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This course covers commonly used statistical inference methods for numerical and categorical data. You will learn how to set up and perform hypothesis tests, interpret p-values, and report the results of your analysis in a way that is interpretable for clients or the public. Using numerous data examples, you will learn to report estimates of quantities in a way that expresses the uncertainty of the quantity of interest. You will be guided through installing and using R and RStudio (free statistical software), and will use this software for lab exercises and a final project. The course introduces practical tools for performing data analysis and explores the fundamental concepts necessary to interpret and report results for both categorical and numerical data...

최상위 리뷰

2017년 8월 23일

This course by Professor Çetinkaya-Rundel is awesome because it is taught in a very clear and vivid way. Lab section and forum are so dope that I love them so much! Definitely strong recommendation!!!

2017년 2월 28일

Great course. If you put in a little effort, you will come out with a lot of new knowledge. I recommend using the book after you have seen the movies. It gives a deeper picture of how it works. Great!

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추론적 통계의 414개 리뷰 중 101~125

교육 기관: Andrew L

2017년 5월 23일

An accessible, thorough introduction to the core skills needed to understand the most common tools in inferential statistics and how to apply them with R.

교육 기관: Lotachukwu I

2020년 7월 7일

This course is awesome (Course 1 & 2 have been great so far). You get better at using R while also learning Inferential Statistics. Would 100% recommend.

교육 기관: Srinivasan K

2017년 6월 12일

I have found relevant examples which has explained the concepts very good. Even though the subject is heavy the instructor has kept it very interesting

교육 기관: Arvind M

2017년 8월 2일

One of the best courses on statistics available online. Exercise/Assignment at the end of each module is quite hands on and helps to implement leanings.

교육 기관: Badrinath J

2017년 4월 8일

The instructor is amazing. I wish I had such instructor in my school. I love this course. 5/5. I am new to stats, and I feel like I have strong basics.

교육 기관: Magdalena B

2020년 11월 24일

I liked the course very much. Statistics is not easy (at least for me), but I found that the lectures were very well prepared, organized and explained.

교육 기관: Erik F

2017년 6월 19일

While there is a lot of material in this course, it was taught very well and had good learning material in the accompanying book and practice problems.

교육 기관: Luv S

2018년 6월 11일

Great course. Professor Mine is amazing as usual. She has a really good knack of breaking down difficult concepts and drilling it into your brain.

교육 기관: Ripple S

2020년 4월 25일

I can feel that the tutors put lots of effort into the course. I learnt a lot from it. Thank you so much. Looking forward to your other courses.

교육 기관: Tomasz J

2017년 7월 9일

Very good. There could be more about creation of contingency tables in R which is required for summary statistics in EDA and in the final test!

교육 기관: Bilinclizihin

2018년 5월 9일

Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel is one of the greatest instructor that I'have ever met in online coursing.Her English is ver clear and descriptive.10/10

교육 기관: Yashu S

2017년 9월 23일

Best place to strengthen your basic concepts of inferential statistics. It has been a year since I took this course and I still refer it often.

교육 기관: Christopher T

2017년 2월 21일

Overall great course. The videos were extremely helpful in learning the material. The labs and project were well put together to help learn R.

교육 기관: Pamela W

2016년 12월 15일

This course really helped set up a foundation in inference that I feel like I've missed in other classes I've taken. This was great! Thanks!

교육 기관: Mrinalini S

2018년 11월 19일

This is a very well structured and taught course. It is difficult so make sure to dedicate lots of time for videos, practice, and revisions.

교육 기관: Zohaib S

2018년 4월 28일

Very comprehensive and informative. Must for someone who wants to learn all the statistics required to start his/her career in data science.

교육 기관: Charlotte C

2019년 10월 20일

This is the second in the series with professor Çetinkaya-Rundel. She explains everything very well and makes the subject fascinating.

교육 기관: priyesh s

2019년 2월 25일

This course is super and explained so well by the professor. I would recommend this course to anyone who has interest in data science

교육 기관: 李俊宏

2017년 9월 21일

very good course, I have learned a lot of ideas about inference, the project for every week helps students to learn R quickly!

교육 기관: Jalal A

2018년 3월 8일

If you want to learn inferential statistics and get a clear understanding of the mechanics inside it, dive right into course.

교육 기관: fanjieqi

2017년 11월 27일

So appreciate to the teacher. And I'd like to use the method I learn from class, to solve my individual study of statistics.

교육 기관: Saiful S M S

2017년 1월 10일

Clear & concise; maybe could expand or give alternative R packages to practice on that can be used in inferential statistics

교육 기관: shaghaiegh s

2016년 8월 14일

I am eventually understanding statistical concepts, and realizing delicate differences between similar concepts and methods.

교육 기관: JUAN S P P

2021년 7월 5일

I've learned a lot in this course, the videos and examples from the book are interesting to wide my knowledge in inference.

교육 기관: BULUAG, M K (

2020년 7월 16일

This site have a big advantages to us especially during these days we have difficulty in learning despite of having covid.