enlightening expose on the revisionist history as recorded by white explorers. I am embarrassed to admit my lack of knowledge concerning historical facts. I was well aware of the cultural genocide perpetrated against the wise, generous and noble race of First Nations people but this course identified the insidious manner in which Aboriginal people lost their territorial rights and their capacity to thrive independent of government "intervention". My spirit is strengthened recognizing how past injustices can be reconciled through acknowledging egregious acts of oppression. illegal misrepresentation of the "law", and military/political malice. My prayer is for a thorough and swift restoration of indigenous spiritual, cultural and societal status for my beloved brothers and sisters and for their vibrant, powerful moral, cultural integrity and innate wisdom to prevail. May the Great Creator continue to bless and prosper you in supernatural and tangible ways.

교육 기관: Albert G L

2020년 10월 21일

I am 74 years Aboriginal and enjoyed the history of Canada. I am a residential school survivor and did not know much of Canadian history and my Canadian heritage. I left my home shortly after and went to work and later got an education and upgraded myself to improve my livelihood. My friends were mostly non aboriginal and I married a white woman with aboriginal ancestry. I almost lost my Cree but gradually learned to speak it again but my children don't speak Cree and always asked why I didn't teach them. My only excuse was we had to speak the one language we can all understand. This is one example of assimilation and the attempt made by the government to strip us of our cultures. We are resilient people and we strongly regained our cultures of different tribes. Things haven't changed much, we still have a long ways to go with regards to respecting our treaties. Just look around you. we are all children of the most high God, our Creator of the Universe, Mother Earth and our grandparents. God Bless

교육 기관: Leanna B

2019년 8월 21일

I am white and my ancestors are colonizers. I took this course because I realized how ignorant I was to Indigenous history in Canada. I read stories in the media that I did not understand and wished to seek out a better education. Anything that I learned in the public school system, which was limited to begin with, was post-colonialization and from the perspective of Europeans. Since taking this course and having many conversations about it with my mom, who is currently in grad school, she decided to take an Indigenous Studies class herself. I have also been able to apply to newfound knowledge to conversations with other non-Indigenous folks and have really productive dialogue. I hope to continue the conversation, respect the land I inhabit and be an ally for this community. Many thanks for creating this fantastic course.

교육 기관: Laurie G

2021년 8월 12일

I​ found this course to be very informative, eye-opening and thought provoking. It has certainly helped me to have a much better understanding of the many challenges faced by Indigenous people today and why such challenges continue to exit (intergenerational trauma, government policies and an un-informed public etc.). I personally feel a course such as this should be taught in all schools, starting in junior high and expanded upon my understanding of ondigenous people was based on the colonial interpretation, which would be the case for many. I applaud the work that would have gone into creating such a course and am thankful for the opportunity to learn about Indigenous people from their own lens. Time well spent and I will be sharing this course and how to access within my own group of freinds and family. Thank you

교육 기관: Norma L

2021년 2월 22일

The lectures were clear, accessible, varied and allowed me the time I needed to review and think about the material they contained. I loved looking at Leah Dorion's art works and seeing the visual images that accompanied the lectures. I enjoyed listening to all the speakers and being able to follow along with the transcripts if I felt I wanted to do so. I also enjoyed the invitation to view Indigenous artworks outside the frame of this course, which I was able to do because the course provided some key names. This was a disturbing and stimulating course, a perfect introduction to important current affairs. The past cannot be changed, but we are able to make responsible and accountable choices in the present in the hope we contribute to a better future for everyone. Thank you for offering this course.

교육 기관: Andrea E

2020년 9월 7일

What a fabulous way to educate Canadians in a collaborative, empathetic and compassion way. Thank you to all of the contributors, academics and visionaries who saw this course through to its completion. As a non-Indigenous elementary school educator, this course gave me that very important ´next step' that I have been looking for the past 3 years. I work alongside the Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack Fund and with several community groups in The Dish With One Spoon, so becoming better educated in our shared (and tumultuous!) history is of utmost importance back in the classroom and at home with my own young children. I highly recommend the resources available in this course to all Canadians, and hope to rely on this experience moving forward in my own journey to Reconciliation. Miigwech. Andrea Eby

교육 기관: Angela F

2021년 8월 28일

I am so grateful for this course. I feel appalled and ashamed about the education that the Canadian catholic school system of the 80's saw fit to NOT provide me. Like many others have commented, I feel like I was vaguely aware of various parts of this history, but certainly not with a true understanding. I relish the opportunity to better inform my own children and, though deeply saddened by so much of what I've learned here, I remain hopeful for real, meaningful, lasting change for Canada's future. Every Canadian should have this information so our history can be accurately told.

