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This will be part 2 of a two-series foundation courses for the Specialization: International Marketing & Cross Industry Growth. This course will dive in more deeply into consumer science investigation, B2C marketing, International Marketing Entry, Targeting, Positioning, International Product, International Promotion, International Place and International Price. The last set of classes will discuss seven new ways to innovate in International Marketing that all start with the letter "S" and hence will be called the 7S International Marketing Innovation. There will be a heavy emphasis on how companies can incorporate CCCI Innovation, i.e. Cross Country and Cross Industry Innovation in marketing. After you successfully complete this course learners will obtain the following outcomes: (1) from a business to consumer standpoint (B2C), learn how to approach consumers as science investigators. (2) an understanding of how to enter international markets, select targets and position their brands. (3) achieve deeper insights into the core meaning of international marketing elements, i.e. product, promotion, place, and price in the international marketing context, and their inter-element relationships with each other. (4) acquire new thinking about innovating in marketing with the 7S approach: social, small, simple, skip, sports, screen, and set marketing with cross-country and cross-industry innovation implications....

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2022년 6월 12일

This is by far the most informative and entertaining course on Coursera. I haven't fallen asleep once. And I'm learing. Thank you.


2021년 8월 15일

Really loved the course, especially the professor. He provided very valuable insights. I hope to attend his sessions in person.

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International Marketing Entry and Execution의 41개 리뷰 중 26~41

교육 기관: ASHISH B

2018년 5월 28일


교육 기관: Diego A P G

2017년 3월 7일


교육 기관: Swapneel D

2018년 6월 27일


교육 기관: 홍현기

2021년 6월 2일


교육 기관: Andrea M B P

2017년 8월 28일

I think this course was very helpful, but in my opinion the topics covered were a little too varied and some explanations were too vague for me to understand some concepts clearly. I also think it was interesting that many examples were from Asia, and this gave me a deeper sense of understanding for a market that is a little unknown for me.

교육 기관: Soraia M

2020년 8월 21일

It was an excellent course, specially for the clear perception it had given me about marketing concepts. But on the last week, I found barely confusing because of Cross Country and Cross Industry explanation. I believe its should be a little bit more extensive explanation and not fast.

교육 기관: Xiwen Q

2016년 7월 13일

4P theories is applied in cross country cross industry analysis. I think it is very innovative and easy to apply. Wish you could enjoy the course!

교육 기관: Sushmitha S

2020년 10월 14일

Some concepts seemed ambigous but overall great course and a very enthusiastic and amazing professor !

교육 기관: Jordan G

2016년 4월 23일

It's more based on people that knows marketing!!

교육 기관: Paula A G

2020년 7월 1일

Excellent course!

교육 기관: Md. T H B

2020년 10월 9일

The voice accent of the instructor should be improved. the examples should be more explanatory and visualized with photos or any visuals. The way of presentation was boring and not engaging.

교육 기관: Minhaj M

2020년 6월 23일

The course is good. It will be very much helpful if the instructors delivery of speech is more spontaneous.

교육 기관: Elizabeth N C

2021년 10월 15일

More clarity in some lesson examples is very fast

교육 기관: Andrew Y S L

2021년 5월 21일

Same like the previous course, a bit simple

교육 기관: nuttaphol m

2020년 5월 25일


교육 기관: Adithya R

2021년 2월 13일

The English was too complicated! wish it was simple!!!!!