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Programmable Logic has become more and more common as a core technology used to build electronic systems. By integrating soft-core or hardcore processors, these devices have become complete systems on a chip, steadily displacing general purpose processors and ASICs. In particular, high performance systems are now almost always implemented with FPGAs. This course will give you the foundation for FPGA design in Embedded Systems along with practical design skills. You will learn what an FPGA is and how this technology was developed, how to select the best FPGA architecture for a given application, how to use state of the art software tools for FPGA development, and solve critical digital design problems using FPGAs. You use FPGA development tools to complete several example designs, including a custom processor. If you are thinking of a career in Electronics Design or an engineer looking at a career change, this is a great course to enhance your career opportunities. Hardware Requirements: You must have access to computer resources to run the development tools, a PC running either Windows 7, 8, or 10 or a recent Linux OS which must be RHEL 6.5 or CentOS Linux 6.5 or later. Either Linux OS could be run as a virtual machine under Windows 8 or 10. The tools do not run on Apple Mac computers. Whatever the OS, the computer must have at least 8 GB of RAM. Most new laptops will have this, or it may be possible to upgrade the memory....

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Sep 18, 2018

Very challenging course with tough assignments and quizes to pass with deadlines but i enjoyed this.\n\nI got practical experience in designing, compiling and analyzing FPGA circuits.


May 07, 2018

This course will take you from a very basic understanding of FPGA technology to experiencing most facets of the design process. I would like to see more courses on this topic.

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Introduction to FPGA Design for Embedded Systems의 72개 리뷰 중 26~50

교육 기관: Bhushan C P

Dec 12, 2017

Ultimate course for FPGA learners those who want to understand complete process of FPGA design for Industry, education & research. Prof. Timothy Scherr and his team had put lot of efforts to make this course perfect. This course is helpful for newbie as well as professionals, As some points explained in this course covers lot of depth in field of FPGA for embedded system with simple explanation.

Thank very much Prof. Timothy Scherr and his teamand also coursera team for bringing such High quality education to all over the world.

교육 기관:

Dec 07, 2017

Wasn't too easy.

교육 기관: Mina M

Jan 23, 2018

The Course is awesome

교육 기관: Zakir H

Apr 29, 2018

Must take course to master the FPGA EDA Tools skills. Excellent examples,with great elaboration. Thank you so much coursera for such a nice course.

교육 기관: Prashanth R

Dec 27, 2017

Pretty good and detailed for an introductory course !!

교육 기관: Bajrang K S

Apr 06, 2018

Awesome Course! Learned almost every aspects/options of Altera Quartus Prime software suite.

Got practical insight of Pipelining of complex digital circuits and effects of Clock/Signal buffering using Altera Max10 FPGA device

교육 기관: Gabriel A R D

May 13, 2018

I fell in love with this course, I hope the other 3 courses will be released soon!

교육 기관: Perry H

Jun 11, 2018

Really enjoyed the course thoroughly recommend!

교육 기관: Patrick D

Feb 05, 2018

Great course! Enthusiastic instructor who gives you what you need to get started step-by-step. You can learn so much on your own once you have a board, a tool and a detailed walkthrough.

The section comparing the different families of FPGAs was a good summary of what's out there and their basic differences.

I can't wait for the HDL follow up class.

교육 기관: Sebastian R S

Oct 23, 2018

Excellent course. Very complete and detailed. After the course many of the Altera Quartus Prime feature will be really familiar and easy to use.

교육 기관: Rafael D

Oct 25, 2018

Very good course, focused on the quartus prime tool and touch a lot of topics on FPGA design, optimization, time analysis and a little of comparison between Altera and other FPGA vendors.

교육 기관: sadasivuni d

Apr 24, 2019

Simply awsesome, i was unaware of what actually is fpga designing or what days an fpga designer do, now I know the basics of it and am happy to learn, Thanks coursera

교육 기관: Nicholas C

Apr 02, 2019

Excellent course

교육 기관: AMAN K

Apr 07, 2019

Very Good Course.

교육 기관: helen w

Apr 12, 2019

great refreshment class for me

교육 기관: Amogh G

May 28, 2019

A great course

교육 기관: Diego O B

May 27, 2019

Altamente recomendable, más allá del idioma nativo que uno tenga es muy intuitiva la propuesta.

교육 기관: Guillermo G

Jun 03, 2019

Excellent course!

교육 기관: Abdullah A S

Jul 08, 2019

Great introductions. Very informative. Very detailed.

교육 기관: Isaac E J

Jul 21, 2019

Great Course

교육 기관: Divyang T

Jul 25, 2019

The course offers a great deal of in depth knowledge about FPGA. It also makes you familiar with the use of Quartus Prime Software. A big thank you to the professor because the course content is really specific and insightful. All in all a good course for a fresher to understand the depth of Programmable Logic Devices.

교육 기관: Bangaru N V V S S K

Sep 12, 2019

Thank you for providing financial aid. Iam soo thankful

교육 기관: Pallab S

Sep 16, 2019

Excellent course with strong foundation on FPGA design


Sep 03, 2019

Really enjoy the course and learn citting edge techniques for FPGA design which help my career development.

교육 기관: SHAIK H I

Sep 24, 2019