교육 기관: Sarah S

2021년 9월 27일

Thank you for providing me with such an eye-opening foundation to understanding indigenous worldviews, history, communities and how they interacted with Canadian settlers from first contact to modern times. This course from an indigenous perspective should be essential learning in our school curriculum. I highly recommend this course to anyone sincerely interested in learning about the richness of indigenous cultures and experience, from the fur trade and land treaties, to residential school trauma and environmental activism to art.

교육 기관: Darlene W

2021년 8월 27일

I have learned so very much. I've learned about colonialism, indigenous worldviews and their connection and respect for mother earth, the importance of storytelling and artwork, how important the past is to the future, respect for others, cultures and land to name a few. By offering this course to everyone for free will hopefully change what is taught for Canadian History because it's been taught incorrectly for much too long. Thank you to everyone :)

교육 기관: Gabriele B

2021년 12월 23일

Was so unaware and shocked as to how badly and poorly Indigenous people have been and still are treated in Canada. Really bothered me that I never heard, knew or was taught any of this when I was in school in the 60's as I did not even know that residential schools existed. I have learned so much from this course and gained a whole new respect and understanding for First Nations Peoples. Thank you

교육 기관: Scott H

2021년 8월 28일

I felt the content of this course was a great introduction to learning about the Indigenous people of Canada, the material was delivered in an easy to follow manner and made it easy to absorb. I enjoyed this course quite a bit and being able to do it on my own time was really beneficial to me being able to retain the information I was learning.

교육 기관: Tierney S

2022년 2월 10일

The history course Canada needs to incorporate into our mandatory P-12 education. Truly amazed at how ignorant I was to Indigenous History and how this ignorance influcenced misconceptions about Indigenous Rights and Culture. Thankful for the privledge to have learned from the expertise of course contributors.

교육 기관: Camille R

2021년 8월 27일

​Covers many important topics very well. Represents the true seriousness of Indigenous history in Canada. As First Nations myself, I learned so much more from this course that I have never learned before. This was enlightening, informative, and a great source of valuable information.

교육 기관: Stacey W

2021년 8월 27일

Excellent course. Loved the freedom to explore the lectures at times where it fit in my schedule. Learned a lot of information that was never included in our previous schooling about Indigenous People. Thank you for the opportunity to learn more and understand.

교육 기관: Beverly C

2021년 12월 18일

C​ongratulations! You have created an essential course for Canadians. I am angry I did not have this information earlier in my life but I will certainly strongly recommend this to my friends and acquaintences. Special thanks for the reading list and course notes.

교육 기관: Alexandre H

2021년 9월 28일

Very informative for a starter to learn and understand more about indigenous peoples of Canada. I thank you very much for making it available, I spent 12 fantastic hours! Special thanks to the narrators and the artist whose art was very moving and beautiful.

교육 기관: Barbara K

2021년 12월 20일

Really enjoyed the format, the pace, the structure, the presenters/presentations/support materials provided in this program. The content topics built upon one another really well. Thank you for creating and providing an invitation to learn !

교육 기관: Myrna H

2021년 12월 19일

This was an exceptional opportunity to learn about Indigenous people and the history of colonialism including Canada's role. The lectures were presented by three engaging people. The content completely relevant. Many thanks.

교육 기관: Lorna R

2021년 8월 26일

Excellent course. Well presented. Very informative. I learned a lot about the Indigenous people, in which I was very ignorant about. This course should be taught to all elementary students in schools across Canada.

교육 기관: Elizabeth A H

2021년 8월 26일

I thought the c​ourse was fantastic! I really enjoyed the information and format for the course and found the lessons full of interesting facts. The only issue I had was in getting the certificate after.

교육 기관: Lisa H

2021년 6월 29일

I​ thoroughly enjoyed this course in the the way it is presented and the information given. It expanded my knowledge and insights of indigenous history, culture, and knowledge, as well as so much more.

교육 기관: Andrea K

2021년 8월 28일

This course was the information I wish I had learned in grade school. As an allied, I look forward to looking into other courses. I feel the faculty did a fabulous job with this introductory course.

교육 기관: Thérèse S

2021년 8월 27일

An excellent course. A few tech glitches such as questions during videos popping up before the item was discussed. But it was an informative and engaging introduction to Indigenous Canada.

교육 기관: Garry B

2021년 8월 27일

Wow! I did not know what I did not know. This course is a great introduction to the tip of a very important knowledge iceberg. Please find the time to take this course.