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Even decades into the Information Age, accounting practices yet fail to recognize the financial value of information. Moreover, traditional asset management practices fail to recognize information as an asset to be managed with earnest discipline. This has led to a business culture of complacence, and the inability for most organizations to fully leverage available information assets. This second course in the two-part Infonomics series explores how and why to adapt well-honed asset management principles and practices to information, and how to apply accepted and new valuation models to gauge information’s potential and realized economic benefits. In addition, the course will enlighten students on the critical but confounding issues of information ownership, property rights, and sovereignty. The course will wrap up with an overview of emergent roles for the information-savvy organization of the 21st century....

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교육 기관: Joseph S

Jul 06, 2019

Great course! Highly recommended for people who want to understand data valuation.