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Large Scale Enterprise Computing powers all major transactions, and the Mainframe is responsible for 87% of all credit card transactions and enables 71% of all Fortune 500 companies. Mainframes are fundamental on how we do business, and IBM Z is the only production mainframe sold today. Virtually everyone depends on it. This is your introduction to the hardware, operating systems, security, and features that make this possible. On successful completion of this course, learners are eligible to earn their Introduction to Enterprise Computing badge. More information can be found here:

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2019년 10월 19일

Excellent course which provides an introduction to enterprise computing with IBM Z, presented in a very engaging manner by Jeff Bisti. Highly recommended for those who want to learn about mainframes.


2020년 12월 15일

The more I re-watch the videos, study materials the more exciting it is. I also want to thank Jeff Bisti and his team, Brenton Belmar, Mark Nelson for the captivating and passionate lectures.

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