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The impact of technology and networks on our lives, culture, and society continues to increase. The very fact that you can take this course from anywhere in the world requires a technological infrastructure that was designed, engineered, and built over the past sixty years. To function in an information-centric world, we need to understand the workings of network technology. This course will open up the Internet and show you how it was created, who created it and how it works. Along the way we will meet many of the innovators who developed the Internet and Web technologies that we use today. What You Will Learn: After this course you will not take the Internet and Web for granted. You will be better informed about important technological issues currently facing society. You will realize that the Internet and Web are spaces for innovation and you will get a better understanding of how you might fit into that innovation. If you get excited about the material in this course, it is a great lead-in to taking a course in Web design, Web development, programming, or even network administration. At a minimum, you will be a much wiser network citizen....

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2020년 8월 11일

This course was awesome. A combination of the history, sociology and practical architectural / implementation elements of modern digital and internet technology. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks Chuck!


2016년 1월 6일

This is an extremely important course. I would love to see it taught in high schools or in the first year of university. We should all understand how the Internet was developed and how it functions.

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Internet History, Technology, and Security의 646개 리뷰 중 626~646

교육 기관: Ashutosh v

2015년 10월 16일

awesome and informative course

교육 기관: Marci B

2015년 10월 21일

Lots of fun learned alot.

교육 기관: GaoChihoi

2020년 12월 29일

A little bit difficult.

교육 기관: Moresh M

2020년 7월 11일

very informative course

교육 기관: Ludlow P

2020년 5월 13일

Not interesting to me.

교육 기관: PAWAN K C 1 V C

2020년 7월 4일

Good course to learn.

교육 기관: Jorge P

2017년 10월 7일

Very informative

교육 기관: 解银朋

2016년 1월 18일


교육 기관: vivek r

2015년 8월 16일

Very useful..

교육 기관: Antonio C d O I

2015년 11월 6일


교육 기관: Aniket D

2020년 9월 12일

thank you

교육 기관: Santiago F M

2017년 9월 9일


교육 기관: Daphne F

2017년 5월 26일

It was ok, sometimes the videos were dry. I found myself using and techquickie videos to better understand the material in a more interesting way.

교육 기관: Zoltán Z

2015년 8월 28일

It was more historical than I expected. Gave me some new and interesting knowledge especially in security topic.

교육 기관: Alex G

2020년 11월 27일

questionable humor, but otherwise nice scope/survey without going too deep

교육 기관: Ali B

2015년 8월 17일

very funny,enjoyable and helpful

교육 기관: Raffaele M

2022년 1월 29일

T​he first part is all interviews, a barrage of interviews full of small irrelevant details, the second part is very basic stuff

교육 기관: David P

2015년 10월 3일

Perhaps it's just that I'm not a part of the target audience of this course, but I am deeply dissatisfied with it. Aside from a couple of rare interviews and old video records [which admittedly were very interesting, though too few], I found nothing of value that cannot be learned by reading Wikipedia or other easily accessible sources. The course is pretty light on technical details and there could [and perhaps should] have been much more beyond-the-scenes content, as well as references to specific documents and events in order to justify this course's existence.

In other words, if you are a techie and are indeed interested in this topic, chances are that you already know most of the material taught.

교육 기관: Laura V

2015년 10월 19일

Videos are poorly edited (too much blank space, the bullet points are not clearly visible, there is no narrative or discursive structure, the diagrams are not clear, and the interviews are raw and unedited). Sessions are too long and include too much irrelevant information. The little useful information there is, is not structured clearly and thus it's harder to learn. The material for the first 3 weeks resemble more to someone talking about "the good ol' days" rather than a properly thought-out history class. I had to leave the course as I found it to be a waste of my time, and I am glad I decided not to pay for a certificate for it. My expectations were a lot higher for a University course.

교육 기관: rameshkumar g

2019년 2월 9일

Was not useful.

Will not recommend. you can see some youtube videos informally to gain some background information.

교육 기관: Harold A

2017년 11월 12일

Its says i got some wrong when i know i got it right.